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[Help] Starting a server

Hello, I am starting up server (HL2RP to be exact) and I have most of the things I need with me. All I need are some people who would be willing to become admins for my community, or even better, some people who could donate to the community now and help...

17th August 2012
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Anyone up for an Amnesia: The Dark Descent simultaneous playthrough?

Looking for someone who wants to do an Amnesia: The Dark Descent simultaneous playthrough with me. Basically, what we'll do is open Steam Voice Chat, start a new save file on Amnesia, and play it out while broadcasting our moves to the other. That way,...

14th August 2012
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|BIC| TTT Server |#1|

-LOCK- New Topic (Unable to Rename This one Due to Merge): http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1205956&p=37283706#post37283706

13th August 2012
by Zandorum Go to last post
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Ok, I'm new to this so don't be mad or call me a noob. I wanna make a ranking system to my server which goes like this.

Basic information about my server: 1.It's a dedicated server 2.still new it's in testing phase 3.using ulx admin plugin 4.map Bigcity 5.20 players max -------------------------------------------------- Ok, let's cut to the chase I wanna make a...

12th August 2012
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xP// Zombie Survival - lol what the fuck are we doing

This server is Zombie Survival. Basically Left4Dead multiplayer without the campaign part. One team of players are zombies and the other are fuck knows. I only started this server on my community last night, so no running player base yet. Would be good to...

11th August 2012
by Zethereal Go to last post
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Lets play some RE5!

Hey I just got RE5. I'm wondering if anyone wants to play with me. My version is not the steam version so to play with me you need a lan tool such as hamachi. I also have ventrilo (and server) so we can communicate. Just drop me a message here or on...

9th August 2012
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9th August 2012
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DynamicCraft Industrialcraft 2 + Redpower 2 Minecraft server. ( 2 3 Last )

Welcome to the future! We are now on bukkit! DynamicCraft is a SMP server which features several industry/technological mods. Our goal is to achieve world domination. Plugins and general server info: To prevent griefers from getting easy...

7th August 2012
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PC Games

GTA IV Episodes - Fight Club

First rule of Fight Club, feel free to talk about Fight Club. Second rule of Fight Club, no really.. Talk about Fight Club. Third rule, no knifes or bats in a fight unless deemed otherwise. Fourth rule, no guns. Fifth rule, no bringing police to the...

7th August 2012
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The Cube - Friendly Minecraft Server ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Edit: Please note, this page is highly outdated. I will be updating soon. This is now a factions server, we also have a survival server. Please check all the information at our site, www.thecubeserver.com ---------------------- We have a forum!...

6th August 2012
by stonercough Go to last post
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Minecraft - Alpha Gaming HQ

IP : Welcome to the Minecraft Alpha Gaming HQ server! This server is about building an maintaining a stable city inside a castle for as long as we can! The Admins are always nice and help anyone in need! Feel free to hop on by and...

4th August 2012
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Lets Play Sven Coop(Half-Life 1 mod)!

People haven't played any Sven Coop in awhile, time for us to populate the servers once again. Screenshots: Video

4th August 2012
by jakedog Go to last post
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Tricky's Tutorials.net (build) is back!

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to let the wire community know that Tricky's Tutorials is back up and running. We have always drawn in great builders and interesting people so it has always been a blast on our server. We keep on top of everything, we...

4th August 2012
by Amplar Go to last post
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Need alittle help with our server!!!

We have a server up and running but the DarkRP chap we put into suck. We need help with ideas, how to make it better normal stuff like that. Please add me on steam for more details or join our team speak or server. TeamSpeak: freshrp.ts.nfoservers.com...

1st August 2012
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New Build Server (NEED ADMINS/CODERS; apply on forums) Join us today!

we're currently hosted by xenon servers. IP address (add us to your favorites!): current map: gm_middle_of_nowhere_day Link to forums: http://www.abcommunity.forumotion.com/ (we used to be a DarkRP server so disregard anything related...

