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UE4 Development ( 2 3 4 5 .. 105 106 107 108 Last )

Seeing as how UE4 is now out and documentation will be pretty much nonexistent for a while I feel that this thread is needed. Use this thread to ask others about what will no doubt be somewhat buggy things and hacky ways around it. Get UE4 Here ...

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Unity3D - Discussion V2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 52 53 54 55 Last )

Unity3D discussion - go!

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What are you working on? v65 - July 2016 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 22 23 24 25 Last )

We're back to monthlies! Let's make July a productive month! Releases from last month ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ Prime Climb - Google Play GIBZ - Melee Update - Steam Thought this might be fun to do - list all releases of the past month. I only just...

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Work In Progress

Please help me test my planet sim (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

So yeah I made this simulation, it would be awesome if you could test it out and see if there are any horrible bugs. Thank you! <3 Terracraft .

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Web Development - WAYWO - #9 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 82 83 84 85 Last )

Since starting a new thread was brought up in the previous thread; and it's now 2015. I thought I'd take initiative and start this new thread. Previous Versions of this thread: - Version 8 - Version 7 - Version 6 - Version 5 - Version 4

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What Do You Need Help With? V7 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 99 100 101 102 Last )

Programming related help thread. Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 6

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Sciolyte - A 3D multiplayer sandbox engine/game with lua-integration, based on Vulkan and bullet physics ( 2 3 4 Last )

This is a project I've been working on over the course of the past couple of years now. First and foremost I'd like to emphasize: This is a very early alpha, unless you're a modder, you most likely won't be getting anything out of this at this point! ...

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Electrical Engineering V3 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 57 58 59 60 Last )

Welcome to the thread dedicated to the wonderful world of electrical engineering. Please read all of this post if you're new to the thread, it contains a lot of useful information. Electrical engineering is a rather broad term that can be applied...

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Thirdperson Bone Positioning?

So I know how to scale and rotate the bones but not how to change their position/strech them, how do I do this?

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Help with Weapon Shop

I'm currently creating a boring little gamemode as a kickstarter to get my brain back into Lua (Haven't coded in a while). I'm making a Deathmatch survival type gamemode that involves many custom guns I have created. I have a money system (kills steal...

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Loading Screen

Im currently in the process of making a loading screen, it currently looks like this - http://prntscr.com/ca695l However when I test it in game it looks like this http://prnt.sc/ca3o91 I am using bootstrap for the framework and grid system along with...

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Web Dev Questions That Don't Need Their Own Thread v5 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 26 27 28 29 Last )

I closed the last thread with the 5001th post, so I figure I should be the one to make the new thread. This is the thread for questions about web dev! If you just want to show off what you've made, just head over to the Web Dev WAYWO thread. If you...

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Books for C++/C#

I'm fairly well aknowledged in how C++/C# works, but I've learned by practice and never even though of reading a book about it ..but now my friend (who shares interests with me) has upcoming birthday and I want to buy him two books that'll get him...

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NGINX configuration unexpected end of file

It's really confusing, it continually asks me for to put a } at the end of a file every time I try restart NGINX, this is the configuration I'm working with: http://pastebin.com/s2CcbmG5 running the NGINX config test gives me Aug 24 16:21:44 rain...

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Starting Up Raw Source Mod

Edit: Fixed problem by running the mod through steam. Sorry about being a noob. Thanks for help ^^ Hello there, i started creating a Black Mesa Multiplayer mod, i installed Source SDK and SDK Base 2007 properly, followed tutorials and looks like all...

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Metal Gear Solid V - Foxtool: implement PS3/console support

I've been trying to get in contact with the author of this tool, Atvaark (contacted him about 3-4 weeks ago); but no reply sofar. My project: port PS3 DLC stuff to PC. I've done everything except the weapons. Most of the stuff, I can convert but the...

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Work In Progress

Rts | Third Person Action | Game im working on

Hey, Im Working on this Project for 4 Months, it is my final Diploma Project for school, I would be nice to get some Feedback from you guys. I try to Update this thread with stuff that i Implement to the Game, but if you dont want to miss an Update you...

