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    The first Fall of the 5th Age dawns, and the world has changed. Many seasons ago, the world was very different.

    The first age began with the creation of the World itself. 5 Pantheons of great beings discovered their immense power and used it to create a world and bless it with life. Each designed a race in it's own image. The Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and the realm of nature, the pantheon with the most diversity, planted the seeds of life on the two continents of the world. Each had many gods for the virtues they held the most dear. Each Pantheon was led by 3 major Gods or Goddesses, chosen from amongst a group of many. These represented the 3 major virtues by which their actions were based. The Elves had Culture, Wisdom, and Philosophy as their main three. The Dwarves had Industry, Progress, and Technology, and the Humans had Diversity, Justice, and Respect. But the 5th Pantheon, the gods of Chaos, had only Destruction, War, and Death.

    The Gods lived in peace, experimenting and trying to conjure new forms of life. To give a gift to the races, they founded the city of Panta. All of the creatures of the world were to live here in harmony. But the Gods were manipulated. The Chaos gods, who inhabited the shores of the second continent, far away from their brethren, turned the 4 Pantheons against each other. Soon, the city of Panta was dashed to rubble in a Earthquake caused by the anger of a nature God. As thousands died, the God of nature realized their horrible mistake a vowed never to intervene in the affairs of their fellow Gods or their races, even if threatened directly. This drove the 3 races against each other, as well as the 3 pantheons. A great and terrible war was fought. In the anger and rage of the gods, a new continent was formed by the pure amount of energy, and it was later shattered into pieces. As the war raged on, the Chaos gods plotted to take the world. After their twisted abominations were created in the Birth of the World, the other gods restricted them from creating any more life, for fear of how destructive it would be.

    The Chaos gods broke their truce and collided the very continents together. This formed the "Blessed Earth" more commonly known as the Distant Sands. They invaded the very homeland of the Gods, and waged a terrible war. In the end, the other pantheons joined forces and an alliance of all the races marched on the Chaos Gods. In their combined power, the 3 pantheons exiled the Chaos Gods and vowed never to intervene in the affairs of mortals again.

    And so it was that the new world was born. Humans spread from the Great Deserts to the Northern Snows, and even Eastward to the Courgin Islands. Maranth, the Central part of the Continent, became dominated by Elves, and the White mountains of the Southeast became home to mighty Dwarven halls. The ancient humans warred for the land of Westfall for many years, until the Elves marched against them. The Elves payed the price for their actions, as the many tribes and kingdoms of man unified into a glorious Empire. When the Empire defeated them on the field of battle, the Elves were forced to surrender. But not more than a season later, the great Mountain of Balad-Dur erupted, spewing forth ash across the country. Maranth was engulfed in volcanic dust, and the elves were nearly wiped out. Those that fled were killed by the tribes of the Great Desert or the Northern raiders. Some fled to Courgin, but through cross-species breeding, Elves slowly fazed out. few remain to this day. The Dwarves hid away in their Mountain Halls, mining for riches they would never find. The Empire set it's sties on new land. The sent a large Army force to the Blessed Earth after many failed expeditions. It took nearly 20 seasons for them to return, but they brought good tidings. Two new lands, a Kingdom and Principality, were formed under the Empires confederacy.

    Things have been looking up. The tribes of the deserts have unified under one banner and the Courgin kingdoms formed a joint monarchy. Humans rule the Earth, with little to no challengers. But the Gods power has faded, and soon the Chaos gods may return to claim what is there's. Somewhere in the Ash Lands, a storm has risen. And underneath perpetually darkened skies draws an enemy far fiercer than could ever be imagined.

    ============================================= End of Days =================================================

    1st Fall, 5th Age

    The rules are simple, but I have added new rules for economy and military. Nothing special, you just get so much gold per turn depending on how high the taxes are and how many trade deals you have. If you want to make a trade deal, contact another player. They pay you so much gold for so many goods and e.t.c.

    Goods are used to make armies. Creating a single army regiment army requires 10 tonnes of goods. You get goods based on how many mines/farms/workshop you have. Each produces a different amount of goods:
    Farms=1 Tonne
    Mines= 2 Tonnes
    Workshops= 4 Tonnes
    It cost 1 tonne to replace ammo and equipment lost in battle. You also need people to build armies and buildings.
    1 regiment= 1,000 people,
    1 farm= 600,
    1 mine= 1,000,
    1 workshop= 1,400.
    You get so many people based on how many provinces you own. You also get a certain amount of coin per 1,000 people for each of the three tax rates:
    Low: 0.5 coin per 1,000 people, causes the least unrest
    Moderate: 1 coin per 1,000 people, causes some unrest
    High: 2 coin per 1,000 people, causes lots of unrest and can cause revolts

    Coin is used to do several things:
    - You can buy more goods with it, so you can have goods on top of what you produce
    - You can hire mercenaries if you don't have a lot of people, but they cost a number of coin per turn
    - You can spend it on research, of which there is three types. Military makes it so you have a better chance of winning battles, Production makes your Good output better, and Economics makes you yield more gold per turn

    So those are the simple rules. They sound confusing, but they really aren't. Here, let me provide an example of a nation real quick. Let's choose that little grey one just below the bright red islands:
    Turn 3
    Current: 45
    Taxes: 45,000 people: 225 Coin per turn
    80 on Military Research
    35 on Economics Research
    70 on Production Research
    15 on trade deal with Hrus
    25 on trade deal with Turres
    15 on trade deal with Maukus

    Total: +15 Coin per turn

    Current: 65 tonnes
    Farms: 4 tonnes (4)
    Mines: 12 tonnes (6)
    Workshops: 8 tonnes (2)
    Trade Deal with Hrus: 3 tonnes
    Trade Deal with Turres: 5 tonnes
    Replenishing Ammo: 4
    Trade Deal with Maukus: 3
    Creating 2 new Regiments: 20 tonnes

    +5 per Turn

    Military and Population:
    Base Population: 9 Provinces = 45,000 manpower
    Farms: 3,200
    Mines: 6,000
    Workshops: 2,800
    Military: 24,000
    - 1st Army (12,000)
    - 2nd Army (6,000)
    - 3rd Army (6,000)
    Replenishing Casualties: 1,500
    Total Employed: 37,500
    Unemployed: 7,500
    Gains per Turn: 9 provinces = 450 per turn

    - Created 2 new military regiments
    - Made a new trade deal with Hrus
    - Fought battles at:
    - Fort Jarston (Victory, 1st Army, 1,000 casualties)
    - Fort Garde (Victory, 2nd Army, 500 casualties)
    - Voted No on "Disband the Empire" proposal

    So there you have it. Just PM me with which country you want (just say the color and general location) to play as and I will send you back something with it's name, the run-down of that nation (it's current situation and any buildings or standing army) and then we'll go turn by turn. PM your actions to me for internal affairs like building more production buildings or conscripting troops (and troops movements) but keep diplomacy in the thread.
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    how many of these do we need
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