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What are you working on? v65 - July 2016 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 52 53 54 55 Last )

We're back to monthlies! Let's make July a productive month! Releases from last month ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ Prime Climb - Google Play GIBZ - Melee Update - Steam Thought this might be fun to do - list all releases of the past month. I only just...

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What Do You Need Help With? V7 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 106 107 108 109 Last )

Programming related help thread. Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 6

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UE4 Development ( 2 3 4 5 .. 112 113 114 115 Last )

Seeing as how UE4 is now out and documentation will be pretty much nonexistent for a while I feel that this thread is needed. Use this thread to ask others about what will no doubt be somewhat buggy things and hacky ways around it. Get UE4 Here ...

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Electrical Engineering V3 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 60 61 62 63 Last )

Welcome to the thread dedicated to the wonderful world of electrical engineering. Please read all of this post if you're new to the thread, it contains a lot of useful information. Electrical engineering is a rather broad term that can be applied...

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[Xenforo] Question Regarding Background

Hello! Xenforo newbie here. I don't know if this is the correct forum but It's better to put it here then in General Discussion I suppose. Regardless I have a question that the title basically put in a nutshell, how do you go about adding a background...

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Why stackoverflows votesystem is bad

Holy s***t i cant stand stackoverflow right now. I am currently trying to get from c to c++ and for me it hasnt been the best journey so far. I used to go on stackoverflow a lot but since i started doing c++ stuff i just cant. If you ever posted...

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Unity3D - Discussion V2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 55 56 57 58 Last )

Unity3D discussion - go!

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Web Dev Questions That Don't Need Their Own Thread v5 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 28 29 30 31 Last )

I closed the last thread with the 5001th post, so I figure I should be the one to make the new thread. This is the thread for questions about web dev! If you just want to show off what you've made, just head over to the Web Dev WAYWO thread. If you...

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What's your color scheme

I use seoul 256 dark https://github.com/junegunn/seoul256.vim

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Web Development - WAYWO - #9 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 87 88 89 90 Last )

Since starting a new thread was brought up in the previous thread; and it's now 2015. I thought I'd take initiative and start this new thread. Previous Versions of this thread: - Version 8 - Version 7 - Version 6 - Version 5 - Version 4

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Website Design: Is it good to build/rebuild static pages from dynamic content?

To preface this, this is for a website I'm making to host plugins for the Clockwork gamemode on Garry's Mod. The website would be folder based, and let's say the plugins would fall under this directory: /plugin/list/all Some examples:...

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Just Reg Lua

I was making a better tonumber function. now when i try to find a . in a string it always returns 1 print( string.find( "this is text...", ".") ) output = 1 I need help

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What's your programming soundtrack ( 2 Last )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4yb9T2uCeI maybe don't use media tags because dozens of iframes on one page makes my pc lag :v:

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[Hiring] Garry's Mod Dayz

Currently I am starting a new Garry's Mod Dayz server and looking for developers. This will not be full time just a developer to setup and maybe make a couple addons. Payment will be via Paypal.

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Using ASP.NET to Communicate to C#

I have a Steam bot that I've made using C# and I decided that I would like to integrate it into my website so that I could send messages to people when "x" happens on the site. My problem is that I don't know enough about C# or ASP.NET to accomplish this,...

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Prop charcter Z-axis fix?

Is it possible to lower this prop so that it's closer to the ground and not in the air when you change into it?

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From Dust Hook (with level editor)

You guys remember From Dust, that silly game that came out in 2011? It had an amazing concept behind it, with such an advanced physics engine. I thought it was a real shame Ubisoft never released the level editor. So here I am, I've been reverse...

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Oldschool Game Development

So Unity is cool and shit, but I think that oldschool game dev is even cooler. Watching videos like DYKG, I often see the stuff that game devs 20 years ago used to have to deal with or get around or find a clever solution to in order to make games. So,...

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Facepunch Programming is the best programming community on the internet

I love this forum because it's big enough that it's consistently active every day, but small enough that I know most of your usernames by heart. Stack overflow is too large to feel as if anyone could help me, 4chan /g/'s solution to everything is...

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Post Your

(real) Ideas guy thread

Okay so that last thread was satire. In this thread, talk about ideas you've had for games, apps, websites, etc. that seem either out of your skill range or too much work to justify actually doing. I'll start: --- There's a visual novel called...

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when aiming player

i am making gamemode when you aim other player you see his player name how to remove that text so if someone is hiding he cant be spotted

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Best place to start/learn programming/game design.

Ever since I played my first video game I was like "I wanna make these." So I am wondering where is the best place to learn programming and game design on the Internet the programming languages I'm looking at is c++ and c# which looks pretty cool c#...

