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28th March 2016
by Bradyns Go to last post
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Trump Details Immigration Policy in Phoenix, AZ - We WILL Have a Wall, and Mexico WILL Pay for It!

http://a.abcnews.com/images/Politics/AP_Trump_Phoenix2_MEM_160831_12x5_1600.jpg Source

1 Minute Ago
by TheFilmSlacker Go to last post
7 117

gamejournopro-esque skype group chat log leaked, reveals collaboration between game journalists. ( 2 3 Last )

Basically a journalist insider leaked skype logs from a chat group log from around the time of initial gamergate containing the journalists that wrote those articles about "gamers are dead" they are about them collaborating and organizing their...

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3 Minutes Ago
by Kybalt Go to last post
112 5,403

Philly Zoo Welcomes Baby Gorilla

source This is a bad idea

Liem Thread has images 20 people are reading this thread x 20
4 Minutes Ago
by Svinnik Go to last post
4 119

Youtube TOS changes, basically allows no one to make money off their channels ( 2 3 Last )

No news article yet taking about this, but its exploding on twitter https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6162278 Basically the new TOS means no swearing, no politics, no sexual humor, because if you do, you will not make money from your work,...

5 Minutes Ago
by Pretiacruento Go to last post
96 3,664

Dogs can understand human speech according to scientists ( 2 Last )


amorax 17 people are reading this thread x 17 Starred x 43
5 Minutes Ago
by SleepyAl Go to last post
44 2,570

Pentagon officials allowed government spending at strip clubs and casinos


Perrine 11 people are reading this thread x 11
6 Minutes Ago
by tyanet Go to last post
11 576

Dispute over whether Pena Nieto told Trump that Mexico will not pay for the wall


smurfy Thread has images 16 people are reading this thread x 16
7 Minutes Ago
by 1nfiniteseed Go to last post
24 722

British Telecommunications suing Valve over alleged Steam patent infringement ( 2 Last )

Sources: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/08/31/bt-valve-patent-infringement-lawsuit/ http://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/bt-suing-valve-over-alleged-steam-patent-infringement-1452743 (Warning: Anti-Ad Block source)...

Shotz 15 people are reading this thread x 15
19 Minutes Ago
by MissZoey Go to last post
47 2,311

Trump describes Mexicans as "amazing" and "spectacular" on Mexico visit


MissZoey 14 people are reading this thread x 14
20 Minutes Ago
by .Isak. Go to last post
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Sony decides to re-title Ghostbusters 2016, 2 months after release

http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/08/31/ghostbusters-gets-a-new-title-for-home-video-release? https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/57c749d85d6d1c802bed06cb/1715x2115/267c97e0e6bf84a97554cbaa769008dc/Ghostbusters-BD-cover.jpg

25 Minutes Ago
by Chonch Go to last post
11 784

With echoes of Wounded Knee, tribes mount prairie occupation to block North Dakota pipeline ( 2 Last )

https://www.google.com/amp/www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-sej-north-dakota-pipeline-20160827-story,amp.html Big differences from Oregon standoff, they don't have guns, they're protesting the break of the promises of the government not to infringe on...

32 Minutes Ago
by sgman91 Go to last post
57 2,827

Andrzej Sapkowski (creator the Witcher novels): "[The games] made a lot of stink and shit" ( 2 Last )

Source (in polish): http://www.cdaction.pl/news-46472/andrzej-sapkowski-gra-narobila-mnostwo-smrodu-i-ga.html Video of the panel in question (starts around the relevant time, however I don't know if google's automatic subtitles work on the language of...

36 Minutes Ago
by Killer900 Go to last post
77 5,674

Dilma Rousseff impeached


smurfy Thread has images 13 people are reading this thread x 13 Starred x 20
45 Minutes Ago
by jp_rsardeto Go to last post
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Letter reaches destination by hand drawn map on the envelop.


dunkace Thread has images 9 people are reading this thread x 9 Starred x 45
58 Minutes Ago
by JumpinJackFlash Go to last post
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LAPD Enters Chris Brown's Home After Woman Claims He Threatened Her With Gun


James xX 6 people are reading this thread x 6
1 Hour Ago
by gk99 Go to last post
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1 Hour Ago
by Steel & Iron Go to last post
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Earth narrowly missed by asteroid first detected only a few hours before.


Orkel 12 people are reading this thread x 12
1 Hour Ago
by ZombieWaffle Go to last post
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PC Games

EVE Online announces Free 2 Play with new "clone states" feature ( 2 Last )

Not world-shattering news by any stretch, but a pretty exciting development in one of the most ambitious MMOs of all time. https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/introducing-clone-states-and-the-future-of-access-to-eve-online/ It is,...