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Pygame engine?

I have learned Python, and I've been looking for a Pygame engine that suits my 2D platformer needs. Godot anyone? I mean, it's not Python per se but it's similar to Python. Or shall I forget everything and learn C# instead?

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c# Help decoding this JSON.

Ok so im using the steam web API and newtonsoft's json package. The JSON im trying to decode can be found here http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUserStats/GetGlobalAchievementPercentagesForApp/v0002/?gameid=4000&format=json or below Essentially I need...

1 Week Ago
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Couldn't include file 'includes\modules\mysqloo.lua' (File not found)

Hello world ! I just installed MySQLOO module to work on mysql database on my own gamemode. I've made a config dir inside my gamemode where I put a database.lua database.lua require ("mysqloo") local DATABASE_HOST = "localhost" local...

1 Week Ago
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Anyone here worked with UDPClients? (C#)

Im working on networking for my project. I have a UDPClient for the server and then one for the client (separate programs) I set up a simple example where the client can send a connection request, then the server ping the client ever ~4 seconds and...

1 Week Ago
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knockout.js/bootstrap binding to a bootstrap modal

I'm using Knockstrap to help me bind a knockout.js data model to a Bootstrap modal. I'm new to ko and "modern" web development in general so some of this might be sucky. Code: http://pastebin.com/R3psLniQ The problem is that I don't understand...

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Logo is black

I make my own logo for the hl2dm mod, but when I open the game all the logo is black. Did I do something wrong? And How to change background?

1 Week Ago
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Unknown sound duration

Yo yo yo, Anyone know the cause of the error "unknown sound duration"? Or how to fix it? The sound i am trying to loop is a .wav and its a siren. Any help appreciated. (User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread and title." - Gurant))

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What programming language would you recommend for a beginner?

Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong subforum but there were no stickied rules so I figured it'd be fine here. I recently tried to make and host a TTT server, but I realised I was totally out of my depth and had no idea about lua and how it worked, so...

2 Weeks Ago
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Work In Progress

GameMaker: Studio discussion ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Game maker studio was recently on sale on humble bundle so lets see what everyone is up to, new and old are welcome lets help each other out and show off all the cool things we are making! About GameMaker http://www.yoyogames.com/studio GameMaker:...

2 Weeks Ago
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Help updating an addon

Hello, Im new to Lua and wondering if anyone can help me, Im trying to update an addon from scriptfodder that I bought but isnt working in darkrp 2.5.0 . Here is the script im talking about: https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/291 Any one can...

3 Weeks Ago
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Crowbar Compiling QC Error.

Hi, first of all im Spanish so sorry for my English, il try my best. I got a problem with Crowbar, Crowbar let me compile the QC BUT he gave me an empty MDL file. Why this happens? Here`s The LOG: Compiling with Crowbar

24th July 2016
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Dedicated or Hosted

SORRY disregard I am learning how to make scripts and didnt know server side needed a server DISREGARD

24th July 2016
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Question about internal Gmod Lua methods

Browsing Garry's Mod wiki I often encounter a warning about internal functions. ( http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/PANEL/OnStopDragging ). I was wondering is there a reason why it is not recommended to use them? Because I couldn't find working alternative...

24th July 2016
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Need someone to put HL2 crosshair into my Portal mod

Hi, Greenyred here and in this thread i wanted to say that i need the Half-Life 2 Crosshair for my Portal mod called "Portal: Last Hope". I tried to ask some people, but some just don't know how and others tried, but failed. So thats why im posting this...

24th July 2016
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Where should I start?

I want to start developing for the source engine, I have no experience but would like to learn. I did a google search and not much came up, where can I start?

23rd July 2016
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Framework 3 - My fucked up PHP framework

Framework 3: The Return Of The Splat I decided I didn't want to use any conventional PHP frameworks and straight up decided to write my own. Its a super unique MVC hybrid super easy RESTless supporting feature lacking ( at this current moment )...

