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28 August 2019

Updated Legal Stuff

We've updated some of our legal terms. There has been drama in the past when we did this - so I'm going to explain it here.
Garry Newman
We started updating our legal stuff a while back because we hadn't done it in a while, and the lawyers don't make money unless they change something. So now we're finishing off these updates. There's been some drama in the past when we've updated our terms so it makes sense for us to work to be more transparent this time around and going forward.
We’ve updated our Terms of Service, Cookie and Privacy Policy. We’re posting three new documents - Modding Guidelines, Fan Content Guidelines and Community Server & Hosting Guidelines. As well as being accessible on this website, our documents are also now on GitHub . We're hoping that this will make diffing with previous versions easier so you can see we're not trying to pull one over on you. If you've read through these and think the way you're currently using our games/websites is now against our terms please contact us and we'll update them. If you have questions please email our lawyers at legal@facepunch.com