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  1. Spetsnaz95
    The problem is that it's already hurting me. I'm already obviously behind most others in my class, and I feel that I don't know half the stuff I should. Then again, it has been difficult for me because of my returning depression. I'm also not super close to anyone in my class, so I don't really have anyone to talk to about it; these sort of things have always been very private to me.
  2. Zonesylvania
    god damn that edit made me cry with laughter
  3. TheBloodyNine
    Yeah. I think my last post might be my... last. Maybe one more, don't know, see how I feel about it in the morning.
  4. TheBloodyNine
    Yeah, I know, him and conscript both. The civil war talk is always one that makes me want to drown myself with how idiotic it is, though, mostly because of how many people think it's somehow possible, so I feel some obligated to slam my face into the keyboard until I feel like I've satisfactorily called him an idiot in enough ways. Call it a pride thing.
  5. Zukriuchen
    be mindful of your thoughts, anakin
  6. NeverGoWest
    Jeg kender flere der har holdninger lige som dine og mine, føl dig ikke alene!
  7. NeverGoWest
    Jeg er enig med dig på mange punkter politisk!
  8. Bradyns
    Windows Phone, ey?
  9. Pvt. Martin
    The issue is my mother doesn't think I can do it, not exactly sure why, but she would want me to take some class for it first.

    I don't mention that because I don't want a subforum to think of me as an idiot.

    Besides I'm fine with a Pre-built, Hell I would happily do one of those "Pre-Builts" that you can customize before you have it shipped.

    The only reason I'm doing Pre-Built is because I don't want a fuss. I KNOW it should be easy, but my mother is a strict person and my hands are tied.

    And again I just really don't want to deal with a sub forum thinking of me as some "momma's boy" or some shit.
  10. DropDeadTed


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