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  1. AaronM202
    Its not "fictionalized version of what i said" its that you dont seem to understand the english language enough to not come across as a disgusting, awful human being when you complain about something in a thread focused on a tragedy that happened in what is commonly believed to be a safe, first world, peaceful country that wasnt reported as much because it happened in war torn countries where such atrocities are commonplace. You also felt the need to inject "white people" at the end as if that had anything to do with what was going on.

    Hell, even if you did word it as what you meant, it'd still be something you shouldnt have posted. Why?

    If i have to tell you why, then you dont deserve to know.
  2. AaronM202
    You know what? Thats kind of competent.

    Why dont you actually post like that instead of "WHITE PEOPLE PRIVILEGE"
  3. AaronM202
    You're trying to push your white privilege narrative shit through a tragedy, i just pointed out exactly where you said that, and you're trying to deny it.

    Dont even play with me right now, you and i both know exactly what you meant when you wrote that.

    Mostly because you wrote it exactly as it is.
  4. AaronM202
    "because they're not white."

  5. AaronM202
    "Or do we just not care about those innocent civilians because they're not white."

  6. AaronM202
    asteroidrules posted:
    Anyone wanna point out that these were coordinated with terrorist bombings in Lebanon and Iraq? Or do we just not care about those innocent civilians because they're not white.
  7. AaronM202
    What does that even MEAN? You know exactly what you said.
  8. AaronM202
    Are you seriously trying to pull this "white privilege" shit NOW of all times, dude?

    Honestly, do you have no shame?
  9. Rossy167
    I could write big paragraph explaining how but basically it's because it's an emerging, heavily under attack medium primarily enjoyed by young people. - an AGGer's take - A GGer's take

    Neither are 100% relevant but I think they paint the picture I'm going for.
  10. Rossy167
    I made it clear on the next page that I'm glad Notch told Milo to fuck off the page after, I disagree with him on GG not his reaction to Milo. I'll concede with do have some rightys, but they're entitled to their opinion. Gaming is inherently progressive, and by proxy so are gaming forums that aren't specifically for right wingers.
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