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    MasterCard’s financial blockade against WikiLeaks has been lifted more than two years after the credit card company first took measures to keep their customers from supporting the anti-secrecy website.

    WikiLeaks announced in a press release Wednesday that MasterCard International has reversed its decision to not process payments for WikiLeaks and that customers can once again contribute to the site’s operations.

    Along with VISA, PayPal, Bank of America and Western Union, MasterCard stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks in December 2010 after the whistleblower website began publishing a trove of classified diplomatic cables pilfered from the computer networks of the US Department of State.

    WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange previously called that embargo "an unlawful, US influenced, financial blockade” and “an existential threat” to his organization. With MasterCard once again willing to work with Assange and his website, however, the future of WikiLeaks may be all the less uncertain — and at a time when arguably it’s at its most relevance in a while.

    Whereas the publication of State Department cables brought an array of critique directed at WikiLeaks at the time, the website has become of renewed interest as of late following an alliance of sorts established between Assange and Edward Snowden, the 30-year-old former government contractor who has been leaking classified National Security Agency documents to the media. Assange has said he’s involved in brokering a deal that could aid in asylum being granted to Snowden — who is currently wanted by the United States on charges of espionage — while he himself is awaiting safe passage to Ecuador, where’s he’s been offered assistance against his own prosecution.
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    Lodsemone for Wikileaks now. All those frozen donations!
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