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  1. snookypookums
    Thanks for the well wishes, mate :). The requested changes seem quite doable; a little FFD modifier work and some UV adjustments and it should be good

    Besides, I noticed some horrific clipping and other "oh noes " with the normals with the hat when it went live (I have no fucking idea which iteration of the hat Valve chose when they finally put it in the game), so I 'm gonna fix that too.

    If you have a link to a repo with some of your unused concepts that are open, please do share - I'm starting work on my 3D art portfolio and could use it!
  2. snookypookums
    Hey dude, long time no see! I dropped by the Emp steam chat the other day and noticed it was empty...Where did everyone go? Also, I'm currently in process to immigrate to Canada (the Valve money in part helped me for proof of funds ) so I've been looking to get back in the game for a while now, because I've been animating for so long my modeling skills are rusty.

    Do you have any spare concepts for me to flex a bit before I rework on the Law? Also, what do you have in mind for improvements? :)
  3. demilicious~!
    Sorry to bother you, I sent you a PM, if you haven't seen it. Would you be willing to look at it? Thanks!
  4. Radaghast
    That would be your personnal opinion on the Gollum set.
    But the general thing that annoy me on your character is your "judgement of art", if you did have some savvy, you would probably understand that you can't judge an idea to be "officialy terrible", or "officialy bad excecuted"
    Majority of my workshop items have fines votes, by saying that the idea behind my concepts are terrible, you're probably stating that everyone would find my work terrible.
    Which of course, isn't the case (Since I do have items on the workshop at least, Aka some modelers and texturer like my concepts)

    As art judgement, everyone does have a different appreciation of art.
    From what I understood, everything signed by "Radaghast" have to be Terrible and Badly excecuted.
    Fine, that would be your personnal opinion.
    Just don't indirectly insult the guys who worked, work, or will work with me.
  5. Radaghast
    The Scout have a childish mind, as Gollum.
  6. Radaghast
    The pyro isn't drunk.
  7. Radaghast
    Pink Elephant Pyro.
    The Future is here, random and Uninteresting.
  8. Radaghast
    From Optimism to Stultifying, learn to be a berk with Square
  9. FiveEyes
    Hey Square, if you could add me on steam so I can give you credit for the improved Heavy shotgun:

  10. Vulture.
    Hi Square. I'm one of the participants for the vehicles contest. Can you add me on steam, in case i need to do questions about the competition.
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