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We encourage starting new projects and exploring new ideas, even if that reveals how terrible we are at what we do. We encourage documenting the development process and learning from mistakes by creating postmortems.

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We don't hire through agents. We don't want unpaid workers. We don't do internships or work experience. We love C#, C++ programmers. We love Unity and Unreal. We love talented artists. We love people who know what they're doing. We want to make console games as well as PC games. We love being told we're doing something stupid.


Because we'll let you do what you enjoy doing all day, and we'll pay you to do it. If you work from home you can jack it whenever you want and we won't even know. You'll effectively be being paid to jack it. We don't promote you, you choose what you do. If you're good at it you do it.


You can be anywhere in the world and work from home. Or work from our office. We don't care as long as you do the work.

Our open



Can you make 3D models? Can you make LOD models? Can you prove it? Have you ever filmed yourself pretending to be on fire, rolling around your living room floor like an idiot so you can use it as reference when making an animation? Can you take a mesh and add bones and set vertex weights so it works properly? Apply.

Level Designer

Can you make levels? Do you wish your house has more barrels and crates? Do you spot texture aligment issues in real life? Can you plan out and design levels in Unity? Please apply.

Game Developers

Have you made and released a game? We're interested in you. Apply. Made a ton of games but not released any? Why not? Tell us why. Made a game and want to release it but you don't have enough money to eat food to give you energy to move your fingers on a keyboard to finish making it? Come to daddy.


Do you like having the same stupid arguments over and over about whether Resharper is needed? Have you got strong opinions on spacing and curly brackets? Are you an actually good programmer too? Have you mastrubated at your computer with github open on one of your monitors? Have you worked on games? Do you think you can help us be awesome? Apply Now.