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Empires & Revolutions: The Great Schism

To any newcomers, welcome! Ask other players or myself about setting up your country and playing. http://i.imgur.com/GPqKMcT.png The game begins in the year 1000 CE spanning to the year 1500 CE. Each turn will cover 15 years. RULES:

29th March 2015
by Mr. Face Go to last post
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Empires & Revolutions: Industry and Turmoil (1815-onward)

Welcome to Empires & Revolutions: Industry and Turmoil! The year is 1815, the Era of the Napoleon has come to a close, however the fire of the French Revolution did not die with the Empire as so many conservatives hoped it would. The Liberalism of the...

29th March 2015
by LoganIsAwesome Go to last post
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Sturminsel.de - Deutscher Reign of Kings Server

Willkommen bei der Vorstellung unserer Community 'Sturminsel.de' Auf diesem Weg suchen wir neue Mitglieder die wir für unsere Plattform begeistern können. Die Sturminsel hat eine längere Vergangenheit. Das Projekt hat nun schon ein paar...

18th March 2015
by Skaroh Go to last post
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TFC Basewars

Who are you? We are a group of players that like to have fun. We have found that it is more fun to play with others, and laugh along the way, and that is why we have decided to create TFC Basewars. Why Choose TFC Basewars? I've played on many...

18th March 2015
by Rockin Banana Go to last post
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Repercussions of our Past: An RP taking place in 2025.

http://i.imgur.com/FXnDPox.png Credits to Malos for his assistance. The year is 2025, the world lay in chaos. The once great nation of the United States lays in complete economic decay as it's rival, China begins to overtake it in almost...

16th March 2015
by Satansick Go to last post
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The New Frontier V2: Beyond Earth

The New Frontier V2: Beyond Earth Feel free to ask me about whatever country you choose. STORY: READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING Current wars:

14th March 2015
by darkrei9n Go to last post
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Battlefield 4 anyone?

Join my server and ill be in here. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/be803885-f842-43e3-8d26-fd2c24f1be75/BobCottonSwab-s-Conquest-Server-Ranked-Conquest-Classics/

12th March 2015
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Murder at Midnight: Alaskan Edition (Season 5) ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

Murder at Midnight is a game based on suspicion and crowd mentality. Every night the Murderer slips out and kills a new victim. Every day, the Citizens vote upon who it could be. This is not Mafia. There is no detective. There are no multiple killers....

8th March 2015
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The New Frontier - A space colonization RP / Space fascists nuking Communist aliens ( 2 Last )

The New Frontier Feel free to ask me about whatever country you choose. STORY: READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING Current wars:

8th March 2015
by ImperialGuard Go to last post
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NoGaming-DarkRP Server

. (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - OvB)) (User was permabanned for this post ("extended - joined just to advertise" - OvB))

5th March 2015
by LittleBabyman Go to last post
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Chernobyl's Gladiator Simulator

The Gladiator Simulator is run by three key pieces. (Not including that it's focused on Google Drive.) The first is a gladiator generator that I've found online that will custom create different fiction gladiators. This includes their height, weight,...

5th March 2015
by Chernobyl426 Go to last post
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Funquisition Daily Retro Zombie Survival (just like back in the old days.. almost!)

Hey there, I've probably put off on posting anything relevant to my community for some time, though I've tried my best to figure a way to not only sell it to any who might have been interested in the old zombie survival type, but to also help bring...

4th March 2015
by Sumeraxe Go to last post
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Looking for 2d Pixel artist to join

Hi, my name is Rutenis, im 16 from Lithuania. Im addicted to making games, i started in 2010 when i found Unity 3d. Since then i've learned a lot, but at this point i want to create something more. So im looking for a 2D pixel artist. We could make this...

2nd March 2015
by Matkenis Go to last post
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Refraction RP | BETA | Custom Jobs | Fun guaranteed | CUSTOM | 24/7

Hello today i present to you my new garry's mod DarkRP 24/7 server. On our server the fun is guaranteed! We are opening our server so that we can have your guys's opinion on our server. You start as a civilian and you can become anything you want,...

25th February 2015
by FXAABOB Go to last post
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PC Games

Minecraft- SLEAZYCRAFT- FTB Unleashed Server-15 slots- White-listed

Pretty simple- a small friendly FTB Unleashed server with 15 slots. If you're interested in playing, explain why below and I'll shoot you a PM with the IP address. Rules are simple- Don't destroy/grief/steal other people's stuff. PVP is cool if...

