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    October 2012
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    I've tried using the workshop.vdf all this has done is download half assed screwed corrupted versions of the addons I'm trying to add to my server.
    Here is a list of the addons I'm trying to use on my server:
    WAC Aircraft
    WAC Community 1
    Scars Slim
    Scars Basic
    Scars Extra

    When I used the workshop.vdf is just does not download the whole mod correctly, everything pops up as errors when you spawn anything sounds are glitched and do not work.

    Obviously the workshop.vdf is glitched and does not work right, steam or the gmod development team has left us with no way of downloading the new addons for Gmod 13 but left us with a piece of shit non working pile of shit.

    So my question is how can I get "WORKING" addons onto my server without using the worthless workshop.vdf? Thanks any help is appreciated.
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    January 2012
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    Okay. So. Download the SVN of those addons, if it exists or get it from wherever the hell. Go into your server via FTP. (FileZilla) and upload the files to the appropriate folders inside Garrysmod.

    EX: Garrysmod/Addons