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  1. Sally
    keep it safe from any thief's O-o

    protective glass-> [-kek/fatshit-] <-protective glass
  2. DiosLocoESP
    Remove the "Buildings now decay over time." Mode please, i cant play 24/7 for recolect 90k stones daily!
  3. Thor-axe
    Hey I didn't feel like making a thread for something so small, but the back of our arms VM showing when we 'alt' look while holding spear is still in-game and since the bug fix weekend is here I hoped a quick reminder might help finally get rid of it. Have a good weekend!
  4. Siemz
    Any chance on ever getting the sub forums back?
  5. Siemz
  6. xrayhunter1
    Garry's Mod updated to Source2?
  7. Mr.Brown
    garry, how often do you browse fp?
  8. cucumber
    fuck you garry. before you deleted subforums, i would get in FP first visit SH, then web dev, diy, urbex, tv accordingly. Now after i visit SH, i go to general discussion and everything there is so fucking humbly-bumbly that i forget what i came there for. fuck u
  9. TheRealRudy
    garry pleasw inprove the quality of my life
  10. Suomimies55
    My golden ages are over.
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