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  1. Laferio
    Ownederd seems pretty es spanked right now hahaha
  2. Ownederd
    real talk i think you need to calm down and stop being so sardonic
  3. Ownederd
    idk whatever i did but you need to stop acting like a massive autist
  4. Ownederd
    "Also lmao why is he stalking my profile comments"

    ok dude thats a really good callout comment n all but you seriously harass people through visitor messages and act like a textbook fast threads regular
  5. Laferio
    I have no idea fucking lol though
  6. Laferio
    looks like i've caught Ownederd's attention hahaha
  7. Laferio
    he probably is.
  8. Laferio
    so does dori have a crush on you or some shit? because it seems like laz0r, thisisspain, dori, kopimi, and ownederd are all on the same circle jerk truck.
  9. ss013r
    All for some jiggly cloth.
  10. ss013r
    Oh and it was a bitch to get. Fraps doesn't work on DOSBox, so I had to use it's recorded. The problem that I had for a while, was that I couldn't run the footage, as it used a certain codec that didn't work for me at the time. I later found out that the reason was that the codec was only 32 bit, and would not work on any of the 64 bit programs I was using to play it back. I had to download specifically the 32 bit version of Virtualdub, where it finally worked. But then the .GIF it exported played way too slow. I then figured out that I could use GIMP to change the delay intervals between each frame, then presto, working .GIF.
    But then I realized that I forgot the Santa hat.
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