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8th July 2015
by Starpluck Go to last post
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Could 1.5 million refugees come to Germany this year?

SOURCE ARTICLE (google translated): the text of the report is pretty lolworthy, here are some choice quotes: "Migration pressure is likely to increase." "Extreme strain on municipalities to be expected." "Family structures in the countries of...

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1 Minute Ago
by Loli hat Go to last post
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Cargo Ship "El Faro" Missing in Hurricane Joaquin - 33 on board

Crazy stuff. It's a 735 foot container ship, and a 15 degree list may not sound like much at first, but it is quite a lot considering container ships have a relatively high center of gravity. The last communications with the ship established they had the...

10 Minutes Ago
by dbk21894 Go to last post
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FBI, ATF warn of threat of violence against 'a university or college near Philadelphia' for Monday, October 5th ( 2 Last )

http://6abc.com/news/fbi-atf-warn-of-threat-of-violence-against-university-near-philadelphia/1016167/ Well, my girlfriend isn't going to school tomorrow. Fan-fucking-tastic.

11 Minutes Ago
by mcgrath618 Go to last post
50 2,531

Bored hags comically rail against bike lanes ( 2 Last )

http://www.kpbs.org/news/2015/sep/23/coronado-puts-brakes-all-future-bike-lanes-after-r/ Skip to 30 seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?t=36&v=e1AbLu5EZLk

Lamar Thread has images 7 people are reading this thread x 7
13 Minutes Ago
by PsiSoldier Go to last post
42 3,585

Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed creating vast partnership ( 2 Last )

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34444799 A positive step forwards for global trade.

Sobotnik Thread has images 33 people are reading this thread x 33
15 Minutes Ago
by DiscoMelon Go to last post
51 1,260

Konami’s Pachinko Company Filed A Trademark For “Big Boss”

Gotta maximise the profits while it's still hot huh? http://www.siliconera.com/2015/10/05/konamis-pachinko-company-filed-a-trademark-for-big-boss/ http://blog.esuteru.com/archives/8358608.html (original in japanese) Technically speaking you can't...

22 Minutes Ago
by Burnyhands Go to last post
13 1,242

Toddler internally decapitated by car crash recovering after surgery

Source. Original title is a bit sensationalist but it's still great to see these sort of injuries can be successfully treated with a timely response.

33 Minutes Ago
by Canesfan Go to last post
37 3,040

Donald Trump weighs in on the Oregon shootings: Teachers should have been armed to stop it ( 2 3 Last )


52 Minutes Ago
by CoolKingKaso Go to last post
101 3,608

Adblock Plus Defers to External Review Board to choose "Acceptable Ads" ( 2 3 4 Last )


57 Minutes Ago
by SGTNAPALM Go to last post
134 6,141

South Carolina in State of Emergency due to floods

http://www.wltx.com/story/weather/2015/10/04/historic-flooding-south-carolina/73236892/ More rain to come. Livestream in the link. My girlfriend is from Sumter. Its destroyed. Her brothers are riding around in a boat helping. Caskets are coming out...

1 Hour Ago
by dookster Go to last post
25 1,144

Recreational Marijuana is now legally for sale in Oregon ( 2 Last )

http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-oregon-pot-20151001-story.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/marijuana-legal-oregon_560ca43ae4b0dd85030ad17d http://fortune.com/2015/10/01/oregon-marijuana-sales/ Figured we could due with some decent...

1 Hour Ago
by Satansick Go to last post
73 2,744
1 Hour Ago
by [Seed Eater] Go to last post
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Japanese live stream accidentally burns 3 apartment blocks down while live streaming. ( 2 Last )

A Japanese live streamer accidentally burned 3 apartment blocks down while trying to test a new lighter he had just got. One woman was killed in the fire. Starts around 4:46 http://www.sankei.com/affairs/news/151004/afr1510040011-n1.html

3 Hours Ago
by Krandel Go to last post
71 5,935

Obama praises Australia's, UK's gun laws following mass shooting ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )


4 Hours Ago
by ultra_bright Go to last post
346 8,587

Backlash ensues as an app called "Peeple" lets people create review profiles about others without their consent ( 2 Last )

Something important to note: Source: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/rating-people-youd-rate-restaurant-215603523.html A lot of people on Twitter are getting pretty pissed about the idea.