25th February 2015
by andypopz Go to last post
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Soldiers and Generals- another WWII RP ( 2 3 4 Last )

How this game will work: Each player will play a nation. We need at least some of the major combatants in WWII in order to allow for lesser countries to be played. This means I want at least 3 players as either France, USSR, Germany, Italy, or UK, and...

24th February 2015
by Griffster26 Go to last post
152 4,305

Alien Invasion 1942 - Nation RP

READ ME AND SEND IN TURNS AS TURN 1 No map as of yet, I could really use some help with this. Major events of 1942: - A meteor approaches earth at breakneck speed before slowing down considerably when entering the earths atmosphere. The meteor...

20th February 2015
by [Seed Eater] Go to last post
24 637

Custom Gamemode - Video - Team Death Match

Hello everyone, I decided to start to learn Glua. It's my first coding language i have ever learned. I'm about 2 weeks new to it and have been developing this small basic Gamemode for around 2 days now. I have 2 addons that are required to make the...

19th February 2015
by Austin1346 Go to last post
8 1,384

Realm of Madness - Non Serious RP

I think we everyone should at least experience a good roleplay session once, roleplay can be tons of fun if you can get a bit in your roll and other people play along with it, thats awesome! Sadly we live in a Gmod era filled with DarkRP servers which are...

17th February 2015
by tW4r Go to last post
13 1,552

UKIP Nightmare: The Re-Settlement of Britain RP

”Fuckin’ Immigrants!”, the last words uttered by a British politician before he was pronounced dead. The year is 2066, and after a half-century long ferocious battle with disease, warfare, climate change and some more disease, Europe and the world as a...

13th February 2015
by Zillamaster55 Go to last post
26 805
Work In Progress

Visuality Gaming: Fallout Serious Roleplay

Visuality Gaming or VG. Originally a small project and idea that started about two and a half years ago turned out into something big with our main gamemode being Garry's mod Fallout RP. The community exists of mature and professional roleplayers with a...

4th February 2015
by Scritic Go to last post
25 3,583

EarthCraft Server?

-Snip- Creating a new thread.

2nd February 2015
by ProTweaker Go to last post
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A 2nd World War: An RP starting in 1939. ( 2 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/y0kg8n7.png It is January 1st, 1939. Adolf Hitler has firmly secured his grip on Germany, and successfully restored German nationalism and it's military. The west is still struggling with the Great Depression. And Japan is locking...

2nd February 2015
by Griffster26 Go to last post
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PC Games

CSGO Scrims

Lets set a little like, ladder kind of thing up. We make our teams and shit, name them, then have scrim matches with qualifiers and shit to make it into the next level. WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REWARDS EXCEPT BRAGGING RIGHTS sounds amazing right?

31st January 2015
by LSK Go to last post
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A world divided: A cold war RP starting in 1946 ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/JqOvvu4.png The year is 1946. The world has just been ravaged by the most destructive war the world has ever seen. The former allies of world war two begin to turn against each other. Nations around the world begin to pick sides...

26th January 2015
by Zillamaster55 Go to last post
176 4,335

The Ongoing Facepunch Super Smash Brothers League

What is this? A fun way to stay competitive that has relaxed time commitments, is ongoing, and keeps tracks of the competitive stats of FP smash players! How does it work? In the start, someone can simply declare themselves the title holder (max 1...

23rd January 2015
by Abaddabadon Go to last post
24 1,304

Vidya Thread v.6 The game has changed, 3bwii is ossum

AIRSOFT 393 WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEARTS AND ON OUR BEADS Hullo, We collectively play all sorts of games under the IFAP or Krundle banner! Such as; ARMA 2/3 Battlefield 4 Chivalry Medieval Warfare

18th January 2015
by elitehakor Go to last post
19 1,596

Cereal Box Cinema (+18 HIGHLY SUGGESTED)

I am no longer the owner or proprietor of Cereal Box Cinema, this post only exists for archival purposes. Please visit the official site at cerealbox.net If you're interested in becoming part of our Dev Team please add me on steam (@Videowarrior) and...

14th January 2015
by Videowarrior Go to last post
21 2,461

#!/BASH/SRP [Developmental]

#!/BASH/SRP is a gamemode created for the sake of serious RP in the STALKER universe. It aims to implement all the features that are necessary for RP while also intertwining them with script mechanics that reflect those found in the actual STALKER game...

