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Feel free to ask for help in a specific addon's thread - but this isn't the place to ask for help. If you're having trouble using something POST HERE. If you're having trouble modding something POST HERE. Do not add (TAGS) to your thread title! ...

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10th July 2014
by NiandraLades Go to last post
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Dressmod V2.1 - Model Disguiser

About Addon which allow you to change model , good for darkrp. instantly changes model with saying name of model. How to use it Spawnable entities through spawnmenu entities tab for admins , you could also add entities to darkrp addentities.lua for...

12th September 2012
by !!!WARLOCK!!! Go to last post
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Darkrp ULX chat tags

About Chat tags that working fine with darkrp and all darkrp chat commands. How to use it Download and install Ulx and Ulib admin mod Download and install last version of darkrp SVN Download this file - cl_init.lua of darkrp Install

10th February 2013
by mib999 Go to last post
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Addon Wip

GCompute - In-game Lua Development IDE ( 2 3 Last )

GCompute is an in-game lua editor aimed at developers with the goal of making Garry's Mod development easier. Features IDE Multiple tabs Dockable views HTTP file loading Consoles for executing code and viewing its output on other clients (if you...

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21st February 2016
by Athods Go to last post
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QuickTool - Tool searching and extended keybinds

This is a configurable menu and a tool finder. It's extremely useful if you often use wiremod or some other addon with way too many tools. Features ● A searchbar for your tools ● An editable menu with hotkeys (I was on a Starcraft binge at the time I...

13th July 2013
by !cake Go to last post
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Combine Player Models

Basically could anyone link me to a download with loads of combine player models, to be used for a HL2RP server. So none of the silly ones, the stuff you've seen on servers as the Sector Commander, Commanding Officers, Elite's, OW's, Prison guard's,...

14th October 2012
by aidan499 Go to last post
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DBug - Hook & Timer Profiler and Logger

== Introduction == DBug is a simple script that runs both on the client and on the server that's designed to debug and log hooks and timers. == Features == * Debug the majority of lag causes. * Log when your client or your server gets excessive...

9th August 2013
by ChewGum Go to last post
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DBugR | Public Release

URL : https://github.com/oubliette32/DBugR What's this doing here? I was clearing my GitHub account and thought DBugR would be a nice addon to upload to a fresh GitHub account. Wasn't this available as a CoderHire script previously? It was, I...

13th July 2015
by Buzzkill_HABB Go to last post
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OAC Lite - Anti-cheat ( 2 3 Last )

no longer being supported

16th September 2013
by Johnny Guitar Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Torrent - Flood remake

Torrent is currently a work in progress. It's going to be released for free on Github upon completion. After completion it will be updated and changed when and where it needs to be. Torrent is gamemode currently being developed by me, it's designed...

11th April 2013
by >>oubliette<< Go to last post
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Addon Wip

Physical Bullets

So I've had this on my workshop for quite some time now and the feedback was always a bit underwhelming so I'm hoping that posting it here might change that for the better. Physical Bullets is my (messy ;~;) attempt at... well... enabling physical...

3rd August 2013
by >_> Ubercake Go to last post
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Moving Moai (SEnt) Teaser

"Don't breath... The acclaimed "Weeping Angle" SEnt for Garry's Mod may have scared the blinkin' heck out of you, but the Moving Moai with make you jump out of your skin (that is if you are scared of Easter Island heads!) This is coming out...

11th March 2012
by Varachack Go to last post
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My Addons/Mods

Hello! I started this thread to show all of the addons for Garry's Mod I have made. This will be updated every time I release a new one. Modified L4D Bill: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=124570 Medal of Honor (2010) SNPCs:...

10th March 2012
by superstepa Go to last post
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Prop to mesh tool

This addon is designed for building servers and constructors of vehicles which use a lot of props that reduce FPS. This addon will help solve this problem! How it works: Tool converts props into a mesh model and draws it for 1 time (than one prop for...

2 Weeks Ago
by +Crionis+ Go to last post
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CellMod For Gmod 13- Because BLT950 Wont Convert it for His Life

Im gonna keep the old thread in here just so you know what the hell this is :P What is CellMod?

7th January 2015
by Blazyd Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

-=FalloutRP=- War...War Never Changes...

-snip- cause you all are assholes! Fuck you all.

29th May 2013
by Christmasham Go to last post
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Npc ai ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Last )

This addon allows ground npcs to chase there targets on a map without nodes. SVN: http://npcaimod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/NPC_AI Might wanna keep a back up before updating the svn incase theres bugs or something. Instructions to install: ...