1 Hour Ago
by Levelog Go to last post
55 2,068

Poll: Clinton Unpopularity at New High, on Par With Trump ( 2 Last )


Swiket 5 people are reading this thread x 5
1 Hour Ago
by Chaitin Go to last post
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PC Games

THQ Nordic releases Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition, a major update to Titan Quest

All owners of either the original or the expansion has been given Anniversary Edition for free. Check your Steam libraries http://store.steampowered.com/app/475150/ Some key features:

BeardyDuck Thread has images 2 people are reading this thread x 2 Starred x 20
1 Hour Ago
by Pops Go to last post
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Germany - Police left stumped by third axe attack on cross

Source: http://www.thelocal.de/20160831/police-left-stumped-by-axe-attacks-on-cross-germany-austria

Gorgus 3 people are reading this thread x 3
2 Hours Ago
by Psychokitten Go to last post
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Innocent man who was beaten, tasered, and arrested awarded $18 in damages


2 Hours Ago
by Code3Response Go to last post
22 1,933

Kratom will soon be Schedule I - Thanks, DEA ( 2 Last )

Stat News Yay.... The DEA being a bunch of cunts as per usual. Out of all the things they could try to regulate, they go after something which is used by people to get off opiate painkillers. Because, ya know'... Those folks at the DEA wanna make sure...

3 Hours Ago
by .Isak. Go to last post
60 2,576

Debbie Wasserman Schultz defeats Tim Canova in House primary ( 2 Last )

https://twitter.com/CNN/status/770791556999581697 http://www.nytimes.com/elections/results/florida-congressional-23-primary-wasserman-schultz-canova

4 Hours Ago
by .Isak. Go to last post
46 1,432

Various addiction doctors: "A young child's brain using a computer is identical to a brain on drugs" ( 2 Last )

don't buy your 6 year old kid a fucking computer http://nypost.com/2016/08/27/its-digital-heroin-how-screens-turn-kids-into-psychotic-junkies/ edit: they say it's safe for kids older than 10 to own a computer (User was banned for this post...

4 Hours Ago
by BlackMageMari Go to last post
44 3,214

photographer Marc Riboud dead at 93

https://www.yahoo.com/news/famed-french-photographer-marc-riboud-dies-aged-93-105223091.html the article doesn't say but apparently his wife is saying he died of alzheimer's

4 Hours Ago
by Firespray Go to last post
1 450
5 Hours Ago
by Ninja Gnome Go to last post
86 4,903

Huffington Post writer terminated after article about Hillary's health issues ( 2 3 Last )

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-29/huffingon-post-revoked-publishing-access-journalist-after-post-hillarys-healthits-or huffington post continuing to be a overrated, biased "news" site

upsideonion Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Starred x 22
5 Hours Ago
by GhillieBacca Go to last post
90 4,278

Apple Could Face Massive Tax Bill With EU Ruling, As Treasury Department Cries Foul

The Commission investigation has focused on whether multinational companies, including Apple, were engaging in controversial practices to lower their tax bills. In 2015, the Commission, which investigated similar deals involving Fiat Finance and Trade in...

6 Hours Ago
by adamsz Go to last post
25 1,848

Arab media accuses Mia Khalifa of having affair with Israeli Minister of Education, Naftali Bennet

http://www.alquds.co.uk/?p=589829 Source is in Arabic but using google translate gets you the gist of the article.

Svinnik 1 people are reading this thread x 1
6 Hours Ago
by ZakkShock Go to last post
8 953

GOG adds it's own wallet feature

https://www.gog.com/news/introducing_gog_wallet_the_simplest_way_to_pay You can even set yourself a value you want to add.

7 Hours Ago
by DoktorAkcel Go to last post
30 1,767

ISIS #2 dead according to ISIS

http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-terror/isis-says-no-2-leader-mohammad-al-adnani-dead-n640171 Good fucking riddance if true.

7 Hours Ago
by Pantz Master Go to last post
21 2,771

French PM suggests naked breasts represent France better than a headscarf ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

French PM suggests naked breasts represent France better than a headscarf Via The Guardian _________________________ I agree. There are a certain number of values to which they refer, that are unabashedly French, and they argue that a...

Pretiacruento Thread has images 3 people are reading this thread x 3 Starred x 22
8 Hours Ago
by Psychokitten Go to last post
161 3,870
8 Hours Ago
by Dr. Evilcop Go to last post
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Trump tells NFL player to quit US ( 2 3 Last )

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-37223377 While you may disagree with the guy not standing for the anthem, he has the right to do it if it's for something he believes in.