12th January 2015
by pidarassa Go to last post
13 2,435

Battlefield 4 anyone? Mic recommended

Anyone wanna play Battlefield 4? Add me on Battlelog, BobCottonSwab. I got a TS server, so we can conversate better in here.

9th January 2015
by Daemon White Go to last post
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[Custom lore] Medieval RP server [NUTSCRIPT]

Setting: The Solus Empire: The Solus Empire, or just called the Empire, is the largest living civilization known to date in the world. The Empires existence dates back to decades ago to the year 317. The Empire is a very religious nation,...

5th January 2015
by Tolee Go to last post
4 957

The Third Reich - A World War II RP

(This RP will be similar to Deng's, where turns will be prolific but short. It will be monthly, starting at September 1st 1939.) It is September 1st, 1939 and Nazi Germany & the Soviet Union had their eyes set to Poland, but Britain and France are...

3rd January 2015
by Daniel Smith Go to last post
16 747

Murder at Midnight: Game Show Edition (Season 4) ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Murder at Midnight is a game based on suspicion and crowd mentality. Every night the Murderer slips out and kills a new victim. Every day, the Citizens vote upon who it could be. This is not Mafia. There is no detective. There are no multiple killers....

2nd January 2015
by Damian0358 Go to last post
170 3,327

Organizatsiya: Interwar Nation RP (1924-)

MAPS AND BACKSTORY The World, 1918-1924 (READ THIS) - http://pastebin.com/rRjPcFLJ The World circa 1924 - Regular Map: http://i.imgur.com/x49HfGq.png Map of Russia w/ Labels:

2nd January 2015
by Malos Go to last post
7 238

The North American Super Smash Bros 4 TOURNAMENT! WiiU Smashpunch #1 edition. IN PROGRESS! ( 2 3 4 Last )

FOLLOW THE PROGRESS HERE: http://challonge.com/SmashpunchWiiu1 http://challonge.com/SmashpunchWiiu1B (loser's loser's bracket is here, winner challenges winner of loser's bracket) HELLO! Welcome to the FIRST...

2nd January 2015
by Pvt Anderson Go to last post
123 6,262

[Original Lore Space RP] Foundation Roleplay (NutScript)

Our forums at: http://foundationroleplay.boards.net/ Content: Workshop Link Map: rp_station13 (Made by FirePaw and Jackson) Server IP:

31st December 2014
by Monkah Go to last post
11 1,391

A peoples tragedy - Russian Revolution RP

http://i.imgur.com/ayNXojh.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg1wsO7GkPc Maps: http://i.imgur.com/q6Q5SD9.png (political) http://i.imgur.com/lnOH7eM.png (ethnic) http://i.imgur.com/SALf0Yl.png (religious) http://i.imgur.com/dW19y7N.png...

30th December 2014
by Deng Go to last post
36 1,413

Modern World RP - An RP starting in 2000.

January, 1st, 2000 - December, 31st, 2000. http://i.imgur.com/eEisboy.png Maximum number of lines in your turn - 5.

29th December 2014
by Sega Saturn Go to last post
2 147

Venus Wars- A Space Forum Game ( 2 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/xRgVhFj.jpg (Credits to Smeetin for the map) The game begins in 2350. In 2325, the surface of the once hostile Venus has now been terraformed to a much habitable state. The birth of a new 'Earth' has ushered in a new Age of...

28th December 2014
by Satansick Go to last post
63 1,526

Dok's Disco - A Freelancer server ( 2 3 Last )

Dok's Disco is a Discovery Freelancer server, hence Disco in the name. Discovery takes about 100 years after Freelancer, now there is French people in space, basically. Capital ships, Carriers, etc, all flyable, you can make player run starbases...

21st December 2014
by Snoberry Tea Go to last post
83 2,626

By the Sword and Cross: A Dark Ages RP

A Brief summary of what is going on right now Political Map: Religious Map TURN KEY Not Needed after first turn Needed after first turn

21st December 2014
by Native Hunter Go to last post
19 277

The End Of an Epoch - A 1900 RP

http://i.imgur.com/yrDL4rz.png Maximum 10 lines.

