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  1. Jeadeye
    Fix Ireland server please.
  2. krat1989
    Gary dear !!!! isprvti fire he had not warmed character bench neither RDA konfot after it was last updated October 2nd. release a fix to address this bug
  3. AlexBryz
    What happend to Moscow II server?
  4. mimiguy2
    in gmod, can there be option to brig back the old classic toybox? looked so fun! also you can search in toybox and on dupes and saves, you have to friend the creator. also if you don't have the addon in that toybox, it will download like the old one. you will make a lot of people happy like me! and the people who never used toybox, they can. so please bring it back. or not because i can't control you or your thoughts :) (got that from asdf)
  5. P1xeLLLL
    THAT SERVER AMSTERDAM? 5-15 minutes crashes
  6. chezneygoddar

    thnaks garry.
  7. gangleider


    please reply fast
  8. SpardXZ01

    Can u help me for this fucking guys use bug lagjumping ?
  9. gagregori
    I would like to give a suggestion.

    Let us have the option, of arrest players and jail them. It will make the game much more funnier, maybe rape or torture. I bet all my cards
    that this will make the game funnier and more people will buy it, of course, that this is just a game, I'm not in favor of this stuff in true life.

  10. dragon260
    Hello. I wonder when we can use these new upgrades coming on devblog . Like making cars , ride horses , electricity, base defense and when will the windmill work properly. And when does it comes eletrical generators . minning quarry and pump Jack are operated by a small motor . take the same engine + alternator used on the windmill , put them together and we have eletrical power. Such as female character , does it comes back? They say that they are done with something and that they shall start on something else . But we 'll never see no more of it. It seems that Rust is about to be terminated and that they are planning a new game. And that rust just a kind of a test progam. Hope it does not happen. Maybe they should relesee the updates as Complete DLC or DLXS??? Insted of patch's. Some people say that rust will either be upgraded or be that the game is terminated on 17 days??
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