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  1. Pops
    Poster for Westworld, the movie.
  2. Dr. Ocsid
    fallout 4 wasn't necessarily my favorite but i agree with you that it was fantastic
  3. Skerion
    I'm thinking about making a thread in the General Discussions trying to encourage everyone not to be afraid and to stare back head on at the whatever dangers result from this election and resist whatever bullshit legislation they pass and etc. I'm not sure how well I'd be able to write the message and I'm not even sure if I'm going in the right direction on this. What do you think?

    I get that it's probably awkward asking a seemingly random person like you for advice, but I kinda look up to you.
  4. smurfy
    You were one of my favourites too man, stay away from Trump Tower tomorrow
  5. Darth Ninja
  6. TCB
    i enjoyed watching ftwd week to week because i love the ritual i have of getting excited for the latest episode (especially with this fuss over the main show, having ftwd to tide us over in between is a godsend) but now that season 2 is finished i can imagine it's more enjoyable if you just marathon through it

    i just started the whisperer war (i like to check in on the comics every few months to see how many issues are out because i know i'll get annoyed if i have to wait issue to issue haha) and the first few pages already have me hooked, can't wait to see what rick says bout negan's lil adventure

    have you ever thought that dwight looks like old-rick? at some point (think it was the time skip) all the characters changed appearance yet again and the first thing i noticed was that dwight looks just like how rick [I]used[/I] to look literally one issue before, i've never seen anyone mention it tho so maybe i'm crazy, i just think pre-bearded-old-man rick looks a lot like current dwight
  7. TCB
    i'd really recommend catching up with ftwd while waiting for the main show, the last few episodes of season 2 are great and it only got me even more hype for s7

    so you think it'll be both glenn + abraham? i've been playing w the idea of it being two people too, some of my friends think it'll be maggie and a lot of us like the idea of it being daryl because of the shock value but that realistically won't happen (haven't seen any promo clips or anything but i'm just gonna assume he survives for the next 50 seasons)
  8. TCB
    aybruh who do you personally think will be getting lucilled

    also idk if youre keeping up to date w ftwd but nick does some gore-camo ~walk with the dead~ shit that youd prob like if the whisperers already interest you
  9. HammerBrute
    you the man
  10. Pvt. Martin
    I didn't even know I wrote it well to be honest

    I mean it's interesting when you read enough history and notice all the little things that form some donimo effect. What to some was simply an old Russian government being overthrown, was the birth of a nation that would affect the world for essentially all of the 20th century, and how the world sees Russia, and Communism.
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