30th October 2009
by RikohZX Go to last post
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Npc ai ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

This addon allows ground npcs to chase there targets on a map without nodes. SVN: http://npcaimod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/NPC_AI Might wanna keep a back up before updating the svn incase theres bugs or something. Instructions to install: ...

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28th January 2015
by Abdal Go to last post
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Work In Progress

TB's Nazi Zombies ( 2 3 4 Last )

I have been working on all of this by myself for awhile, it is progressing. Video annotations are working now (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKZUDIQNrU4&hd=1 Updates: Finished Perk-a-Cola machines, just gives you the perk. No bottles yet. I...

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2nd September 2012
by yy958 Go to last post
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Advanced Duplicator 2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 25 26 27 28 Last )

DOWNLOAD: DO NOT UPLOAD ANYWHERE How To Install: Tutorial how to install SVN: http://advdupe2.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/AdvDupe2/ WINDOWS USERS REQUIRE THE MODULE, INSTALL DIRECTORY IS garrysmod/lua/bin/...

-TB- Thread has images Lua King x 230
14th November 2016
by BigBadWilly Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Black Mesa source NPCS [WIP] ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

DED, DED AND DED. If you want fix it no problems. All of them have custom sounds. Download beta now! I see someone have problems with Gamefront link. i will upload to another on 1 november. betav3:...

16th August 2013
by mrbeen Go to last post
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Cooldown - a developer tool.

Somebody requested this in the Newbie section, and I thought I'd give it a go. You're probably going to talk about how the math is really bad, and how it's unoptimized. I only did this in twenty minutes and just thought it'd be handy - atleast as a base -...

16th November 2010
by Feihc Go to last post
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Font Editor

I got sick of having to constantly tab back and forth just to see small changes with surface.CreateFont, so I made this - figured why not post it? Output: Download: GitHub

26th May 2015
by xaviergmail Go to last post
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Deathrun - Because the last one I made was terrible. ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

oh god I hit submit This is just a simple Deathrun gamemode, and I'm pretty sure everyone knows what that is. For those that don't, I made this gamemode because I didn't like old one I made (here), and a lot of people ended up using it. ...

30th July 2016
by Neddy Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Creo - Manage your addons/gamemodes

Creo You own a server and everyone asks for certain addons, but you simply don't have the time to get them! You have to download them with SVN, move them to the correct places, and it doesn't seem like much, but after a while it gets really tiring. The...

8th July 2012
by Knallex Go to last post
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Addon/project hosting

Hey there! I am going to offer project hosting to anyone who wants it. Be it a wiki or forum, go ahead and PM me I'm doing this as I have some extra server space and would love to share some with Facepunchers! Anyways, thank you fellow...

12th March 2012
by /dev/sda1 Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Otis: Manage a Garry's Mod Server online!

Otis Please! I would love some comments on this! Here, have a demo. Username: Otis Password: OtisDemo Case Sensitive and SHA224 encrypted (the password).

2nd April 2014
by Judd Go to last post
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Dawn of War: Soulstorm & Previous addons port?

Does anyone know of a decent port of all of the Dawn of War games, or can anyone possibly make one? I would be really grateful if anyone could port this/find this for me, I have looked for quite a while and only found one on garrysmod.org that didn't...

30th December 2012
by 007JamesBond007 Go to last post
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Attaching Sprites to Models?

Does anyone know how to attach sprites to models? I know the floor turret model does this but after looking at the QC I'm not quite connecting the dots as to how I'd stick a sprite onto a model.

26th October 2012
by 017 Go to last post
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BLUE'S UNBOXING - A CS:GO style unboxing addon. ( 2 Last )

**THIS IS NOT A LEAK, I AM THE DEVELOPER OF THE ADDON** So because PayPal are assholes, And there are so many leakers here is my script. I Hope you all enjoy and have fun using it. I Just want to state that the addon is "as is" and I will not...

15th June 2016
by Sazuzaki Go to last post
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Blue's Family Share Blocker.

Blue's Family Share Blocker A simple extension to Garry's Mod to help server owner prevent banned users from rejoining by creating new steam accounts and family sharing. So some community was having an issue with a player that kept joining back on...

1st August 2016
by 0V3RR1D3 Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip


DodgeBall Gamemode by StealthPaw! Latest version: 2.1 Steam Workshop Workshop Content GitHub Repository

13th July 2015
by 101kl Go to last post
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GarrıMon About: This is a Pokemon GO Simulator that will let you capture and battle NPC's. http://i.imgur.com/qKB4OcD.jpg Everything works fairly similar to PokeMon GO, but if you have any other questions or comments please feel free to ask.

