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  1. archangel125
    I often wonder if I made the wrong choice. I'm 27, so I'm not getting any younger moving forward. If I ever choose to return, I do at least have excellent references :P
  2. archangel125
    Well, to be honest, the more I learned, the less convinced I became the job was for me. Yes, keeping public order and to serve and protect was a noble goal, but I found that the intensely conservative and often outright bigoted politics of many (not all, but enough to be disturbing) of my colleagues clashed with my own, and I realized I would not be ready to commit to a job that would require quite so much a time investment as policing does. All my respect to people who are more driven and better suited than I, of course. The country needs good cops, and I'm not sure I'd fit the bill.
  3. phygon
    If I haven't taken it for like three days then when I take it I get high instead of just getting productive but my dose is also 30mg (which is the lowest typically-prescribed dose)
    Are you sure you aren't talking about regular old adderall?
    Why thank you very much, yours is very nice too
  5. Sini
    Such pretty colors
  6. the_killer24
    imagine SC 3.0 ever coming out
  7. Pascall
    Feel free to make one in GD! Could be something like pet problems and advice or something like that. I have no problem with that.
  8. LoneWolf_Recon
    holy shit, I've just been bingeing Wolfgun the past day & 1/2. Where has this been all my life.

    Road To Jupiter is stuck in my head. <3
  9. LoneWolf_Recon
    I hope your doggo gets better soon :c
  10. LoneWolf_Recon
    b0rk b0rk
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