I have a Motorola NVG510 and an AT&T connection. I changed the access code on it ages ago, forgot it, then did a factory reset on the modem. This is where the real issue begins. I absolutely cannot change any settings at all in it. The current access code which is printed on a sticker on the side doesn't work, and the only time i can change anything, aside from the access code, is after a factory reset. If i try to change the access code, it asks me for an access code and locks everything out and keeps me from changing anything.

I typically have a window of 5 minutes before i need to reset again, so i basically get nothing done. I've dug around all over the internet, and i have found a way to root the modem and change things, but i'd prefer not to take a risk and just correct the problem normally. Also AT&T support is about as useful as talking to the wall. The reason why this is so important is that i want to forward my ports so i can host a server, but i can't without the access code.