4 Hours Ago
by kweh Go to last post
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4 Hours Ago
by Ryz0 Go to last post
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News Channel mistakenly identifies music vlogger, Anthony Fantano, as school shooter

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsnSf1K5lKw http://noisey.vice.com/blog/music-vlogger-anthony-fantano-mistaken-for-oregon-shooter The whereabouts of Cal Chuchesta are unknown however

Lamar Thread has images 3 people are reading this thread x 3
4 Hours Ago
by Dark RaveN Go to last post
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Trump - "Middle East Would Be More Stable with Hussein/Gadhafi in Power" ( 2 Last )


Megadave 5 people are reading this thread x 5
5 Hours Ago
by kurgan Go to last post
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A Priest pointed a gun at a kid. Why? The kid was a Dallas Cowboys fan.

http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/oct/03/priest-alleged-to-have-pulled-gun-on-boy-because-he-was-a-dallas-cowboys-fan?CMP=share_btn_fb :v: At least no one was raped :v:

6 Hours Ago
by AWarGuy Go to last post
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Amazon banning the sale of Apple TV and Chromecast


7 Hours Ago
by GordonZombie Go to last post
37 3,029

Coca-Cola say Sepp Blatter must fuck off


smurfy Thread has images 3 people are reading this thread x 3
9 Hours Ago
by Awesomecaek Go to last post
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Bernie Sanders: It took Obama too long to fully appreciate how much Republicans hated him

Source 1: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/bernie-sanders-naive-obama-214222 Source 2: http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/bernie-sanders-it-took-obama-too-long-to-fully-appreciate-how-much-republicans-hated-him/ Hopefully Bernie can use the...

Rangergxi 3 people are reading this thread x 3
9 Hours Ago
by Sableye Go to last post
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Saudi Arabia demands Russia end Syria raids, criticizes Iran


10 Hours Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
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11 Hours Ago
by Antdawg Go to last post
47 2,489

2 Israeli Settlers killed in Drive by Terror Attack


13 Hours Ago
by DuCT Go to last post
19 1,259

10 dead at school shooting at Oregon College ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last )

http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/01/us/oregon-college-shooting/index.html To be continued...

13 Hours Ago
by Penguiin Go to last post
418 16,812

Canadian cops RSVP to a party and bring Doritos and salsa

http://www.dailydot.com/lol/canadian-cops-underage-party-doritos/ http://cdn0.dailydot.com/uploaded/images/original/2015/9/21/Screen_Shot_2015-09-22_at_10.57.17_AM.png

15 Hours Ago
by Taepodong-2 Go to last post
32 3,033

After Swedish success with womb transplants, The UK is to follow suit

Source: http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2015/10/03/Womb-transplants-begin-in-UK-after-Swedens-success/8541443890863/

15 Hours Ago
by Keyblockor1 Go to last post
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16 Hours Ago
by Sableye Go to last post
16 1,128

Valve employee proposes a marriage through VR


17 Hours Ago
by Coolboy Go to last post
31 3,697

Transformers 5-8 confirmed, plus more TF films until 2025!! The Ride Never Ends!

If you recall the writers room way back when(https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1458063 ), you'd figure that they have BIG plans for the TF film franchise. They do, in the form of the confirmed 5, 6, 7, and a confirmed Transformers 8 on the way....

20 Hours Ago
by CyclonatorZ Go to last post
20 1,814

Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) released


22 Hours Ago
by Banhfunbags Go to last post
27 1,631

The U.S. may have bombed a Doctors Without Borders facility in Afghanistan ( 2 Last )

http://media4.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2015_40/1247791/151003-kunduz-hospital-0547_172fbb602398141d10d5e9370fa95078.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000.jpg Source:...

22 Hours Ago
by Rangergxi Go to last post
67 3,960

Guy bought 'google.com' for one minute


Swiket 3 people are reading this thread x 3
22 Hours Ago
by DeEz Go to last post
35 5,502

FPS Immortals are here! - GOG adds Quake 2 & 3 along with some Wolfenstein games!

http://www.gog.com/news/release_quake_ii_iii_wolfenstein_3d_return_to_castle_wolfenstein Notes about GOG version of Quake 2: -It includes a soundtrack -It contains a launcher Price comparison (Without a discount): Quake 2 + MIssion Pack Ground...

22 Hours Ago
by Altimor Go to last post
35 1,658

Backed by Trump; Russia bombs group trained by CIA, Iran troops to join Syria war

http://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCAKCN0RV41O20151001 http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/30/politics/donald-trump-syria-don-lemon/

23 Hours Ago
by gudman Go to last post
31 2,248
23 Hours Ago
by Swilly Go to last post
19 1,651

East Coast threatened by Cat 2-3 hurricane Joaquin ( 2 Last )

http://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/atlantic/2015/hurricane-Joaquin Looks like it is headed right for Virginia Beach(right to the left of the 2PM Sun), this will be a fun weekend! Can't wait to hit the beach

23 Hours Ago
by potatospirit Go to last post
69 2,556

Israel prevents a Islamic State-backed terror plot, the first known attempt by the Islamic State to attack the Jewish state


23 Hours Ago
by MoarFunz Go to last post
10 1,295

Jeremy Clarkson to host Have I Got News For You on 2 October

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-34294275 dis gon b gud

smurfy Thread has images 2 people are reading this thread x 2
1 Day Ago
by Bread_Baron Go to last post
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Bernie Sanders Campaign Announces 1 Million Individual Campaign Contributions ( 2 3 Last )


