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  1. Firefox42
    I miss your science articles
  2. Zonesylvania
    sagan pls
    gib wisdom
  3. Shreddinger
    You're not worthy of that avatar
  4. JgcxCub
    Google-Tessier-Ashpool corporation
  5. Zonesylvania
    Your forum name rolls quite pleasantly off the tongue.
  6. /dev/sda1
    congrats on ur interNET FAME
  7. FlamingBlizza
    Carl sagan,man
  8. BFG9000
    Didn't you used to have a title?
  9. DainBramageStudios
    A few words on politics on Lesswrong at large - it is true that libertarian posters are a significant minority, and many discussions that stray into politics are often in the purple bit of the Political Compass. But to say that this constitutes cultishness? I think you need to look at the [url=]actual data[/url] - 36% identify as "liberal", 30% "libertarian", [B]27.5% "socialist"[/B], 3% "conservative", 0.3% "communist". Hardly a stifling atmosphere of Randian conformity. And to say that LW is full of bigots? Yes, there are discussions of race realism and PUAs and all those lovely bits of the neo-reaction, but they are exactly that: discussions. Meaning there are opposing views presented, and in most cases presented very well. Indeed it is the reason for the existence of in the first place - to (quite rightly) eject the far-right from LW.
  10. DainBramageStudios
    I wouldn't say that Yudkowsky specifically is against things like labor unions and social justice and so on. There's a few chapters in HPMoR for example where feminism is discussed (one of the characters actually makes a feminist group and ends up achieving some of her goals (though the group dissolves soon afterwards)). He's a libertarian by upbringing but compared to other contributors to the site it isn't mentioned so often. The part about "the world is stratified by competence" was only touched on in a few posts early on in the Sequences, and he explicitly warned that people might want to skip it because it was politics, and IIRC there was a vigorous discussion about it in the comments. Besides I don't see anything wrong with that idea in itself, the world [I]is[/I] stratified by competence, I don't know how someone like you can deny it.
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