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  1. Maddog's Here
    Ahaha I get you, so what's your favourite house
  2. sYnced
    well said
  3. Apache249
    Ding ding ding
  4. Maddog's Here
    Seems like you have been enjoying game of thrones

    Waiting for season 7 takes the piss
  5. TheFilmSlacker
    Bender I fucking luv u
  6. InfectedPotato
    Hey i found the source!
  7. ForgottenKane
    No, I've never hit rank 1. I got legend once many months ago and was like "there is no way in hell I'm going to grind out this further"

    I have a life you know
  8. ForgottenKane
    Also, he hit rank 1 legend with Renolock, if that says anything.
  9. ForgottenKane
    I also run all three. Didn't know he ran all three recently, he used to not run the Bruiser. They're all great. Also, Twisting Nether is like required for the deck, it's so gooooood.

    Also, I honestly think you can replace any package/card in the deck besides TN, Kazakas, and Reno himself. It's super modular. Probably my favorite deck outside of Priest because it rewards both good play and good deck building.
  10. ForgottenKane
    Renolock has been destroying all the non-Pirate decks I come across. It's so-so versus Pirates. So I'd say that's the best one. Otherwise, it's Dragon Pirate Warrior, which has a good matchup versus everyone, but none are exceptionally good or bad.
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