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  1. Reds
    "hey godai i'm worried about you using the belt"

    "i'm sorry translator-san literally dozens of people die every time a monster shows up i'm gonna go punch them k"
  2. Reds
    Oh, and Agito is a sort-of sequel to Kuuga, in that they make a bunch of references to it in the first few episodes, but then drop the connections and it officially takes place in a different universe. It's a mystery show and I actually think that you could completely remove the Kamen Rider aspect of it and make it a regular show or anime and it'd be basically the same, which is to say still a really good show.
  3. Reds
    If you stick with Kuuga, there's one thing to keep in mind: the first set of monsters look like a bunch of goofy idiots in their human forms. This is deliberate, they're the lowest rung and as the monsters get stronger they look more and more dignified.

    Oh, and the episode where Kuuga gets his bike is hilarious. I think it's episode four or five.

    One of Kuuga's biggest draws is that it's basically one of the most, if not the most, realistic superhero show ever made that doesn't try to tone down the super part of it. Yes, really. I mean, the police are actually useful, vital even.
  4. Reds
    The best first episode in the world probably won't do much if you don't give it a chance, though. I can't say watch Gaim despite the butcher writing it because its episode 3 moment doesn't happen for like ten episodes, and the show before that is one of the goofiest rider series I've ever seen.

    If we're going by first impressions entirely Faiz has the strongest. Faiz as a series is pretty flawed though despite being the darkest series. It has a good plot and a lot of good concepts but it has too much melodrama and half the drama props itself up on the characters having zero communication skills. You know when you have some stupid drama in a show that could be solved in the characters would just fucking talk to each other for five minutes? Imagine an entire show of that.

    If you really don't want to watch any of it and probably won't give it a fair chance then I'll stop trying to push them.
  5. Reds
    Kuuga takes a while to get rolling. Plus the special effects are awful. It has pretty good practical effects though.

    I think Agito has a stronger first episode if we're going by first impressions. The first time I watched Kuuga I watched the first episode, went "yeah nah" and put it off for a few months. I'd probably say start with Agito. It doesn't get as hardcore as Kuuga but it's up there. Kuuga has some really goofy stuff in the first stretch of episodes. I might sound like I'm backpedaling but I rewatched Kuuga recently and went "ok this shit is why i can't recommend this to people who don't watch toku" and sort of forgot about it.
  6. Reds
    Speaking of live action, I wouldn't mind trying that new Patlabor series if it actually had subs.
  7. Reds
    What ones? I recommend Kuuga in particular and Agito because I think they're really good shows people who don't watch tokusatsu can enjoy.
  8. Reds
    get a load of all this shit taste and not trying new things
  9. Reds
    anime has abandoned you, watch kuuga and agito instead
  10. ForgottenKane
    i see the orkelator got you earlier

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