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What are great books/articles for making a 3d engine off a 2d library

Hey. I want to learn how to make a software based 3d engine ( with graphics similar to the n64 ) like they did way back when. I don't want to use any libs that are already able to display 3D shapes ( direct x and opengl or open3D for example). For...

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Vector processing library ( TSP )

For someone, who want to have some fun with 3D vectors, I've developed 3D vector management class: https://github.com/dvdvideo1234/TSP I was able to do ballistic application when applying gravity, air resistance, wind deviation and all that neat...

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Bored, what should I do

So I'm quite bored and don't know what to do. What should I code with PHP, MySQL, and HTML? thanks

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Re-creating a simple black gradient

I want to have the same black gradient affect on my website as the one shown in the picture below, can anyone explain or tell me where to start?

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Need Lua Net help.

-- is there a reason why the function for my gui does not load. useing net AddCSLuaFile() ENT.Base = "base_anim" ENT.Type = "anim"

3 Weeks Ago
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Need Help. trying to make player float downwards with free movement while floating down.

Well as you guys read in the description I am new to the gmod lua and i was wondering if theres a simple way to make a player float down and is able to move freely while floating down. I tried multiple ways but my player always ends up floating upwards :p...

3 Weeks Ago
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First time programming powershell, need help.

Hey, so my boss just gave me a job as an IT trainee, i need to make a script that would enable me to disable the user from active directory users database and after 2 weeks disable his email. So i have a working template on the script of how to get the...

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Sciolyte - A 3D multiplayer sandbox engine/game with lua-integration, based on Vulkan and bullet physics ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

This is a project I've been working on over the course of the past couple of years now. First and foremost I'd like to emphasize: This is a very early alpha, unless you're a modder, you most likely won't be getting anything out of this at this point! ...

4 Weeks Ago
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Work In Progress

Please help me test my planet sim (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

So yeah I made this simulation, it would be awesome if you could test it out and see if there are any horrible bugs. Thank you! <3 Terracraft .

4 Weeks Ago
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Pony -> Nazi Script Thread (Greasemonkey, Javascript)

I am posting this here because it seems to be where it'd fit. If there was a better place for it, sorry. This is a script for people who like meta humour and are tired of my little pony. The original idea for this script came from a team fortress 2...

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Need Help Getting Arduino or Raspberry Pi to Transfer Data Via WiFi

I have a project which currently contains two Arduino boards communicating back and forth through RF transmitters. What I want to do now, if possible, is replace the RF transmitters with WiFi shields and have the Arduinos communicate back and forth...

4 Weeks Ago
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[HELP] Weird addon problem

Hey, I'm the owner of a French roleplaying community and I need this addon to make the custom server that I've been working on work, there's a lot of people in the community waiting for it but a huge bug happens to the server ! When I try to spawn an...

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Gamemodes own loading screen

When making gamemode is it posible to make loading screen to gamemode it self

4 Weeks Ago
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Has anyone read the Nvidia GPU Gem series books?

https://developer.nvidia.com/gpugems/GPUGems3/gpugems3_ch01.html I was interested in working on a procedural terrain generator using voxels. Mainly a learning experience. However I was reading a few search pages when I found this one. I flipped through...

4 Weeks Ago
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Making a game similar to Garry's Mod

I'm interested in game development and I've recently been wondering what knowledge it would take to create a Garry's Mod clone, and the work/time it would require. I do know a limited amount of C++, even though I'm not really sure if that's what you...

4 Weeks Ago
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SteamTool - Retrieve steamID (Custom) Profile URL directly in windows!

A windows program written in C# that allows for easy accesability to steam account information." - Github Description, 2016. SteamTool?...

18th September 2016
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SWEP Silencer

Is there a way to set the silencer on a model for a players weapon? If someone could give me an example that'd be nice. I tried so much already. (with the USP-S if possible)

13th September 2016
by mclucario Go to last post
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C++ Source SDK help.

I'v made a DLL that can be injected into a source game. But I have in issue, Inlucding tier1/dbg.h and calling Msg works fine and prints into the console. My issue is if I try to include tier1/interface.h then I constantly get two linker errors. ...

12th September 2016
by dominqnta Go to last post
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how to fix this problem when start sw_dumper.py?

i try to extract .cas file in Mirror's Edge Catalyst like this forum: http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14269 . but i have this problem: http://imgur.com/a/aHkMY . and here is my python file : https://www.sendspace.com/file/okl9ti . please help.

10th September 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Is something wrong with my math? (C)

So, like, I'm working on yet another assignment here and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Basically I'm working on an assignment where it prompts an input for N for how many times the program is meant to loop and then it asks for the amount of track we...

