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    April 2009
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    Using the Format tab and enter data on population density in some Slovenian municipalities. The first column should be 2 inches away from the left edge, the other is against the right to 7 cm, and the third left onto 8 cm. Before the third column of empty space must be automatically filled with dots.
    Can someone make that for me in world 2010 and send it to me at nexmod@gmail.com.....
    It should look something like this.

    (User was permabanned for this post ("Spam" - rilez))

    (User was banned for this post ("Wait what is this, homework help? No homework threads" - rilez))
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    August 2011
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    What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a dick?
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    Never mix inches and cm, either be a moron or don't.

    Also what?
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    This is Facepunch, not helpmedomyhomework.net
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    I wish I had a tentacle hand. Japan would pay billions for some real-life tentacles.
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    February 2009
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    Looks like he didn't do his homework and it's due in 1 hour, but he can't work on it thanks to other lessons, correct?
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