24th October 2016
by 101kl Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

TacoScript 2, Garry's Mod 13 Release ( 2 3 4 Last )

In case anyone still cares, here's the HL2RP and TRP forks of taconbanana's TacoScript 2: tacoscript2hl2rp.rar tacoscript2trp.7z I'm gonna leave the community drama baggage at the door (and ask you to do the same, we all know what kind of...

24th March 2014
by Ruxandra Go to last post
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OpenAura Dedicated Server Error.. help me.

http://imageshack.us/f/829/20359855.png/ It is ok while making Character... But when making time is end, I tried moving next step, It doesn't work.. I think Mysql database is fine state.. (on my desktop) and installation is also file too... maybe. ...

6th February 2012
by Ylsid Go to last post
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PC Games

Fixed version of gamemaster?

I'm asking for this, because currently, gamemaster, it's not working, rounds do not start, and it is a GREAT gamemode, I played it once before it broke, but now I cannot find a fix for it, anywhere. Help would be appreciated.

15th July 2011
by MayorBee Go to last post
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Addon: Propcore

What does this addon do? I've been googling it but I can't find a place where it sais what it does. Someting with E2, that all I know (: tnx in advance!

25th January 2013
by Adult Go to last post
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Gmod Global chat & admin advert

I host 2 darkrp servers, but I need a global chat addon for it, I've seen a few outdated versions on facepunch, but no working ones. Second, i need an /aadvert which states in the chat: (except of in darkrp) and then the text behind it. thanks!

22nd February 2013
by Robertbrownlo Go to last post
3 2,066

Which cars addon

So basicly, what cars addon should i use? which ones do you prefer? I'm gonna use it for DarkRP thanks!

23rd February 2013
by 3nforc3r Go to last post
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DrugzMod addentitites list

Does somebody want to share his list in the addentities.lua? from darkrp I don't really know the models used for this mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=112986621&searchtext=Drugz Also, do i need to add any models to my fastdl?...

20th February 2013
by 3nforc3r Go to last post
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DarkRP | I have to transfer people's money

So i just made a new server, and i want to transfer the money from the people to the new server, which file should i do this with? tnx!

1st February 2013
by Q4-Bi Go to last post
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Six-One-Three's Jukebox ( 2 Last )

For quite a few months now I have been coding almost anything that came to my head. In August 2013 I created a Jukebox that simply plays music to everyone on the server. I've re-coded it many times now and I believe I am ready to release it. Please do not...

26th June 2015
by Dogey Go to last post
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My dedicated server gamemode will not change from sandbox

Hi there i have a dedicated server on garrys mod but i cannot change the game mode from sandbox please could u help i drag other gamemodes into the gamemode folder and i done a bit of research and they says change it by server.cfg but i dont have 1 now i...

31st May 2014
by YourStalker Go to last post
15 31,348

I need help with a gamemode

Hai there i would love to make a deathrun server but i cant find a gamemode of deathrun and there are no tutorials for how to make1 so could some 1 please send me a link to one or make me one that would be very nice and i did have the fretta 1 but i put...

3rd May 2012
by ash47 Go to last post
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Hello Could some one please tell me how to i make myself owner in my own darkrp server, I have serched for it for days! and i cant find it. :(

7th December 2012
by Mr.SlenderMan Go to last post
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[First Post] HL2RP Question.

Hello, I am not sure if this would be the perfect place to put this, if not I will take it down and re-post it somewhere else. Just a heads up, I just joined today in hopes of getting some questions resolved so please be fair, I can take constructive...

26th April 2014
by 7778899lolo Go to last post
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[Prodject] ASTO Server Protection

Hey y'all! This month i started a prodject called ASTO Server Protection. Its going to be a free server protection that will keep the nasty hackers away from your server. Im still testing the addon on my server but i have prereleased it on my website (...

25th October 2016
by MarZ333 Go to last post
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PC Games

Gamemode Coder

Looking for someone to help code for a server. Willing to pay 30$. Contact http://steamcommunity.com/id/76561197981468639

15th August 2012
by ben434 Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip
24th November 2013
by =-:Luke:=- Go to last post
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15th December 2013
by Johnny Guitar Go to last post
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SlobBot V1 Public - LUA AimBot, Wallhack, DarkRP Wallhack, "AntiBan" and more! ( 2 3 4 Last )

Downloads: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ijkmgt0ignz/SlobBot.zip http://files.filefront.com/SlobBotzip/;13467779;/fileinfo.html What is SlobBot? SlobBot is a clientside Lua AIMBot and some other tools.

