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    December 2011
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    Have Coal
    Want: Magic the gathering 2012, Fallout new vegas, Riddick
    Games for trade: two worlds 2, spacechem, DODS, shadowgrounds pack

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    October 2009
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    (There is now 3 coal)

    Trading everything.

    I'd like to trade Darksiders + 2 Coal (or one of the half life mods or TFC) for Total War: SHOGUN 2 or Trine 2. Or I'd like to trade it + Both HL expansion things (Blueshift and opposing force) for CIV 5 GOTY edition.
    (or you can just offer I guess)

    Everything else you can just offer. I want to trade the coupons for coal and games for games. I am not looking for coal.

    PM me.

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    January 2006
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    Two of the gifts are the Ship (not for trade), the other is a Killing Floor and Defence Alliance 2 pack.
    Any offers for anything? Looking mainly for coal.
    PM with offers.

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    April 2011
    113 Posts

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    February 2010
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    http://steamcommunity.com/id/landster/inventory it doesnt show but there's a men of war vietnam and frozen synapse in the steam tab

    still looking for dota2, if you want something that isnt in my inventory that is of equal value just say

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    May 2005
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    Both steam gifts are copies of the ship. Open to any offers.

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    February 2007
    5,239 Posts

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    May 2009
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    How much coal would i have to give for Universe Sandbox?
    I currently have 7

    If anyone even would be that kind to do it, that is.

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    July 2008
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    I have the Hitman Collection, willing to trade for full games, not coal or coupons.

    Add me on Steam. Doesn't matter what you have, as long as it's not Portal or The Ship, I'll think about it.

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    November 2010
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    Have a few coupons and a copy of Cogs I want to get rid of. I'm not too picky and I'll take any offers that're thrown my way. Can take a look at what I've got here

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    July 2007
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    just got trine from loading a saved game for spacechem so whatever.
    make you non shitty offers. no coupons.

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    June 2010
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    I have a Valve Golden coupon. Looking for a game really (Universe Sandbox, its $2.49 right now) PM or add me on Steam with offers.

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    May 2010
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    May 2010
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    Trading Far Cry 2 + 2 Coupons for Day Of Defeat: Source.

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    December 2009
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    Will trade SuperMeatBoy and Half life 1 for Payday the heist.
    Would you be willing to trade HL1 for DOD:Source (same price(also DOD is gift, he got if from an achievement)). Have a friend that wants HL1 ?


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    November 2010
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    I have Hacker Evolution: Untold and I want Super Meat Boy

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    July 2007
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    Anyone want Half Life 2 Episode 1? I'll take any game at all ever, and if you have a STALKER Call of Pripyat coupon I might even take that. Honestly I'd take a fraction of a coal if that was possible. Or even like... another copy of Half Life 2. Anything except Half Life 2 Episode 1.

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    March 2008
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    I want Arkham City, but I have nothing.

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    July 2010
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    Have: 33% of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Want: Games, make me an offer

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    February 2009
    7,653 Posts

    Looking to get Deus Ex HR(preferably the augmented edition while it's on sale) for the Dota 2 hardware survey. I'm also looking to trade a combination of the space battles gift, the coal and the coupons for portal 2. Let me know if you're interested.

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    April 2010
    1,089 Posts

    Want: Sonic Generations, Bastion, Monday Night Combat, Trine 2, AaAaAa for the Awesome, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, Audiosurf and offers.

    No coals and coupons, please.

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    June 2010
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    I want Arkham City, but I have nothing.

    I have a 25% coupon off for it, for free if you wants

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    July 2007
    828 Posts
    Woah wait a second. Just traded Episode 1 and now I got Revenge of the Titans! ...but I already have it. Anybody interested in a trade for a game? Maybe Binding of Isaac or something? I don't know! Any offers are good, I'll consider pretty much anything. Except Valve coupons. No more of those, thank you very much.

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    January 2007
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    Gifts given this sale: 3x Dungeon Defenders pre-daily sale, 3x Bunch of Heroes, ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead and 3x: Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    and what does steam give me in return from the gift pile and stuff? coal and coupons and two shitty games called Shadowgrounds + Shadowgrounds Survivor.

    anybody wanna trade coupons and those 2 games for Human Revolution/Last Remnant or Jade Empire??

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    December 2006
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    Dammit, why can't there be one sngle thread?

    Want: Warhammer DOW2 Retribution, Fallout New Vegas, Trine 2, or Sonic Generations.

    PM me. Not looking for coal or coupons.
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    December 2009
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    Will trade for Binding of Isaac or some Mac/Steamplay game.

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    January 2010
    10,797 Posts

    Trading evrything, add me on steam if you want to trade.

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    March 2006
    1,645 Posts

    PM offers.

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    December 2007
    2,221 Posts

    Want one of these:

    + +


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    August 2011
    22,550 Posts
    Anybody want Super Meat Boy for anything?

    I have no idea how much it's worth.
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    December 2011
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    lookinf for...

    battlefield 2
    bunch of heros

    pm me

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    August 2010
    966 Posts
    someone please trade me Fallout New Vegas
    I really really want it and it is only 4,99
    I can give you steam 33% cheaper and holiday coal

    if you trade, then this is for you
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    November 2008
    24,862 Posts

    TF2 Items are Genuine Quality


    $20.31 total.

    PM me if you want to make a deal or haggle. I have more tf2 items if you're interested in more.

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    August 2008
    2,419 Posts
    Trading 2 coal for Humble indie bundle 4
    Please PM me

  35. Post #1075

    December 2011
    64 Posts
    Ouch... from three objectives got one coal, one coupon and Virtua Tennis 4... anyone up for a trade? I'd like Bastion or The Witcher or the new Sonic or something good for it!

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    August 2011
    22,550 Posts
    Super Meat Boy plus New Vegas, if anyone's interested.

  37. Post #1077

    February 2010
    784 Posts
    PM Me Offers on everything.

  38. Post #1078
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    June 2010
    152 Posts

    PM with offers please. Will only take games of equal or better value. No coupons (not even gold ones).

  39. Post #1079
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    August 2009
    1,070 Posts
    Got these two today, anyone intrested? hit me up on steam

  40. Post #1080
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    December 2007
    2,796 Posts
    Super Meat Boy plus New Vegas, if anyone's interested.
    I'll give you 8 coal for New Vegas, since it's only $5 right now.