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22 December 2020


A look back at what we have learned this year and where we want to go next year..
Garry Newman
We can't talk about 2020 without talking about covid. 

We've been luckier than most. It didn't really affect us negatively. We mostly work from home, we mostly communicate over the internet, we've been in lockdown for 15 years.
Designing and approving merch took up way too much of our time.

So this year we moved our merch to being designed by you rather than by us, starting with Rust, and you made some awesome stuff. Here’s the store, which is run by For Fans by Fans. The creators get a cut of the revenue now too. 

The old forums grew out of control. They stopped being about Facepunch and our games and took on a life of their own. I didn't think it was possible for us to properly serve that community, so we shut it down and they all moved to knockout.

The new forums are focused purely on our stuff. This should keep things simple.
GMod did better this year compared to last year.. in terms of copies sold and revenue. That's pretty amazing considering it's over 16 years old now.

Here's some stats
  • GMod has sold 18,671,533 copies
  • GMod has been wishlisted on Steam 1,414,735 times
  • GMod has been refunded 616,589 times (3.3% of Steam copies)
  • Median time played is 12 hours and 23 minutes 
  • GMod has grossed $119,836,074 

With the team changes we implemented last year (where everyone stopped fannying about with prototypes and started working on Rust), the Rust team have managed to do some huge thing this year.
To mention just a few things, this year we added CCTV and computer stations, overhauled farming, added night vision, released an official companion app for iOS and Android, added modular vehicles, plus a ton of balance changes, quality of life improvements.


We released the Instruments Pack in Dec 2019. That was a huge success, so we followed it up in the summer with the Sunburn Pack. Which was also a huge success for us.

I think these packs are striking the perfect balance between supporting our ongoing development (ie, the ~15 free updates/events this year) and giving everyone something new and fun to play with, so expect more of that kind of thing next year.


Just this month we did our first Twitch Drops event. We didn't know what to expect, but with 180,000 claimed drops, we're calling it a success.

Let us know if you're interested in getting involved with us to do other kinds of promotions, especially if you're Vin Diesel.

Other Cool Stuff

Together with the community we raised over $300,000 for charity in 2020 across the Charitable Rust and Trust In Rust events as well as Movember 2020.

Console Version

The console version didn't get released in 2020 like we'd hoped.. the good news is that we're 100% confident that it'll be released in 2021, 50% confident that it'll be the first half of 2021, and 25% confident that it'll be the first quarter for 2021.

Double 11 are making Rust Console, so you should keep an eye on their updates.


  • Rust has sold 9,545,105 copies
  • Instrument Pack has grossed $1,310,753
  • Sunburn Pack has grossed $926,601
  • Rust has been wishlisted on Steam 2,146,246 times
  • Rust has 481,598 game banned users (cheaters)
  • Rust hit its highest peak concurrent player count of 125,415 players in April 2020 and was the fourth most played game on Steam!
  • Items have been sold 39,715,350 times on the marketplace
  • Skin creators have earned $5,714,218.77
  • Rust has been refunded 929,432 times (9.7% of Steam units)
  • Median time played is 19 hours and 10 minutes
  • To date Rust has grossed $185,761,573 
  • Rust entered the highest tier of Steam revenue share (an extra 10% to us) in June 2020 - thanks Gabe!

Valve very kindly gave us access to Source 2 this year, so I've been hammering away at it and having fun, trying to make a successor to Garry's Mod.

If you're interested in that kind of stuff you can follow the progress over on the forums or on the s&box site.

Progress is actually pretty good and I'm having lots of fun, so I'd expect to have something for coders to play with in the first half of 2021.. and hopefully some kind of wider release a few months later.
It's been a weird year. Not for us, though, it's been pretty normal. Lets hope that 2021 brings better things for everyone else, so we can all get back to sneezing on each other without all the worry.

Happy New Year ❤