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  1. ChloeBlackSythe
    1. IT IS NOT FUCKING ILLEGAL TO HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS, OH MY FUCKING GOD, ITS ONLY ILLEGAL TO HAVE SEX WITH SMALL DOGS CAUSE IT WOULD KILL THEM ON CONTACT IF YOU TRIED TO PUT YOUR DINGUS IN THERE FUCKING VAGINA. OR YOU TRIED TO KEEP THEM AS A SEX DOG WITH A DICK, MY FUCKING, IDK ANYMORE. 2. Im a open pedophilia person and i could care less about morals cause i have a open mind about everything, if you wanna call me a bad person, so be it, i couldn't care less. 3. Animals can consent, there smarter than you are. Humans are newer than any animal on the planet. Animals existed way longer than you have and your puny dick. Smarter and better than you in every single way, we don't even know how to use the complete power of our brain, how do you know animals don't?
  2. soliv
    Hows your progressive rock fetish?
  3. Leestons
    Amazing Thor drawing!
  4. matt000024
    Dude, I totally want a picture of Christmas Thor to hang in my dorm now.
    Okay that IS amazing.
  6. Swebonny
  7. Dunsparce
    or Semen Demon, whatever you prefer.
  8. rikimaru6811
    Oh crikey, that post in the "Post count = age live in" was good. Gave me a laugh.
  9. AlienFanatic
    they are
  10. bob the clown
    good thing i aint no womens then
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