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  1. Digimutant
    You're now one of us.
  2. SatansSin
    when I click on the link, the video plays? dunno why it doesn't work for you =/
  3. iusehax
    [url][/url] is the full picture of the avatar, I'll find her name later, shes from myfreecams
  4. Justinx931
    AFewOstriches: It's a simple arm hack
    AFewOstriches: nothing too hard
    AFewOstriches: [url][/url]
    AFewOstriches: There's an example pic
    AFewOstriches: my perskin on the left
    AFewOstriches: upper and lower arm from a blr mars troop
    AFewOstriches: and the hand from the blr engi
    AFewOstriches: oh, the left arm is the one getting replaced, btw
    AFewOstriches: kinda important, that
    Justin: so remove the blr guys robot hand
    Justin: put it into the arm of the mars robo
    Justin: then hack it off
    Justin: then place it in your perskin
    AFewOstriches: precisely
    AFewOstriches: if you could rename the model to something like 'Crynet Ostrich', that'd be great
    Justin: noted
    AFewOstriches: But is i do think of stuff
    AFewOstriches: *i
    AFewOstriches: fuck
    AFewOstriches: *if
    Justin: let me know

    notes cause i forgot my usb from home lol
  5. AFewOstriches
    I friended you on steam. We'll talk.
  6. AFewOstriches
    Ninja hasn't actually started on anything for me yet. I mean, if you're bored and [I]really[/I] need something to do, I could fill you in.
  7. AFewOstriches
    I think ninja's working on it, but thanks for the offer, man.
  8. RyanH
  9. RyanH
  10. RyanH
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