8 Hours Ago
by Roger Waters Go to last post
81 3,826

Kim Dotcom wins right to live stream extradition court hearing


8 Hours Ago
by Roger Waters Go to last post
31 2,211

Man has Sex with Mc Chicken Sandwich, Puts it on Internet ( 2 Last )

What the Fuck man http://www.businessinsider.com/mcdonalds-mcchicken-social-media-nightmare-2016-8

dannyketch 124 people are reading this thread x 124
9 Hours Ago
by Blazyd Go to last post
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9 Hours Ago
by LoneWolf_Recon Go to last post
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North Korea executes vice premier for education according to Seoul's unification ministry


9 Hours Ago
by Sobotnik Go to last post
6 672
10 Hours Ago
by strayebyrd Go to last post
14 818

Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Source RIP in peace, best shot at this not ending up with Assad again.

Riller Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1
11 Hours Ago
by Mr. Someguy Go to last post
162 6,573

Las Vegas man fatally shot after not holding door open for woman at McDonalds ( 2 Last )


Perrine 1 people are reading this thread x 1
12 Hours Ago
by hippowombat Go to last post
42 3,531

Trump to meet President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico Tomorrow

http://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/770811688966770689 News Source The wall negotiations have begun!

12 Hours Ago
by Ridge Go to last post
21 1,312

Chinese 'Jack the Ripper' serial killer caught


12 Hours Ago
by UnknownDude Go to last post
17 2,370

Labor and Greens refuse to support Coalition same sex plebiscite, move to free vote in parliament


13 Hours Ago
by DogGunn Go to last post
10 639

Early bed times could be a sign of heart disease in men, study finds


13 Hours Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
27 2,194
14 Hours Ago
by JumpinJackFlash Go to last post
21 1,830

Corbyn unveils £25bn high-speed internet plan


15 Hours Ago
by CrumbleShake Go to last post
31 1,463

Two-time US presidential candidate Rick Perry to join ‘Dancing With the Stars’

http://i.imgur.com/8L8yhy0.png http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/293748-rick-perry-to-join-dancing-with-the-stars-cast...

15 Hours Ago
by 343N Go to last post
13 719

Tesla bumps terminal man up the production queue so he can have his Model S;

https://electrek.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/tesla-model-s-with-tesla-for-kids-e1472563764609.jpeg?quality=82&strip=all&strip=all&w=1500&h=0 Source Man sometimes nature can be a real bitch. Fuck cancer. Hope his son can get a kidney quickly....

Morgen Thread has images Starred x 33
17 Hours Ago
by DogGunn Go to last post
5 1,461

Facebook fires trending team, trending algorithm goes apeshit


Wii60 Thread has images Starred x 53
17 Hours Ago
by Blizzerd Go to last post
37 4,735

Czech locksmith builds an airplane to shave 7 minutes off work commute ( 2 Last )

http://www.reuters.com/article/us-czech-pilot-idUSKCN10Z1GP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kadArP88pTE

Perrine Thread has images Starred x 135
23 Hours Ago
by laserpanda Go to last post
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Iraq on track to retake Mosul this year, U.S. general says

Source. Ambitious and it's possible, but personally I don't think Mosul will be liberated until early next year. But I am open for Iraq to pleasantly surprise me.

1 Day Ago
by JumpinJackFlash Go to last post
7 560
1 Day Ago
by Radical_ed Go to last post
11 1,333

Facebook recommended that this psychiatrist’s patients friend each other

Facebook’s ability to figure out the “people we might know” is sometimes eerie. Many a Facebook user has been creeped out when a one-time Tinder date or an ex-boss from 10 years ago suddenly pops up as a friend recommendation. How does the big blue giant...

1 Day Ago
by Rainboo Go to last post
13 2,351

North Korea publicly executes two officials - according to South Korean newspaper

https://sg.news.yahoo.com/north-korea-publicly-executes-two-officials-south-korean-030212375.html Take it with a heavy pinch of salt. Its a waste of ammunition to use a bloody AA gun to execute someone

1 Day Ago
by proboardslol Go to last post
15 1,171

Maine governor Paul LePage considering resignation

http://www.pressherald.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1035341_9096-LePage.jpg Recap: SOURCE

1 Day Ago
by The Worm Go to last post
16 997

China’s richest man, Wanda Group CEO Wang Jianlin, has declared war on Disneyland

Wang said he hoped to make the mainland’s first Disneyland, which opened in Shanghai on June 16, “unprofitable in the coming two decades.” Wang, the world’s biggest commercial real estate developer, opened a rival amusement park complex that cost 22...

parsley 3 people are reading this thread x 3
1 Day Ago
by Annoyed Grunt Go to last post
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1 Day Ago
by Morgen Go to last post
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False Alarm: Reported Live Shooter @ LAX ( 2 Last )

No real source yet, but here's the link to the breaking news page Link <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Arriving at LAX off flight when people started pouring out of term 4 onto Tarmac. Security said &quot;shots fired....

