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  1. alpha00zero
    You can use this one.

    There is some slight nudity in 1-2 pieces but nothing NSFW. Also, stop around page 8. Passed that, my art is too old to be relevant to what I do now.

    Also, I'm not really used to being an inspiration so thanks a lot. I'm not really the best out there it's quite a nice feeling. Hope this helps you.
  2. alpha00zero
    I do everything digitally in CLIP Studio Paint. Tho I sometimes go back to traditional.
  3. Arbys Watcher
  4. MrHeadHopper
    yep, downscaled with transparency
  5. Swiket
    thank you. but i didn't write that shit
  6. Svinnik
    it's from the MGSV concept art book called The Art of MGSV

    I can't seem to find a scan online though
  7. EmilyVasquez
  8. Erfly
    Poor BMO must be exhausted by now
  9. T553412
    Previous avatars, most likely.

    But maybe there's someone out there willing to give a mass-production Eva a chance, I dunno.
  10. Eric95
    I don't usually animate in Flash, though I have in the past, now I usually draw everything in Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint, composite in After Effects and put it together in Premiere. flash lines wouldn't look very authentic imo
    The way the high-budget anime studios do it is generally to actually animate everything on paper, draw the clean lines in pencil and then scan the drawings, convert it to pure black-and-white (with no anti-aliasing), bucket fill the colors in, and then smooth the lines in compositing. So there are a lot of steps involved, but i've found that the way to make it look the closest is to turn off anti-aliasing in Clip Studio Paint or use a pencil-ish brush in Photoshop and posterize the lines before coloring, then smooth it in AE (with a free plugin called OLM Smoother). The lines usually look soft either because the show was produced at 720p and then upscaled to 1080p (which is still common in anime), or because they were softened in post. Hope it helps!
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