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31 August 2019

PAX West 2019

This year we had our first ever booth at Pax West, which offered photo opportunities and merch sales.
If you take a photo and tag it on twitter/instagram/facebook with #fplaunch you'll get 10% off your purchases at the booth!

We've got our official merch for sale at the booth. If you're here you can be the first to get your hands on it.
Plus if you have over 100 hours in any of our games, make sure you have the Steam App to show us and you'll get a special Gold Pin with any order. Sorry to disappoint - but it's not real gold.
If you're not at the show - you can still pre-order merch from the online store - but you won't get the not real gold special gold pin.
If you're interested in meeting content creators then Ser Winter, Surge, Welyn, General Sam, AquaFPS, JordanRants and CNDBLOOD will be hanging around the stand on Saturday and Sunday for signings. Don't worry if your favourite content creator isn't there - we just either forgot to invite them or they don't like leaving the house. This is our first time doing this - we'll get better.