9th May 2010
by NewBee Go to last post
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Well i made a HUD for this thread http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=963250 and i'll be the first to say it's not as good as i could've made it but it'll do for those that need it. Toggle it by typing toggleCodHud in console. if it gets decent...

20th September 2011
by Flandre Scarlet Go to last post
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Work In Progress


I have started to work on a gamemode idea that i had a couple days ago and finally am getting around to making a WIP. General Info Two teams fight it out over control points scattered across the map to gain mass, energy, and research points.(Yes it is...

11th March 2011
by ?????? Go to last post
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Dave's 3rd Person Script

I have noticed that there isn't really any good 3rd person script for gmod. The best one i have used was very tedious to change values and overall not worth it. So i created my own and i like how it turned out.With a simple derma menu you can now have...

28th August 2010
by jangofett890 Go to last post
24 3,023
Gamemode Wip

The CyBorg

Hello, fellow facepunchers. I've begun work on my next gamemode, called "The CyBorg". It's kind of like a single player or coop version of The Hidden. If you've heard of the Hidden or other Gmod gamemodes like it, like The Stalker by nüke, you'll probably...

18th May 2015
by code_gs Go to last post
5 1,230

Invasion 1944 - Freely available WW2 OpenAura Schema

Invasion 1944 - What is it? Invasion 1944 is a publicly available OpenAura schema made by me, it's based around the events of World War II and the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The players are able to roleplay as either A). A resident of an Allies...

4th July 2012
by a-cookie Go to last post
37 4,324

New Garrysmod Gameservers

We are a new gaming community looking to get some more active members. We are running two servers at the moment but are definitley planning on expanding when we get more active members. Our two servers are running a Custom version of DarkRP...

11th May 2012
by nick_9_8 Go to last post
4 846

Player Appearance Customiser 2 Link?

Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but i really, REALLY want PAC2. But when i click the DL link (http://d1uemqp6bjhuzc.cloudfront.net/PAC2.rar) it shows me this error: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it....

13th March 2012
by Olive7 Go to last post
7 1,159

Paying for a Deathrun gamemode

Hello, I am willing to pay a fair amount through paypal for a Deathrun gamemode, working pointshop etc. Steam: ||GLXRPO|| Aaron EDIT: I dont want a point shop, I just need a basic "Layout" and working death/runner gamemode.

9th May 2012
by Persious Go to last post
13 1,654

Mute Players Menu for servers without mute buttons on custom scoreboards

Mute Players Menu On my own server, I use Evolve for the admin mod along with it's scoreboard. I was disappointed with the lack of mute buttons for players on this. After searching for solutions and trying to integrate it into the Evolve scoreboard and...

25th January 2013
by ab0mbs Go to last post
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Zombies and hostages

Close this thread.

6th September 2009
by The Pretender Go to last post
6 993

Global post processing settings?? help.

I'm trying to figure out how to make it so players start off with certain post processing settings upon server join, is that possible? not very skilled with lua; so as much as you want to leave a smart ass remark, simply try and give me some assistance...

14th October 2012
by ABCommunity Go to last post
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Text Screen/simple sign maker for a darkrp server.

I'm looking for a simple tool that allows players to make a text screen In which you can choose the font size and font color. Something similar to Sammy Servers text screens? anyone wanna shoot me some links?

24th March 2015
by Cd5ssmffan Go to last post
5 4,451

Model Request: Cave Story - Curly

Hi, so I've been searching for a Curly Brace model from Cave Story. Problem is, even after tireless searching on Google, I've only managed to find Quote models (obviously not what I'm looking for). So for any modeler out there, could you perhaps make a...

25th August 2012
by AbeX300 Go to last post
2 1,704

Weapon delay VS Actual real delay in-game

I was wondering if there was a way to tell exactly at what point is a weapon actually going to be firing faster or not, for a given change in its Delay variable. For example, say I put a delay of 0.08, then I try a delay of 0.075, both are going to be...

4th January 2013
by Shadaez Go to last post
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modded/new CSS Knife Model+skin

Hello Everyone of Facepunch© This is my first post/upload/thread... I have made/modded a new CSS Knife that I call CSS Barcode Knife... Yes I know its not that great but it took alot of work with the models and materials Garry'smod.org...

4th August 2009
by cheesylard Go to last post
9 2,817

DarkRP Chattags help

I have chattags in my server and when i type something in chat it comes up with this (OOC) BlackmanCuldesac: hello BlackmanCuldesac: hello BlackmanCuldesac: // hello This is what happens when i type one work. This is the code im using....