1 Day Ago
by dilzinyomouth Go to last post
80 3,049

11 killed when U.S. C-130 plane crashes in eastern Afghanistan

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/02/ten-die-as-us-plane-crashes-as-afghanistan-airport http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/01/politics/u-s-crash-jalalabad-airport-afghanistan/index.html

1 Day Ago
by capgun Go to last post
15 1,973

Hulk Hogan VS Gawker over a Sex tape, Gawker to basically die if they lose ( 2 3 4 5 Last )


Wii60 Thread has images Winner x 258
1 Day Ago
by Mr. Someguy Go to last post
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Death Toll Rises to 2 in Jerusalem's Old City Terror Attack

Two men were killed and two others, including a toddler, were wounded in an attack in the Old City in Jerusalem on Saturday. Israeli security forces shot and killed the man identified as the terrorist. According to the police, after the stabbing, the...

1 Day Ago
by Exploders Go to last post
18 779

Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids - The fuerdai, China’s second-generation rich kids, are the most loathed group in the country. They’re also its future

Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids Via Bloomberg _________________________ Can't say I blame them, they have a reputation for being mind-blowingly snobby and detached from reality. Exhibit A.

1 Day Ago
by Antlerp Go to last post
21 2,241

Mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik threatens to hunger-strike himself to death due to stricter prison conditions ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

Sources: http://omni.se/topic/59a121eb-ee64-4a70-80b5-f6f862ea965f/43c474e0-0cd1-4e57-ad9a-b73f6f237230 http://www.nettavisen.no/nyheter/innenriks/breivik-fra-fengselet--jeg-vil-sultestreike-til-dden/3423141442.html

1 Day Ago
by paul simon Go to last post
340 8,462
PC Games

E-sports Team Union Formalises and Reveals Demands For 2016

http://www.e-frag.net/news/esports/509/esports-team-union-demands The article also states

1 Day Ago
by kweh Go to last post
26 1,638

Man breaks into B.C. home, feeds cats, does laundry, writes in diary


1 Day Ago
by Del91 Go to last post
39 3,735

DxOMark rates the Sony Xperia Z5 camera as the best smartphone camera, knocking the Google/Huawei Nexus 6P down to 3rd place just 24 hours after it claimed 2nd


1 Day Ago
by Mbbird Go to last post
30 1,443

Majority of Canadians: ~420 Legalize it ( 2 3 Last )


1 Day Ago
by CoilingTesla Go to last post
96 3,146

Man injects himself with 3.5 million year old bacteria in quest for eternal life ( 2 Last )

Man injects himself with 3.5 million year old bacteria in quest for eternal life Via Geek ____________________ That takes balls, I must say. On the other hand, what could possibly go wrong...? :v:

1 Day Ago
by Levelog Go to last post
50 5,095

New virus removes malware and increases security on infected routers

http://www.pcworld.com/article/2988933/security/this-vigilante-virus-protects-you-against-malware-attacks-quotes-richard-stallman.html Give the article a read for full info. Basically this malware infects routers to increase their security, ...

1 Day Ago
by Levelog Go to last post
30 3,839
1 Day Ago
by coldroll5 Go to last post
72 5,526

Nazi flag unfurled over government building in Nice, France for a movie, causing hysteria ( 2 3 Last )

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11899528/Nazi-banner-unfurled-for-WWII-film-sparks-anger-in-France-and-selfies.html 30th September 2015 Oh fuck, can a mod add 'for a movie' to the title?

1 Day Ago
by JumpinJackFlash Go to last post
89 5,021

Paul Walker's daughter files wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche ( 2 3 Last )

Paul Walker's Daughter Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Porsche Via Jalopnik _________________________ Yeah... no. As much as I respect her dad, I hope the judge dismisses this case in less time than the Carrera GT accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH.

2 Days Ago
by djshox Go to last post
96 4,616

Harvard undergraduates debate 3 men in prison and lose ( 2 Last )


2 Days Ago
by Banhfunbags Go to last post
42 3,928
2 Days Ago
by Flon22 Go to last post
29 1,574

BBC Announce new Doctor who spin-off : Class


2 Days Ago
by Grizz Go to last post
18 1,828

How to stop mass shootings: Stop telling men are 'toxic' ( 2 Last )

How to stop mass shootings Via Breitbart ____________________ Food for thought, I guess. (User was banned for this post ("Read the rules. Check your sources." - Swebonny))

2 Days Ago
by Benjimon007 Go to last post
58 3,400

Pope Francis sides with county clerks who refuse to issue gay marriage licenses ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Govt. workers have right to refuse gay marriage licenses: pope Via Reuters ____________________ Well d'uh... of course he'd side with them, he's the damn Pope after all.

