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    September 2012
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    Dragon Age: Origins... Most of you probably heard of it. 'Tis a RPG developed by BioWare and it has been around for 4 years now.
    I've played it and honestly, it has a really great story and characters. I just had this wish the other day to make a little gmod machinima with them, and I was surprised by the lack of attention the Gmod community has with this game.
    Unlike Mass Effect, there aren't much model ports for it (None that I would like to find that is). I think they use the same engine though.

    So here's my wishlist (Top - The ones I like the most; Bottom - Meh...)










    I apologize if a thread like this already exists or (even worse) these ports already exist and I was too dumb to find them on my own. Please send me a link if that's the case... Also this thread looks a tid bit big and I don't know if I made it a decent request thread, I apologize for that too.
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    March 2010
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    Correct, all we have are a handful of animals/beasts and some templars. I think there's more content from DA2 in Source than from Origins, which is a damn shame. The texture quality is kinda poor but as you said, the characters are amazing. Sten, Shale, Morrigan and Leliana are especially likeable and (relatively) unique.
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    November 2011
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    THey doesent use the same Engine, i dont know what engien Dragon Age uses but its not the Source Engine like most Valve games use;)
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    August 2009
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    Dog is in the Animal Pack (Dragon Age) on workshop along with other animals, the dragons are also ported by same person.

    Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening use Eclipse Engine, Dragon Age 2 uses heavily modified Eclipse Engine.

    Mass Effect uses the Unreal Engine 3 which is totally different. (google and wikipedia supplied me with the info on the engines)