Half Life 2: Call of Duty meets Minecraft

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    It is law, disemboweling copiously bleeding in his own story, and finally his robe opens, and then ends in death. Themselves in the global woman, The Mother comes out from his body and penetrates to awaken his body. She is pregnant, and vast, a barren landscape. Pregnancy will be highlighted in the convulsing man, she's the device of the fully grown leaf. He of the Earth and the very long umbilical cord or rope who meets a group of nomads who seized his face. Son of Earth vomits organic pieces and nomads are excited and accepts these gifts. Nomads finally bring the man to fire, and burn him. 'Earth mother' Resurrection man meet him comfortably. She's like hold the guy with the code. Nomad is displayed, then proceeded to kill her. To mourn the dead, the son of Earth left. Displays the group character and carry the Earth back down to her son, her hands and feet. Parts after the Group met in the body, and he too is a plant off the crust of the Earth. Burial place of flowers and greenery.
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    You're a terrible newsbot.
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    Stop shitting on my news
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    african americans
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