19th July 2016
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What's your programming soundtrack ( 2 Last )

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4yb9T2uCeI maybe don't use media tags because dozens of iframes on one page makes my pc lag :v:

19th July 2016
by Fourier Go to last post
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UnityList - A Better Search for Open Source Unity3D Projects !

I was kind of annoyed browsing projects on GitHub for Unity, so I made this ! Here's the link :

18th July 2016
by ostur112 Go to last post
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Help with Steam API, Getting Steam ID

I have a little C++ app that links to the steam_api.dll. All I want to do with it is get the 64bit Steam ID of the user currently logged in. I login to the Main Steam App and then, separately, run my C++ program which does the SteamAPI_Init() and then...

13th July 2016
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visual studio error C3861 IsBIK identifier not found!

Hello. Im trying to get into modding so I installed the SourceDK and the SoftwareDK from Microsoft + the old Visual Studio 2005 express edition, since i only had the 2015 community edition installed. I followed the instructions that valve provided to...

13th July 2016
by Nicolas Go to last post
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How to make an application that connects to the internet without port forwarding

Im planning to make a simple chat application but all of the socket tutorials and guides i found require you to forward a port. My internet provider doesnt allow me to manually forward ports ( for some reason ) so i cant do that. Is there any other way...

10th July 2016
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Reverse Engineering FS2013 .i3d.shapes format.

Alright. I've asked this question in WDYNHW a few months ago but it was left unanswered, I've also spent hours on trying with different debuggers and methods of figuring this out but I am at absolute zero progress and thus I've now created this thread. ...

7th July 2016
by Tamschi Go to last post
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Quick photoshop help request

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right section or not? Their used to be a section for this kind of request but couldn't find since the cleanup... I'm hoping someone could assist me with putting a filter on a photo for me. This is the filter...

7th July 2016
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Understanding this if statement structure

I need help understanding what this if statement is doing if variable then return else Call Function end It's basically saying if variable what then return?

4th July 2016
by code_gs Go to last post
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Eyetracing and check position on entity

So im making some printer and I cant get the eyetracing to work, im not very good at maths :P How would I go about check if the player is looking at a certain position on the entity and pressing e? Thanks in advance :)

4th July 2016
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Create an addon to a source based server from scratch (for like CS:S, CS:GO etc.) (Not sourcepawn)

Hello. I've always wondered how you would create an addon from scratch to a source based server. What I mean with source based is a CS:S or CS:GO server etc. I know you can create plugins with sourcemod and it's sourcepawn language, but that doesn't...

4th July 2016
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Work In Progress

What are you working on? v64 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last )

Did we all not see that coming? Highlights: none, does anyone feel like going through 125 pages to find highlights? (if for some reason you do or have been collecting them during the thread PM me, I just wanted to get a new thread out and I don't...

3rd July 2016
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Need Help Testing a Game.

Hello everybody, need your help to test a game, to see if the basic functions are working. I was making a game where we can explore our PC in a 3D world. We can manipulate files and objects to make our game world. The current setting is that you...

2nd July 2016
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Error at Trouble in Terrorist Town SWep

Hey Guys, I am trying to make my first own SWep but when i start a local host to test it, it gaves me the following error: addons/myweapon/lua/autorun/shared.lua:9: attempt to index global 'SWEP' (a nil value) 1. unknown -...

1st July 2016
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What language is this?

So I have been trying to find out what language this is in so I can start to learn it. I dont know why but i have always liked the way that these menus looked and I wanted to make something that looked and worked like it that I could run on my desktop and...

1st July 2016
by nikomo Go to last post
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FastDL - Oversized Map

Alright, I'm creating a StarWarsRP server. The current map is 240 something MBs. So I heard I can FastDL it. I did everything to the spot, the .lua, compressing the map first, etc, and still get a missing map error, as well as other players do. They don't...

