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  1. NicoleEmilid
    Also, may you add me to steam??

  2. NicoleEmilid
    Awww, bless their hearts. I hope they are doing okay.
  3. NicoleEmilid
    Hey there!

    I saw your video on youtube. It was [I]hilarious[/I]. Your little dumplings are adorable.
  4. devotchkade
    Ah, I hear you. It still sucks, though. Even when you know they're not the right person.

    Kids are so awful, aren't they? It's amazing how much that affects you, even when you grow up and realize how absurd it is. I'm glad I could make your day better, even if only a little bit. You're absolutely welcome. Know that I meant every word of it.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
  5. devotchkade
    Eugh, that sucks; I'm so sorry. It's a terrible feeling when that happens.

    No worries :) Honestly, I couldn't believe what I was reading. The only thing I can think of is that they were trying to look macho or something, when in reality they'd probably be rendered speechless if you approached them in person. I definitely agree that they were being unreasonable when they criticized something you can't change or control, and I commend you for being so cool about it. I think chin dimples are gorgeous on girls, and I know a lot of people think the same. Frankly, I think you're beautiful (and not in that patronizing all-people-are-beautiful way), and I sincerely believe that most guys would wholeheartedly agree with me.

    From reading your posts, you seem to me to be an intelligent, compassionate woman. I hope you find someone who appreciates that, even if it wasn't this guy.
  6. devotchkade
    Hope you don't mind my saying, but RE: your photo in LA; those guys are crazy. You're super attractive, and your chin is cute. Good luck with that guy you like!
  7. omagh
    Well it was an intership about creating a website for his sister. :/ And soon I'll have my resit exam, and I feel Im gonna fail....
  8. overpain
    I wish you luck with your boyfriend/classmate :)
  9. omagh
    Haha yeah the old teacher trick. Hmm just wondering something, is he french?
    Well about me, hmm yeah I'm fine thank you, at this time I should have been in a intership for 3 months, but looks like my classmate didn't anser me about it so I have like 3 months free.
    Anyway what about you? School and stuff?
  10. omagh
    Hey Katie, no you're not bothering me and it will always be a pleasure to help you!
    Well when you have:
    Je finis
    Il finit
    Vous finissez
    The verb "finir" is in the present tense and not in the past tense. Ending of the 2nd verbal group (-IR) in the present tense:
    Je -[b]is[/b]
    Tu -[b]is[/b]
    Il -[b]it[/b]
    Nous -[b]issons[/b]
    Vous -[b]issez[/b]
    Ils -[b]issent[/b]

    The verbs in the passé composé after avoir or être are called "past participle" (é, i, and u).
    [b]PASSE COMPOSE = AVOIR or ETRE (present tense) + PAST PARTICIPLE[/b].
    So it gives for the verb finir:
    J'ai fin[b]i[/b]
    Tu as fin[b]i[/b]
    Il a fin[b]i[/b]
    Nous avons fin[b]i[/b]
    Vous avez fin[b]i[/b]
    Ils ont fin[b]i[/b]

    But about the auxiliary, it depends on the verb, some verbs have to be used with "avoir" or "étre".
    I tried to be clear as much as I can, I'm so sorry if you don't understand me. If something is confusing or you don't get it, feel free to ask me again, I'll try to be more clear about it.
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