16th August 2013
by Ace45 Go to last post
6 454

TTT server problems.

Hello everyone, I'm having a little bit of trouble with a TTT server. I'm trying to run it from my computer, and I got the server up no problem, only it was only sandbox mode. Finally, I found out that sv_defaultgamemode had to be switch to just gamemode....

13th January 2013
by FlaxWork Go to last post
5 1,160

Fast DL setup?

Hello all. I have a free web host that I'm using, and I've uploaded my custom files to it using FTP. I set the download link in my cfg and everything, I've had people help me with it, but I can't seem to get it to work. It doesnt stop to download the...

6th February 2013
by AceAldridge Go to last post
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Gamemode Wip

Looking for a good, willing scripter/coder!

Hello, community. I've spent the past couple days trying to make a DarkRP server for Garry's Mod, and after hours upon hours of trying to figure out how to add in all of the plugins to make it a kick-ass server, me and some guys have basically come up...

24th March 2013
by Failure Go to last post
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So, I finally got my TTT server to work fine with only a few problems, maybe you guys can help. 1) Maps. I can't figure out how to get a rotation going, it just loads the same map over and over and over again. I put maps in the maps folder and can load...

14th January 2013
by gemmono2 Go to last post
12 919

Adding player models to a shop, getting errors

Hello all, I am running a TTT server on Gmod and I'm running into some problems with the point shop. I'm trying to add in some new player models. I drag and drop the lua, model, and materials files into my srcds directory and merge them with the current...

31st January 2013
by AceAldridge Go to last post
5 534

ParticleEmitter BadCoder( CUtlLinkedList overflow! ( exhausted index range ) ) Fix!

Hey all, I released some code here and there for this fix. The old one didn't support use3D which someone told me about and the new version supports it. I finally got around to testing the new version and found it was broken. IsValid doesn't work on...

19th January 2014
by Handsome Matt Go to last post
12 1,212
Addon Wip

UMSG to NET message redirector / converter

I made something pretty simple. Useful for those that are using umsgs that want to use net-messages but have too many to convert and not enough time... ...

5th December 2015
by zerf Go to last post
20 3,739

ParticleEmitter BadCoder( CUtlLinkedList overflow! ( exhausted index range ) ) Fix!

Hey all, I released some code here and there for this fix. The old one didn't support use3D which someone told me about and the new version supports it. I finally got around to testing the new version and found it was broken. IsValid doesn't work on...

19th January 2014
by viperfan7 Go to last post
38 10,545

Ideals of different models and ragdolls

Hey everyone, i was wondering, for anyone that can make ragdolls and models real good, can they make a kim kardashian ragdoll, or a beyonce ragdoll but with like the body type of soyna ragdoll if u can make, it would be a big help ty

13th November 2011
by AceCreator Go to last post
5 685
Work In Progress

Red Orchestra 2 SWEP's

Hello Everybody, Welcome to the official thread for the Red Orchestra 2 SWEP's for Garry's Mod. This is a large pack of weapon ported directly to Garry's Mod from Red Orchestra 2. I am working along with Inter (Compilier) to get these amazing piece's of...

20th April 2013
by residualgrub Go to last post
31 6,010

Update Nazi Zombies?

it was a really fun gamemode. Im not good with LUA but can anyone update it? thanks. http://uppit.com/s13pur80e7kn/NaziZombies.zip (sorry about ad link but thats the only link that the owner posted)

1st December 2012
by godlike Go to last post
1 484

Grigori Player Model.

Before y'all rate me dumb, these people don't have the player model aswell. So I'm not crazy and it's not just me. :P Hopefully this is the right section. This is a player model for Father Grigori. I noticed there was no model for him in Gmod...

1st May 2011
by RusselG Go to last post
14 2,575

[FINISHED] DarkRP Vending Machine

Hey Everyone! I want to let you know that i have finished my vending machine project, it is fully functional and it works. I have made a short video that shows my work. Enjoy! Thanks for reviewing it, and i would love to hear any suggestions...

6th October 2013
by Its Waffles Go to last post
13 2,964

[In Development!] DarkRP Vending Machine

Hello Everyone! I have decided that i am going to be working on a new project, its going to be a Dark Roleplay Vending Machine, which is in the model of the Breens Water Vending machine. Its going to be a world prop, and it has the price spinning above...

24th July 2013
by GTbrawlers Go to last post
5 1,025