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  1. Louis
    It's from this music video friendo https://youtu.be/qgADQrBpYwA
  2. Kiwi
  3. richard9311
    It's done.

    Probably won't have much staying power, but it's out there now. Thanks for your encouragement!
  4. richard9311
    Might be worth it, next time I'm on a computer. Although it's debatable that enough people would be interested enough to keep the thread alive.
  5. richard9311
    There's not really a go-to shop that has a bunch of these things, most patch shops are small guys who usually run 10 different designs and sell them on the side. What you see on my patch board is probably from a dozen or son little shops.

    Here's a [URL="https://pastebin.com/cXZTGafD"]pastebin[/URL] that has most of the shops I've bought from. The general themes of those shops are games, anime, and military since its someone else maintains that paste off of a /k/ patch general. I can't say I 100% recommend everything in that paste, but everything I have bought from some of those shops have been good. [URL="http://www.patchesnpins.com"]PatchesnPins[/URL] is a pretty good store for more SciFi, movie, and pop culture things, but shipping is from the UK, so there's that. Where I got my Black Mesa patch, odly enough.
  6. richard9311
    Another thing to keep in mind is that some patches come with Velcro, others with iron on backing. I prefer Velcro as its easier to stick them on my hat and backpack, and move them around on my patch board. And most of the shops linked above come with Velcro by default. But other stores have iron on or no backing- which are useful to attach to clothing permanently or to sew onto things. Its personal preference, but know what you're ordering and what the patch is coming with, or without
  7. richard9311
    One last thing to keep in mind is that generally speaking, there's three types of patches, two woven and one PVC. PVC isbl kinda self explanatory, just a plastic, rubbery type of patch. Some people love them, some people loathe the, but they're out there. Then there are the two stitched types: [URL="https://www.siennapacific.com/blog/c/wp-content/uploads/woven-vs-embroidered-kpbs-800x402.jpg"]woven vs embroidered.[/URL] both are made with thread, but embroidered uses thicker threads. This gives it better definition, so its a texture you can feel and see. However, woven can have much more detail and color variation, but sacrifices by being a flat image. Again, it's personal preference, but I like woven better as its something that has more definition, you can feel and interact with more.
  8. richard9311
    Wow, uh, I was just trying to give the basics but I kinda went overboard. If there's any other questions you have, or you want to know where I got a specific patch of mine that you saw on [URL="https://my.mixtape.moe/dwgixa.jpg"]my patch board[/URL]- just let me know.
  9. richard9311
    If you have any questions as to where I got some of the patches, or where to start, I'd be more than happy to give you some links and point you in the right direction.
  10. richard9311
    Thanks for the kind comment! I was kind of nervous sharing that stuff, so I really appreciate the positive response.
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