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    Sub Rosa is a simple 3 team multiplayer FPS, made by our favorite small game dev, Cryptic Sea. Yep, the makers of A New Zero and Hockey?

    Sub Rosa is a game about double crossing people, trying to make trades, then a roving gang of hooligans fucks everything up.

    Also driving terribly and crashing.

    Yellow team has the cocaine and wants money
    Blue team has the Money and wants the cocaine
    Grey team want to fuck up everyone's day.

    I've put up a Facepunch server, it should be up for the next 24 hrs at least.

    Feel free to stop by and play, this game is awesome, and the newest updates really make it balanced.
    This server is based on the West Coast

    Here's the IP if needed, but you should see it in the server browser IN game:


    Edit: this game is free, download it http://www.crypticsea.com/subrosa/
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    December 2011
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    Thank you for showing me this.
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    December 2009
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    The game keeps stuttering when I look at a certain direction, what do I do?

    Also, what's the server name?

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    November 2012
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    The game is wonderful you get a cookie!

    Whats the server called?