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  1. [PSYKO] lulu
    i garry we are a big team psyko and we played in facepunch torronto developpement and tonight we fail to connect us
    and wipe approaching I wanted to know if the connection problems would be resolved quickly thank you very much
  2. RoboChimp
    Which English accent do you have?
  3. Explidozid
    Hi, RUST is a very great game. I like it much and i m very addicted ^^

    I have many ideas for this game but i cant start a new thread.

    Hope i can show u all my ideas ^^

  4. TCB
    would love to see a screenshot of your ticker rn
  5. AaronElMexica
    I cant type into chat. I can bring it up using Enter or "t". But no characters will register. I tried remapping the keys to something else and still the error persists. I tried multiple servers as well. I also triedValidating my game files, and waited. Still, cannot type. As most of you know, this is pretty important on modded servers. No commands if i can't type. Can't TP to my buddy either. My rig is pretty fantastic, but i did get a keyboard (which works in every other game). The Razor Deathstalker Ultimate with the touchscreen where the Num Pad goes. Wondering if maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, if I could get some feedback, that'd be wonderful.
  6. ZeBull
    kharry happy belated
  7. Junx
    ur games are amazing. I love you.
  8. boomer678
    sorry for annoying you 7 years ago
  9. ReaperSWE
    Happy birthday Garry!
    Thanks for the thousands of hour of fun you've helped create!
  10. tescaro
    Hello everyone, sorry for my english ...
    In Brazilian owners servers pay absurd here in Brazil by a horrible quality, and still get to know you attacking garry of this wonderful game has nothing to do with what do we Brazilians do with each other. But please a warning to those who are caught, or block Brazil for a while to learn the lesson. If not understand sorry.
    Brazilians try to open servers but the other servers already standing getting attacking others and so no players can be in peace and quiet play. BRAZILIAN IS GIVING A DDOS NO OTHER! AND BRAZIL IS A CRIME BUT THAT NOT WORK
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