12th December 2014
by LoganIsAwesome Go to last post
28 803

Dead Island 2D ( 2 3 Last )

Hello guys I have been so excited to announce that I am finally making use of my spare time my computers been upgraded and is much faster now well the title says it all really 'Dead Island 2D' The game - Well as you may know making a story line to...

7th December 2014
by Swiftyboiii Go to last post
99 9,335

The Ancient World: A 500BC RP ( 2 Last )

Welcome to the Ancient World RP! Take control of the birthplaces of modern civilization! Babylon! Persia! Greece! Italy! Carthage isn't included in this list! Basically, it's like the Dawn of Civilization RP, but with an antique flair! ...

7th December 2014
by Satansick Go to last post
58 1,022

Empires and Revolutions V. Ultimate Reboot - Electric Boogaloo Edition. An 1836 - Present Historical RP

http://i.imgur.com/jgel1zw.png Willkommen , meine Brüder. This game begins in the year 1836, a very riveting decade in Europe. However, history is now in your hands, and you are the puppet master. You control everything. From diplomacy, to the...

6th December 2014
by LoganIsAwesome Go to last post
1 64

Spring of Dragons - A history rp ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/o1jD8KY.png (The map, credit to Daniel Smith and Native Hunter) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WGFKS-etxo The game begins in 1490, with the amount of time passing each turn slowly decreasing (initially several decades per turn,...

2nd December 2014
by ImperialGuard Go to last post
508 9,348

A New Order V2: Electric Boogaloo- an Alternative History RP, wherin the baddies won WWII ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

started this a while ago and it was awesome, but due to an overwhelming amount of people he had to close it. I've offered to take it up again and with his permission started V2 of the game. There are eight slots to start, and I'll add two more the next...

29th November 2014
by ImperialGuard Go to last post
162 4,168

Metro 2016- a post-apocalyptic RP ( 2 3 Last )

A spooky scary sci fi game for the bestest month of October. Welcome to the Moscow Metropolitan. The year is 2016 and life is adapting to the underground. Years ago, the world was torn apart in a chemical-nuclear war, wiping out major cities across the...

21st November 2014
by Scrounger Go to last post
92 2,010

Free CS:GO Server - Featured Sponsorship

Hello. I'm giving away a free Counter-Strike:GO server, 12war/18pub slot (i might increase the slots over time). Sponsorship duration: Unlimited. Hardware and internet testing for atleast 3-6 mounths. Restarts may occure. Currently there are 2 other game...

20th November 2014
by Rmk82 Go to last post
5 1,018

The Iron Curtain V2 - A Cold War Forum Game ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

http://i.cubeupload.com/kaAew0.png Year 1946. Turns are 2 years long. The year is 1946. Europe, Asia and parts of Northern Africa lay in absolute desolation. Millions are dead and displaced after a despotic dictator waged the most destructive war...

19th November 2014
by Eli45 Go to last post
340 5,196

Warcraft 3:FT Custom maps

Hello fellow Facepunchers! We are currently a very small group that gets together to play some Warcraft 3 custom maps! What do we play: (we have massive map packs with a lot of maps that might or might not be shit) : -TD's -Hero adventure maps...

19th November 2014
by NOD Engineer Go to last post
19 935

Colonization and Conquest V1. A 1775 RP ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

http://i.imgur.com/EM2UACu.png Land owned and claimed. http://i.imgur.com/0rpt1zz.png Land owned Countries: Portugal Great Britain France Prussia Quing China The Ottoman Empire

17th November 2014
by Karishnikova Go to last post
358 4,494

Dawn Of The Ages - An RP Starting At Late Antiquity ( 2 3 Last )

The year is 400 Anno Domini (however that system wouldn't be invented for another thousand years) and the once glorious Roman Empire has split into two, the Gupta Dynasty is at it's peak, the Sassanid Empire is rising and China is divided. You can chose...

9th November 2014
by Zillamaster55 Go to last post
109 1,686

Valkyrie: The Phoenix Burns (Axis Victory/Alternate Cold War RP)

'Valkyrie: The Phoenix Burns' is a project that I have worked on time and time again after reading copious amounts of alternate history and browsing the terrible depths that are the 'alternatehistory.com' forums. Now, for a limited time (as with all RPs),...

8th November 2014
by Griffster26 Go to last post
16 425

Looking for people who like to play board games - Vassal/Tabletop Simulator

Hello, like the title says. I'm looking for people to play board games with. I love all types of board games and I know how to play the following: Battlestar Galactica + all expansions Betrayal at House on the Hill Dead of Winter Arkham Horror...