1 Day Ago
by Ridge Go to last post
40 2,370

French mayors who banned burkini to defy court ruling against them

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/news/2016/08/28/106897241_Burkina_banWoman_in_traditional_Muslim_dress_on_the_beach_in_Villeneuve_LoubetA_couple_of-xlarge_trans++FG-8soHxRgF17VqM2EuXYcEVPiNAm5ytesr-qB-sTCo.jpg Source and

1 Day Ago
by Im Crimson Go to last post
31 1,929

New Duke Nukem announcement inbound ( 2 Last )

Leaks indicate that a new Duke3D episode is coming Hail to the King, Baby! Site features a countdown time, approx. Friday 2 September EDT There's now a Duke Nukem twitter, our friend Randy from Gearbox is bitching with it...

1 Day Ago
by Roger Waters Go to last post
62 5,279
PC Games

'Halo 5: Forge' reaches PCs for free on September 8th ( 2 Last )

https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/24/halo-5-forge-reaches-pc-september-8th/ cant wait to try this on my 1060, personally

1 Day Ago
by gk99 Go to last post
68 4,030

US condemns Turkey's actions in northern Syria and says it must stop


1 Day Ago
by Trebgarta Go to last post
28 1,929

University offers class called "#StopWhitePeople2K16", says title is used 'ironically' ( 2 3 Last )


1 Day Ago
by FlakAttack Go to last post
104 6,804

New program in Connecticut to give inmates free community college education ( 2 Last )


1 Day Ago
by Kylel999 Go to last post
63 2,500

Gene Wilder passes away at 83 ( 2 Last )

https://twitter.com/APEntertainment?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Enews%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor Will update when a full article comes out, but for now, D: EDIT: ...

Flicky Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Starred x 112
1 Day Ago
by Megadave Go to last post
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"Burgers are not like steak" - Food Standards Agency ( 2 3 4 5 Last )


1 Day Ago
by Murky42 Go to last post
161 8,060

One of the world's longest ongoing wars comes to an end: Colombia-FARC peace deal struck

http://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/950/cpsprodpb/13903/production/_90913108_033678583-1.jpg http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-37180752

smurfy Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Starred x 25
1 Day Ago
by Blizzerd Go to last post
11 1,366

Saudi Arabia being Invaded by Yemeni Houthis ( 2 Last )

Al Masdar News Have you ever fucked up an offensive so badly, that a somewhat united front of rebel groups is effectively assblasting your military back to your own country? :v: All that can be stated is that if Najran taken, it's very, very possible...

1 Day Ago
by JumpinJackFlash Go to last post
59 4,161
1 Day Ago
by sb27 Go to last post
36 3,062

Free to Play: Steam accepting refunds for No Man's Sky regardless of playtime ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

http://media.gamerevolution.com/images/misc/NMS%283%29.jpg http://www.gamerevolution.com/manifesto/steam-is-accepting-no-mans-sky-refunds-by-users-with-more-than-2-hours-of-playtime-37449 Reddit thread EDIT: People are saying some refund...

Arthamus Thread has images 1 people are reading this thread x 1 Starred x 128
1 Day Ago
by Hatley Go to last post
160 13,158

PBS Censors Jill Stein's Interview

http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/tom-blumer/2016/08/27/pbs-newshour-cuts-key-portions-jill-stein-interview http://leecamp.net/pbs-censors-key-portions-of-jill-steins-interview/ Can't find many news sources reporting on this, but the youtube...

Megadave Starred x 22
1 Day Ago
by JumpinJackFlash Go to last post
31 3,064

Clinton and Trump's debate preparations are going exactly as you'd expect ( 2 Last )


1 Day Ago
by Zyler Go to last post
71 4,658

Singapore launches driverless taxis ahead of Uber and the US

http://www.techrepublic.com/article/singapore-launches-driverless-taxis-ahead-of-uber-and-the-us/ Sorry Pittsburgh!

1 Day Ago
by Tools Go to last post
1 515

Tesla will soon introduce new Autopilot safety restrictions after recent accidents

Source People abusing the system making it more annoying for the rest of us :goodjob: At least it isn't too restrictive I guess.

1 Day Ago
by RoboChimp Go to last post
21 1,810
Playstation 4

PS Vita piracy is going to be a thing now ( 2 Last )


1 Day Ago
by CakeMaster7 Go to last post
49 3,969

Russian hackers breached a computer used by county elections officials in Arizona


2 Days Ago
by hijacker Go to last post
8 1,155
2 Days Ago
by Rocâ„¢ Go to last post
24 2,252
2 Days Ago
by AntonioR Go to last post
15 1,206

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