2 Days Ago
by Sableye Go to last post
174 5,607

Woman becomes grandmother at age 29 ( 2 Last )

http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/09/28/woman-becomes-grandmother-at-age-2/?intcmp=hplnws Well, congrats I guess.

2 Days Ago
by Paramud Go to last post
41 4,802

Consumer right to 30 Day refund on fault goods becomes law (UK)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34403005 I wonder what this means for buggy game releases or discount store electronics. Does this also mean that now we have to pay for carrier bags in super markets if they break within 30 days we can get a...

2 Days Ago
by FreyasFighter Go to last post
15 1,217

Complete genome sequencing now only takes 26 hours in emergencies.

The technology here is new but radical, so I hope they can increase that success rate.

2 Days Ago
by Passing Go to last post
15 1,872

Battletech Kickstarter has begun. Reaches Funding within one hour. ( 2 Last )

Source As of right now, they've already broken their 250,000 dollar goal. The goal of the kickstarter is to provide the funding for things like a perpetual single player campaign involving running a Merc outfit as well as a story campaign. I've...

Swilly 1 people are reading this thread x 1
2 Days Ago
by CapellanCitizen Go to last post
41 3,315

There has been Another Shooting in Inglis, Florida

http://www.newsweek.com/another-mass-shooting-three-killed-inglis-florida-378888 Look, I know Facepunch is split on this politically, but instead can we not politicize this and respect the dead? We already have the other thread discussing it there...

2 Days Ago
by Incoming. Go to last post
35 2,436

Schools in El Paso, Texas, on lockdown due to reported gunman on campus


2 Days Ago
by ossumsauce Go to last post
5 739
2 Days Ago
by Emperor Scorpious II Go to last post
0 435

Here’s what happens when the trains shut down in Tokyo during rush hour: Craziness

Here’s what happens when the trains shut down in Tokyo during rush hour: Craziness Via RocketNews24 ______________________________ Love those tweets, hahah

2 Days Ago
by Kylel999 Go to last post
15 2,477

Skype Translator now available in the regular desktop version of Skype


2 Days Ago
by TestECull Go to last post
9 958

Finland suddenly a top choice for Iraqi asylum-seekers


2 Days Ago
by Orkel Go to last post
20 1,540

“Augment Your Pre-Order" is Cancelled for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

http://nichegamer.com/2015/10/you-asked-for-this-augment-your-pre-order-is-cancelled-for-deus-ex-mankind-divided/ there isn't a lot so here's almost all of the article Time to do the safety dance.

3 Days Ago
by elixwhitetail Go to last post
30 3,091
PC Games

Humble Bundle announces Humble Bundle Monthly

Don't really like the idea, 12 dollars for a blind bag of games you might already own? Page of the Monthly Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly

3 Days Ago
by itisjuly Go to last post
21 1,862

The New Terminator Series Has Been Cancelled Until Further Notice


3 Days Ago
by AltF4 All Day Go to last post
37 2,119

Patreon compromise much worse than first initially feared, Troy Hunt (MS MVP and creator of Have I Been Pwned?) says it looks like a complete database swipe which includes PMs and is adding it to HIBP

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/10/02/patreon_attackers_drop_data_expose_users/ His tweets in chronological order of findings: https://twitter.com/troyhunt/status/649738915058847745 https://twitter.com/troyhunt/status/649761852101029889...

3 Days Ago
by kaukassus Go to last post
12 1,193

Florida Boat causes Diesel leak in St. Johns River


3 Days Ago
by TehWhale Go to last post
9 865

Microsoft and Google reach a truce over patents and jointly ends ~20 lawsuits


3 Days Ago
by Ninja Gnome Go to last post
1 604

Netizens slam Call Of Duty publicity stunt after it tweets about "explosion" in Singapore

http://www.straitstimes.com/tech/games-apps/call-of-duty-tweets-about-explosion-in-singapore-slammed-by-netizens Lmao, Commander of Singapore Armed Forces. Its Chief Of Defence, you knobs.

3 Days Ago
by Anti Christ Go to last post
25 2,470

David Cameron refuses Jamaican calls for Slave Reparations during visit.

Source 1:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34401412 Source 2: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/sep/30/jamaica-should-move-on-from-painful-legacy-of-slavery-says-cameron Source 3: http://time.com/4057001/david-cameron-jamaica-reparations/ Not...

3 Days Ago
by Rangergxi Go to last post
13 1,196
3 Days Ago
by BananaFoam Go to last post
31 1,491

Solar Fields returns as composer for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

http://www.mirrorsedge.com/news/solar-fields-returns-to-create-mirrors-edge-catalyst-soundtrack So excited, holy shit

3 Days Ago
by General J Go to last post
27 1,469

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