30th October 2014
by Knoxed Go to last post
3 659

Murder at Midnight: Political Showdown Edition (Season 3) ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28491839/Tricky%20Dicky%209000/POLITICAL%20SHOWDOWN%20EDITION%20no%20rainborw.png Murder at Midnight is a game based on suspicion and crowd mentality. Every night the Murderer slips out and kills a new victim....

20th October 2014
by matt000024 Go to last post
180 2,481

SmashPunch 3DS Tournament I - Sunday Oct 5th at 18:00 GMT. READ the OP for instructions to contact your opponent. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 9 10 11 12 Last )

SmashPunch! I Tournament BRACKET UP http://challonge.com/SP3DS1 NOTES ON SCORING: a 0-3 means the loser never shown up a 2-1 or a 2-0 means it was a normal match best out of 3 a 0-0 means neither showed up, one is randomly selected to go forward...

20th October 2014
by Segab Go to last post
451 11,681

Dawn of the Eagle: 250 BC RP

Focusing on Europe/India For Historical Reasons It is 250 BC, and the world has begun to shift politically. In Central Europe, the corrupt Roman Republic exerts its force on the weary Carthaginian Empire. To the East, the successor kingdoms of...

20th October 2014
by Zillamaster55 Go to last post
10 279

Counter-strike 1.6 NIPPER MAPS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi_yRRCCPmo lets try and get this server populated, launch your CS1.6 back up and join. Hosted by the NEW GMAN ARMY http://steamcommunity.com/groups/newgmanarmy Join us on TEAMSPEAK 3.0 IP:...

18th October 2014
by KoD Go to last post
7 2,638
Post Your

Void Game Servers, Nutscript: Half Life 2 Roleplaying Server

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWe0w7hAYHY What is Void? Void is one of those Half Life 2 Roleplaying servers, however there's a difference. What's the difference? We don't force text adventure (aka super serious roleplay where you gotta /me /roll...

16th October 2014
by Ultimate7MK Go to last post
12 1,215

RatchetGaming, Trying to bring back the good old days

HOME PAGE: ratchetgaming.co.uk I remember when GMOD was first released, how the communities ran back then a tight knit group of people and everyone just had fun. Well enough of trying to get your attention. This is a work in Progress community...

13th October 2014
by adamg Go to last post
1 820

BGRP new DarkRp server with FastDL FA:S 2.0 weapons and a map that isnt downtown.

BGRP is a new roleplay server that has a few defining features about it. 1. The server uses a map created in 2009 called amsterville. We are using the construction edition of this map. 2. It is almost impossible to metagame. I will be on as long as...

13th October 2014
by BobCottonSwab Go to last post
6 1,144

Server for Facepunch Users!

Platinum Gaming Garry's Mod! Platinum Gaming is a server that isn't up. This is because it's a Facepunch server. We want your ideas for the gamemode for Platinum Gaming to run, it can be any gamemode, and it'll be the most voted gamemode. The voting...

12th October 2014
by Tinbe Go to last post
5 871

Planning to play Space Engineers... Anyone want to join me? [UK]

Hey everyone, i've had this game sitting in my library for far to long now..... Does anyone want to join me in playing it? Prefurably in the uk, but if you have a decent connection, anywhere is fine. Looking to have a game of 3-4 people, myself...

11th October 2014
by nuttyboffin Go to last post
6 661

RektThemAll Gaming (children friendly) TTT | Jihad | Pointshop

Hey guys, my name is Joe, or as you can see my facepunch name, I'm owner on a TTT server so people can have fun on and we can play together like tell jokes, hate on each other and PLAY our server is meant for people who are wanting a small group of...

9th October 2014
by TechnoS Go to last post
12 1,383
PC Games

Let's play 7 days to die together

Game's dull without any friends, and my only friend who activly plays the game doesnt wanna play. If you can port forward or rent a server that's great because I cant do either of those

5th October 2014
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
1 717

24/7 Counter-Strike 1.6 Nippermaps server

Hi all, you might know my Youtube shit under "JsXanatos" I got bored and remembered how much I played on these servers in the original CS. Some of you may remember them, some of you may have played his maps on CS:S or TF2. I just wanted to start by...