30th June 2016
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Get Player Amount

Hey so im still working on a gamepanel pretty much everything works but im trying to figure out how to get the amount of players on the selected server and display them in a graph (ive already made the graph but working on a way to get the amount of...

30th June 2016
by Zortex Go to last post
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Medkit heal to set health

I run a server where no class has 100 hp they all have 300-9000 hp how can i get a medkit ot heal them back to the set hp. thank you (User was banned for this post ("Wrong sectinon" - Novangel))

28th June 2016
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[PHP] Steamid64 to Steam-ID Conversion

I have been trying to convert my plain old Steamid64 to an actual Steam-ID using PHP. My Steamid64 is 76561198089870691 and my Steam-ID is STEAM_0:1:64802481 I used this code snippet $communityid = $steamprofile; $authserver = bcsub( $communityid,...

27th June 2016
by zeaga Go to last post
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Horror Error on my DarkRP Server

Hello i have a new Error Write me who can i fix GAMEMODE.Net gamemodes/darkrp/entities/weapons/weapon_ticket_giver.lua:65: attempt to index global 'GM' (a nil value) 1. fnEnter - gamemodes/darkrp/entities/weapons/weapon_ticket_giver.lua:65 ...

25th June 2016
by GermanRP.de Go to last post
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Reverse Engineering help

Im starting to learn how to reverse engineer as its something that looks enjoyed. My issue is im calling GetModuleHandle to get a handle to CSteamworks.dll (A .Net wrapper for the steam api). I used GetProcAddress to get a function to open the steam...

24th June 2016
by cartman300 Go to last post
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what are the essential stages in project management ?

Hi friends, i am a developer & i have been searching for essential stages in project management. Hoping for great support. (User was permabanned for this post ("Bot" - postal))

24th June 2016
by Octopod Go to last post
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DirectX/Direct3D help

Im using C++ and im wondering if I inject a dll or load a dll into a program. Is there a way to get the active direct3d device so I can render to it or do stuff. Im super new to this so I am sorry.

24th June 2016
by 0V3RR1D3 Go to last post
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Htc Vive Mod Commission?

So I am not the best at programming and usually only modify code for myself but I would really like a HTC VIVE Mod. It should be fairly doable, and while it wont work for all mods in the game, all that really needs to be done is track one hand for the...

23rd June 2016
by JareCG Go to last post
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How do I get started with QBasic?

I am fairly new to programming in general. What I am looking for now, is a simple language that will allow me to make small and fun projects with it. I figured that QBasic was the right choice because of it's simplicity and the fact that I have...

22nd June 2016
by proboardslol Go to last post
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A little help in C#?

I'm working on a few projects and was wondering if anybody had any good insights on some features i need to add to them. They are windows forms applications and I'm working in Visual Studio 2015 of course. One project needs a list to be populated from an...

21st June 2016
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PHP Web Console

Hey Guys recently ive been working on my own gamepanel for my servers but im having some trouble actually making the web console part which i relly want i have tryed multiple ways to display the console.log but nothing seems to work anyone know a way to...

21st June 2016
by FlakTheMighty Go to last post
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Advice on protecting software?

Hello Facepunch, I know this is not a legal counsel but I was wondering if anyone here knows the proper steps when protecting software legally from others. Here is my situation: I am a 16 year old programmer and I made an application that I and...

20th June 2016
by DrTaxi Go to last post
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C++ : I don't know what's wrong

This is an attempted solution for Project Euler #17: If the numbers 1 to 5 are written out in words: one, two, three, four, five, then there are 3 + 3 + 5 + 4 + 4 = 19 letters used in total. If all the numbers from 1 to 1000 (one thousand) inclusive...

20th June 2016
by Octopod Go to last post
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Ruby programming with loops

here is a problem I've been working on with no help: This problem has its origins in a children's game for learning about division, remainders and fractions. Teachers have schoolchildren sit in a circle, and the person who starts the game says the...

20th June 2016
by brianosaur Go to last post
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Where can I learn assembly?

