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    MOSCOW, June 14 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian grassroots internet freedom watchdog launched a protest campaign on Friday against a state regulator that has banned several Japanese hentai cartoons as child porn...
    As the result, outside experts made an expertise and rendered the verdict: hentai is a child pornography. Analyst assessed that these animated films “exploit interest to sex”, often “in perverted form”, as well as that there is no “storyline and any cultural or historical value”.
    Since last November, governmental agencies in Russia are entitled without a court order to ban any online content they deem to be promoting child abuse, illegal drugs or suicide. About 6,600 websites are currently on the blacklist, but 97 percent are blocked due to the catch-all nature of the ban mechanism, rather than specific violations in their content, according to Rublacklist.net.
    Roskomnadzor also slammed satirical US cartoon South Park on Thursday for promoting “a cult of violence and cruelty” and issued a warning to Russia’s 2x2 television channel over an unspecified episode of the series. A media outlet can be closed by court order if it receives two warnings within a year.


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