5th October 2014
by Cypher_09 Go to last post
28 6,971

Fallout New Vegas Roleplay Lineage to Spire!

We use NutScript on the server, What is NutScript? What is NutScript? NutScript is a framework. If you are not familiar to what a framework is, for role-play it pretty much defines core functions to role-play. For example: inventory, characters,...

5th October 2014
by Pastor_Necro Go to last post
3 1,207

[NRG]Deathrun Server|PointShop|FastDL|BetaV1

Hey guys i just started up my Deathrun server and i am here to share with you guys server is still in beta i need peeps to help me for a test run. therefore i am here to request for helper :) Anyone can be my volunteer. Just need to fix everything...

1st October 2014
by xxiaodidi Go to last post
0 509

The Iron Order - Minecraft Faction RP Server

After playing various of faction servers in Minecraft I was amazed by the effort put behind some of the factions and work of people. However, most of these servers died of quietly or went down sooner or later. Me and a friend decided to host our own...

30th September 2014
by Blazyd Go to last post
37 3,888

The Future we all fear: A not so distant futuristic RP ( 2 Last )

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IOYD9AkqHE Hello Everyone, It's that time again. I present you with the darkest, most in depth RP I have ever done, The Future we all fear. This RP will run just like all the other ones we have played, however rebel...

30th September 2014
by Xonax Go to last post
66 1,429
PC Games

[TF2] xP// Gaming Vanilla Mario Kart DM 24/7

Hey there, This post is to announce a 'test' of our new server - a TF2 vanilla DM server running the Mario Kart map only. As such, this is a non-serious casual server where you can micspam or do whatever the hell you want really. If you have any...

29th September 2014
by Lord Xenoyia Go to last post
0 723
Playstation 3

Any Destiny players up for Xyor, the Unwed?

As I said I would want to get this Xyor guy dead and get the exotic weapon bounty done. I'm playing on ps3 and am a lvl 26 warlock. If someone is interested just ps me and we can do friend invites on ps3 etc. I will be playing for the next few hours (or...

29th September 2014
by Paulino193 Go to last post
2 636

Murder at Midnight: Scrub Citizens Edition (Season 2) ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last )

Murder at Midnight is a game based on suspicion and crowd mentality. Every night the Murderer slips out and kills a new victim. Every day, the citizens vote upon who it could be. This is not Mafia. There is no detective. There are not multiple...

29th September 2014
by Chernobyl426 Go to last post
434 7,924

[NS][NEW!] Warhammer 40k - Imperial Guard RP

Server IP: Forum: http://6thcadian.proboards.com/ More in-depth knowledge and story can be found on our forum! Please register to be able to view the forum. Introduction Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5mxlPlIfEE ...

29th September 2014
by Tycho_Sicariu Go to last post
5 2,754

What garry's mod/other game server would you enjoy?

Hello, I am the owner of xP// Gaming - we've been running for just over 5 years now and usually run multiple servers for various games. I've been running a sandbox GMod server for a while but it's never populated as sandbox just isn't doing that well...

29th September 2014
by GoldenTWM Go to last post
4 644

To Boom or Bust? - The Roaring Twenties RP.

http://i.imgur.com/9zUidAj.png The world has just left the bloodiest decade in history, with the apparent fall of imperialism and the rise of communism, the outlook of the world seems uncertain, the United States is booming, it's industry and...

28th September 2014
by LoganIsAwesome Go to last post
6 203

Empires & Revolution 1836 - 50% More Punctual Edition ( 2 Last )

Welcome all to E&R Victoria 2 - 50% more punctual edition. You probably know how it goes, play as any nation or revolutionary you want, with the starting date being 1836. Each in-game turn will be a year long, however if there’s a good reason, it will...

28th September 2014
by RockmanYoshi Go to last post
71 1,154

[TSC] Sandbox|TTT|Pointshop|Wire|FastDL

Hello everyone we are looking for new players! By default the server is set to sandbox on gm_construct_flatgrass_v6-2. Just about every night we switch over to TTT, we have a good amount of maps to choose from including a voting system. We also have...

25th September 2014
by [TSC] Paragon Go to last post
0 681


Now before you say anything, YES i saw that you cant upload darkrp this is buildrp, i saw about 2-3 servers i will ask the owner to add pets so u type /adopt headcrab and so on

24th September 2014
by RonanZer0 Go to last post
29 2,327

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