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  1. Marzipas
    oh thats neat, i thought it was gone forever since jb is basically cursed
  2. Marzipas
    what ever happened to that jaykin bacon mod you were doing? i take it it got scrapped?
  3. Laferio
    you see that movie called the mothman prophecies?
  4. Ehmmett
    tried it, now i've got a bunch of paper bags with dead moths inside. not sure any laid eggs :(
  5. The bird Man
    are you on weed again?
    care to share some of that sweet green
  6. Solomon
    ah postal how does it feel to be the coolest cat this side of the mississippi
  7. Ehmmett
    how do i know if theyre female? theres a lot of tiny brown ones with a little horn on them, a few bigger brown ones with a bit of orange on them, and a couple light brown ones w/ fluffy antennas
  8. Ehmmett
    my new place i just moved into is riddled with moths, if i catch them and putem in a mesh thing would they lay eggs in there or smth, or should i even bother with them?
  9. FunnyStarRunner
    the face of a dog who raises bugs for a living
  10. SuperHoboMan
    This avatar was made possible by contributions to the Facepunch community from moderators like you.

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