10th September 2016
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Pointshop entites rotation and removal

Posted this in wrong section, please remove it.

9th September 2016
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Get good at web design?

Every time I attempt to make a good looking website I either can't think of what I want it to look like or it just ends up looking like complete shit. How could i get better at this? I'm not looking to spend 5k on some bullshit coding bootcamp.

8th September 2016
by PieClock Go to last post
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Building a GUI to to interface with a CNC Machine

Hi everyone, I'm starting a project that requires me to build a GUI via Python on a Raspberry Pi which will then interface with an Arduino connected to stepper motors and encoders. Three separate stepper motors are to translate a head in XYZ...

7th September 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Teacher needed +Reward

so i want to learn how to make gamemode to gmod i was thinking hl2rp but slight difrend if i succses whit it you get (almoust) any steam game/item

6th September 2016
by Nicolas Go to last post
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Is this possible?

To run a script in Garry's Mod with C++ without using sv_allowcslua

6th September 2016
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[C#/Batch] Convert steamID to Steam64(profile)

Hi, im writing an application in c# which fetches the userID of whoever logged in last in steam in the registry, converts it to a steamID and acts as a good: "SteamIDFinder" However, i also want the profile URL (The one with numbers) to be usable aswell....

5th September 2016
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VtM:B style dialogue system on Source

Hi! I'd like to create a dialogue system for my source mod that would act pretty much like one in VtM:B: 1. Zoom onto character's face 2. Show a dialogue tree 3. Play a choreography file sequence in response to the chosen option I'm a beginner...

2nd September 2016
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Books for C++/C#

I'm fairly well aknowledged in how C++/C# works, but I've learned by practice and never even though of reading a book about it ..but now my friend (who shares interests with me) has upcoming birthday and I want to buy him two books that'll get him...

30th August 2016
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Any good tutorials for hl2dm modding?

Sometimes I would like to make hl2dm mod. I set up the Source SDK Base, but now I don't know where to start, because hl2 modding and hl2dm looks different. Someone will help me?

30th August 2016
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DarkRP jobs with Set Health and Armor

Im trying to set the health and armor of a job and currently its only setting the armor. This is what I have: PlayerSpawn = function(ply) ply:SetHealth(150) return CLIENT end, PlayerDeath = function(ply) ply:SetHealth(0) return CLIENT end,...

30th August 2016
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Ternary Operators in C

So, like, I'm trying to do some code for an assignment. Basically I'm supposed to have the code prompt an input for the cost of an item, the amount of items, a 1 or 0 if tax applies and then have it spit out the total if the tax is or isn't applied. ...

29th August 2016
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Thirdperson Bone Positioning?

So I know how to scale and rotate the bones but not how to change their position/strech them, how do I do this?

27th August 2016
by Beefdroid Go to last post
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Help with Weapon Shop

I'm currently creating a boring little gamemode as a kickstarter to get my brain back into Lua (Haven't coded in a while). I'm making a Deathmatch survival type gamemode that involves many custom guns I have created. I have a money system (kills steal...

27th August 2016
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Loading Screen

Im currently in the process of making a loading screen, it currently looks like this - http://prntscr.com/ca695l However when I test it in game it looks like this http://prnt.sc/ca3o91 I am using bootstrap for the framework and grid system along with...

27th August 2016
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NGINX configuration unexpected end of file

It's really confusing, it continually asks me for to put a } at the end of a file every time I try restart NGINX, this is the configuration I'm working with: http://pastebin.com/s2CcbmG5 running the NGINX config test gives me Aug 24 16:21:44 rain...

25th August 2016
by x8BitRain Go to last post
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Starting Up Raw Source Mod

Edit: Fixed problem by running the mod through steam. Sorry about being a noob. Thanks for help ^^ Hello there, i started creating a Black Mesa Multiplayer mod, i installed Source SDK and SDK Base 2007 properly, followed tutorials and looks like all...

24th August 2016
by Baycosinus Go to last post
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Metal Gear Solid V - Foxtool: implement PS3/console support

I've been trying to get in contact with the author of this tool, Atvaark (contacted him about 3-4 weeks ago); but no reply sofar. My project: port PS3 DLC stuff to PC. I've done everything except the weapons. Most of the stuff, I can convert but the...

23rd August 2016
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Work In Progress

Rts | Third Person Action | Game im working on

Hey, Im Working on this Project for 4 Months, it is my final Diploma Project for school, I would be nice to get some Feedback from you guys. I try to Update this thread with stuff that i Implement to the Game, but if you dont want to miss an Update you...

23rd August 2016
by Clientside Go to last post
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Pygame engine?

I have learned Python, and I've been looking for a Pygame engine that suits my 2D platformer needs. Godot anyone? I mean, it's not Python per se but it's similar to Python. Or shall I forget everything and learn C# instead?

