Curtis Wehmeyer kept his white 2006 camper parked outside Blessed Sacrament Church in St. Paul where he served for six years, three of them as pastor.

With the shades drawn, Wehmeyer could avoid the obligations of priestly life. He got drunk, smoked pot and looked at child pornography. He also lured to the camper two boys whose mother worked at the parish, plied them with alcohol, turned on pornography and told them to touch themselves. Several times, he touched one of the boys, according to police records...

..."A grave danger," says one lawyer

St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson exposed the clergy sex abuse cover-up in Minnesota in the 1980s. Since then, heís filed lawsuits on behalf of thousands of victims of sexual abuse across the country.

"The review of this [McDonough's] memo sounds an absolute alarm that this guy is a grave danger," Anderson said. "And any parent that is told of even a part of the contents of this memo would never allow their kids to be even close to this Ö priest."...

...A reckoning

Haselberger said her life changed when she realized that she did not protect two children from an abusive priest.

"From the very moment, I've been asking myself, 'What else could I have done? What pressure did I not apply? Who didnít I talk to? What on earth could have happened?'" Haselberger said.

"It's an enormous sense of guilt, and one of the things I found so troubling in the aftermath is that from where I was standing, I was the only person experiencing it."