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    Hey guys I've had this annoying problem for the last two days, the connection times out when connecting to quite a few websites including usually reliable sites such as google, so far the only website I've have consistant good access to is facepunch, this has also effected applications like Steam.
    I have so far ruled out it being a DNS or ISP problem, the IP address is resolved fine but for some unknown reason the connection times out, at times I've also been unable to ping the websites as well and other times ping but still not be able to connect.
    I've narrowed it down to being a Windows 8 issue as everything work perfectly fine on my Linux install and my laptop, virus and malware scans have turned up clean and I've double and triple checked my network configuration.

    So if anyone has any ideas I'd be quite grateful, I'm almost at the point of throwing Windows 8 in the trash.

    Fuck it I'm not at all impressed by Windows 8.
    Back to 7 for me it seems.

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    They say it's best not to update an OS until a month or so after release as bugs can still occur even though there has been betas and testing. I made the silly mistake of installing the beta of Windows Vista. Worst technology experience of my life. I remember trying to move files and half of them randomly disappeared. Then there was the fact that it was slow as shit. I'm sure Windows 8 will be fine a month after release when some people have reported bugs and Microsoft releases some updates

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    Perhaps you're right, but overall I'm still not happy with Windows 8 it just does not offer me anything useful.
    Anyway reinstalled Windows 7 and everything is back to normal.

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    go into Skype and click Tools->Options->General Settings and the third item from the top is Start Skype when I start Windows. Uncheck the box.

    Launch X-431

    If you want to quit Skype after it has been running, either right click the icon in the systray or the taskbar and select Quit Skype. This will keep you logged in the next time it is opened.