Is there a way I can learn assembly online for free? I don't necessarily want to learn everything about it, but I want to have a good understanding of the terms used in assembly, the syntax, and what a lot of instructions mean. I don't know if...

17th June 2016
by marvinelo Go to last post
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C++ Source SDK help.

I'v made a DLL that can be injected into a source game. But I have in issue, Inlucding tier1/dbg.h and calling Msg works fine and prints into the console. My issue is if I try to include tier1/interface.h then I constantly get two linker errors. ...

17th June 2016
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Do you know assembly?

Hello Facepunch, If you know assembly, I would love to know which kind, in the comments. x86, x64, ARM, etc. I am getting into the phenomenon which is Assembly, and I just want to take a poll.

16th June 2016
by DrTaxi Go to last post
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Searching for new project management tools

HI I am looking for some new project management tools like Findnerd where I can manage projects and have a close look on my project details and the work assigned to my team. I hope anybody in this forum can help me in related to the same.

16th June 2016
by Ashish Bisht Go to last post
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Which is the best programming forums for PHP?

I have been working as a php developer and learning php,web development. I have been searching for best suitable programming forums which help me in learning the latest php techniques. I have searched alot of forums but issue remains the same. I hope any...

16th June 2016
by Ashish Bisht Go to last post
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Customizing Wordpress Theme Directories

Hey everyone. I'm delving into the world of Wordpress, and I'm interested in changing the folder structure. By default, Wordpress searches the root directory of a theme as well as page-templates for overriding PHP files. What I'd like to do is...

15th June 2016
by DanielLee5 Go to last post
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Custom Prop

Hi, I make a prop for a Source Mod. Can I import .mdl file into mod in custom .pak file?

14th June 2016
by Nicolas Go to last post
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Mirror system in Source

What version of Source Engine I should use to see player in the mirror?

14th June 2016
by taz0 Go to last post
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Can you sell a program made with GLEW, GLFW, SFML, or any other OpenGL libraries?

Referring to static linking to the libraries, or distributing them with your program. My assumption is "no" but I'm asking just in case. Bonus points for answering the same question, but for wxWidgets or Qt

13th June 2016
by Fourier Go to last post
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Please help - Can't figure out how to pass a texture to an HLSL shader (Monogame)

I'm trying to make a distortion shader for water in my game. I have a rendertarget I render everything to, and the water mask, and I'm try to simply capture the pixels underneath the mask, but I can't get it to work. When I pass the textures, it's as if...

10th June 2016
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Work In Progress

What are you working on? ( 2 3 4 5 .. 123 124 125 126 Last )

This month's theme is: Nige v63 - January 2016 Highlights from the previous thread: Berkin writes a program to take selfies:

8th June 2016
by elevate Go to last post
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How to run ASM x86 that is longer than 512B

Hi guys, I'm working on an assembly project, which is basically making a piano from scratch. I'm using VMWare, asm x86 (16 bits only) and I'm having trouble with the length of my program. As the script must be smaller than 512 bytes (which is the size...

5th June 2016
by Eirheinger Go to last post
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How do you create a SVN repository

How do you create an SVN repository? I would like to make this a online SVN repository.

5th June 2016
by Rocket Go to last post
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What is the issue? ( Tap Code Program )

Tap Code is a method of communication by using taps or knocks to signify certain letters. You tap a certain number of times to signify what row the letter is in, then after a pause tap to signify the column. I am attempting to make a program...

4th June 2016
by Klespyrian Go to last post
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Hello I am trying to find out how to make example.php to alot of php's just every php has the same name. Lets say there is a example.php that says "Hello" when you enter the site. Lets say you go to the next page then it does this

3rd June 2016
by asciid Go to last post
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Alternative To PHP Sockets?

Does anyone know of an alternative for PHP sockets? I'm developing a web based donation system that utilizes the Source RCon protocol. Only problem is Bluehost blocks all data going out on all ports except 80 (http) and 443 (https), so using sockets isn't...

3rd June 2016
by MadParakeet Go to last post
6 650