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  1. Prof_Smiley
  2. da space core
    dat join date
  3. 4everRUST
    I can assure you that they have lost more than 20,000 players I you still I worry, or as I make a lot of money and does not care? .If they are little to work in your company or are not qualified to do their job hire more people put no more shit.I wonder when the saddles of the horses will be made, one year I have been waiting cars I'm tired of all the whores weeks build houses at all need new ideas and more interest in their game
    where are the fucking zombies?
  4. 4everRUST
    I wonder what do you think your game. Apparently he is not interested to make money doing good things to improve performance, gameplay and especially entertain players.
    The team Rust takes as six months without doing anything as you already know all their players are in ARK and the few that were we'll go to another game because you Lord GARRY NEWMAN not interested players for it must show more interest and less be at home doing nothing.Rust was to become a very repetitive and mostly boring game Garry shit since you shoved stairs.Keep screwing up with the cabinets, you need to Rust helicopter shit? For a whore need rust red shirt? it offers no entertainment if you do not care or spend more time with his game is going to go to hell
  5. steamfreak03
  6. comet1337
    why is your name blue
    why is your avatar small
  7. Nykane Mundoe
    I know that this has been asked alot and you might be seriously annoyed at this point by hearing about it, but if you are making Gmod 16, please add toybox again. Or put it in the Garry's Mod sequel. I've always wanted to experience toybox but I never got to, and I wish that I could have. So please, at least consider it.

    Thank You.
  8. Thor-axe
    Rick is in intergalactic prison for at least a year. WTF are we gonna do!? Garry! PLEASE! Save him!
  9. Jeadeye
    Fix Ireland server please.
  10. krat1989
    Gary dear !!!! isprvti fire he had not warmed character bench neither RDA konfot after it was last updated October 2nd. release a fix to address this bug
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