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  1. cheesylard
    gayry's mode
  2. Hakdog
    Hi Garry,

    The least boring bit, kick ass trailer

    Something really sweet is being released this weekend, a new FREE game that has been worked on over last 4 years, a spiritual sequel to a game called Descent (old DOS game). The game is called Sol Contingency, developer demo

    I suppose best way to describe this game is Descent/Forsaken on steroids, ships even have shotguns and missiles that you have to run away from that follow you round corners hehe (demo'd in above video).

    I tried to post about it to start some dialog, but it said I might be banned. I'm a fan of the genre, not affiliated with this game in any way.

    ...oh and official web site is

    Hopefully someone else can start a thread about this game / genre of game that is again coming back into fashion, from the mid 90's.

  3. RobinH0od
    sorry to bother u. london pre release had a procgen update but no map wipe. buildings and nodes are floating. sometimes even 100 meters up in the sky. could u wipe it? im sure some players admire their new view. though they might break their legs after they go out the front door.
    after 2100 hours still loving the game btw <3
  4. ewanpoynton
    Garry :>
  5. Richard Simmons
    You too Garry? What kind of VIP FEMA passes did you guys get?
  6. Rulistak147
    Garry, when is the wipe of Texas ll ?
    I recently bought the game and I was not even able to play only one time made of that I have a problem connecting to servers.
    when I try to connect a server and I load "field mech" you me an error message that says the game has crashed followed by the date and a serial number 6 (073024).
    help me you wound
  8. haircut
    Hi all dear friends, a couple of months ago, I received a ban from the administrator Holmzy for the fact that I, along with the clan lived in the rock. At that moment I was in growing as 50-60 hours. I did not know that this can not be done, because I do not understand the essence of the game at all) and I was hit by a massive ban our clan. Now at the moment I have about 700 hours, and I regret that got banned on this server. I'm ready to have vowed that I will no longer live in the rock, as did my clan. And please unban me on this server. And I'm sorry maybe for my mistakes because I do not really know English grammar. Sincerely haircut.
  9. luizf9
    Hey Garry, tell us what's happening with Rust São Paulo servers, dude. Pls
  10. onocep
    Gary, I tried to post about a person I believe is truly hacking, and actually made a quit lengthy post about it to explain what I have experienced. When I tried to post this, with no foul language, it said I could get banned. I looked for forum rules but did not see anything at all. I am very frustrated with this game over my experience and I would hope that I could get a dev involved to look at what happened. I do not know how to get this too happen. I know I am one of probably a couple hundred thousand that have complaints of such people but this guy personally grieved me by sealing me in my home and taking privies away as well. Raiding me is fine, that's part of the game but in the way he did this with out regards of loss other than time and the difficulty that he pulled this off if legit would surprise me if something is not a foul about him. First problem, this person can not even be reported as he literally has no name.
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