22nd August 2016
by Viomi Go to last post
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c# Help decoding this JSON.

Ok so im using the steam web API and newtonsoft's json package. The JSON im trying to decode can be found here http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUserStats/GetGlobalAchievementPercentagesForApp/v0002/?gameid=4000&format=json or below Essentially I need...

21st August 2016
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Couldn't include file 'includes\modules\mysqloo.lua' (File not found)

Hello world ! I just installed MySQLOO module to work on mysql database on my own gamemode. I've made a config dir inside my gamemode where I put a database.lua database.lua require ("mysqloo") local DATABASE_HOST = "localhost" local...

21st August 2016
by hippomino Go to last post
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Anyone here worked with UDPClients? (C#)

Im working on networking for my project. I have a UDPClient for the server and then one for the client (separate programs) I set up a simple example where the client can send a connection request, then the server ping the client ever ~4 seconds and...

18th August 2016
by Tamschi Go to last post
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knockout.js/bootstrap binding to a bootstrap modal

I'm using Knockstrap to help me bind a knockout.js data model to a Bootstrap modal. I'm new to ko and "modern" web development in general so some of this might be sucky. Code: http://pastebin.com/R3psLniQ The problem is that I don't understand...

18th August 2016
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Logo is black

I make my own logo for the hl2dm mod, but when I open the game all the logo is black. Did I do something wrong? And How to change background?

18th August 2016
by Smeetin Go to last post
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Unknown sound duration

Yo yo yo, Anyone know the cause of the error "unknown sound duration"? Or how to fix it? The sound i am trying to loop is a .wav and its a siren. Any help appreciated. (User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread and title." - Gurant))

16th August 2016
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What programming language would you recommend for a beginner?

Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong subforum but there were no stickied rules so I figured it'd be fine here. I recently tried to make and host a TTT server, but I realised I was totally out of my depth and had no idea about lua and how it worked, so...

13th August 2016
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Work In Progress

GameMaker: Studio discussion ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Game maker studio was recently on sale on humble bundle so lets see what everyone is up to, new and old are welcome lets help each other out and show off all the cool things we are making! About GameMaker http://www.yoyogames.com/studio GameMaker:...

13th August 2016
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4th August 2016
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Help updating an addon

Hello, Im new to Lua and wondering if anyone can help me, Im trying to update an addon from scriptfodder that I bought but isnt working in darkrp 2.5.0 . Here is the script im talking about: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/291 Any one can...

3rd August 2016
by NickTheMighty Go to last post
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Crowbar Compiling QC Error.

Hi, first of all im Spanish so sorry for my English, il try my best. I got a problem with Crowbar, Crowbar let me compile the QC BUT he gave me an empty MDL file. Why this happens? Here`s The LOG: Compiling with Crowbar

24th July 2016
by kila58 Go to last post
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Dedicated or Hosted

SORRY disregard I am learning how to make scripts and didnt know server side needed a server DISREGARD

24th July 2016
by ConnorMcF Go to last post
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Question about internal Gmod Lua methods

Browsing Garry's Mod wiki I often encounter a warning about internal functions. ( http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/PANEL/OnStopDragging ). I was wondering is there a reason why it is not recommended to use them? Because I couldn't find working alternative...

24th July 2016
by siauras Go to last post
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Need someone to put HL2 crosshair into my Portal mod

Hi, Greenyred here and in this thread i wanted to say that i need the Half-Life 2 Crosshair for my Portal mod called "Portal: Last Hope". I tried to ask some people, but some just don't know how and others tried, but failed. So thats why im posting this...

24th July 2016
by DarkCarnage Go to last post
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Where should I start?

I want to start developing for the source engine, I have no experience but would like to learn. I did a google search and not much came up, where can I start?

23rd July 2016
by All0utWar Go to last post
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Framework 3 - My fucked up PHP framework

Framework 3: The Return Of The Splat I decided I didn't want to use any conventional PHP frameworks and straight up decided to write my own. Its a super unique MVC hybrid super easy RESTless supporting feature lacking ( at this current moment )...

19th July 2016
by GhostKiller Go to last post
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UnityList - A Better Search for Open Source Unity3D Projects !

I was kind of annoyed browsing projects on GitHub for Unity, so I made this ! Here's the link :

18th July 2016
by ostur112 Go to last post
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Help with Steam API, Getting Steam ID

I have a little C++ app that links to the steam_api.dll. All I want to do with it is get the 64bit Steam ID of the user currently logged in. I login to the Main Steam App and then, separately, run my C++ program which does the SteamAPI_Init() and then...

13th July 2016
by bozimmerman Go to last post
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