31st July 2012
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Looking For Some Help Of Services! (mod)

Hello, I'm working on an idea of a game (enclosed to only good friends). I am new to coding and was going to try to make a source mod. So I want to get together a group of people, new to whatever they are doing! We need a person for models(maybe),...

31st July 2012
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Anyone wanna play Infiniminer.

29th July 2012
by Silentfood Go to last post
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Facepunch's 16 Man Raibow Six Vegas 2 Campaign Event

This is where the real war is Bishop. Welcome to the thread fellow facepunchers! Rainbow Six has always been one of my favorite games and after having started playing Vegas 2 again recently I happened upon a mod that allows for up to 16 players in...

29th July 2012
by RikohZX Go to last post
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PC Games

Garry's Mod Roleplay

This thread is also for you to post your RP servers or ones you like, that you're playing in. I'm currently running an RP server. It has a slightly modded fully working TacoScript, really fast downloads, and a small server side map change (made the map...

27th July 2012
by ashton93 Go to last post
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small CSS game with facepunchers

Me and some other Facepuncher's are playing CS:S. In particular we'll be playing cs_crackhouse but we'll probably end up jumping onto other servers as well. We're currently finding a server. We're on mumble right now so join if you're interested. ip:...

27th July 2012
by TheLolrus Go to last post
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Secret Republic | Alpha->Beta | The world of hackers. Invitation to beta! ( 2 3 Last )

Hey, Just want to mention this isn't an adbot :P. I will check this thread a couple of times per day and answer your questions if any. As we did on other forums we look forward to feedback, suggestions, bug reports here or on our support system. Thanks...

26th July 2012
by InUndenial Go to last post
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PC Games

Crypted DarkRp. Small but Simple. Looking for players.

Ip: Pictures Crypted DarpRP. Small but Simple. Crypted was founded in the early 2012 by Thomas Edi Olausson, A.k.a Teotown. He and UcR0 created a DarkRP sever which includes good admins who would help you if you are new and a...

26th July 2012
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Nightmare Survival Severance server

Hello! Today I decided to start up a Severance server as they are so rare, and of course, the gamemode is awesome. I didn't want to make a server using an overused and unoriginal gamemode, like HL2RP and NVRP, (I have a HL2RP server for the newfags out...

24th July 2012
by wildrory Go to last post
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Edberg's Dedicated Quarantine Server! (ArmA Zombie RPG) ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

IP: Port: 2302 Mission Page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=3681 Quarantine is basically a giant zombie RPG, complete with bandits, medkits, vehicles, and assloads of zombies. Missions, too. It's basically like an online version...

23rd July 2012
by Turing Go to last post
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Inacio's Planes Server ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

Hey, guys! I got a new server, and it's survival with planes. Planes are awesome, I played on some servers with it befores and it really adds to the game. The IP is You will, of course, need the Planes Mod to play. Installer...

22nd July 2012
by bearkid808 Go to last post
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PC Games

Almost brand new faction server Statis PVP

Statis PVP IP: Website: www.statis-PVP.zzl.org (not finished yet) First of all I'd like to thank you for viewing our server post. We are a small group of players who have created this server due in short, we are sick of abusing...

21st July 2012
by Vesu Go to last post
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Epic New Roleplaying Server | Custom Vehicles, entities, shipments, classes & skins! [Fast DL] ( 2 Last )

Hello All, A few years ago I released a DarkRP server, although having been quite popular our user base requested that we'd change to something more "Less Crap" due to the feedback we received we switched to the PERP gamemode. After operating a PERP...

jakeives Thread has images Dumb x 28
21st July 2012
by Arc Nova Go to last post
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Earthcraft: Build and compete with other factions on the planet Earth. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

That is an actual picture of North America from a birds eye view, that is not a real picture. First off, open up this map of the server: Yes, that's real. Now realize the fact that the server has a faction plugin installed:

20th July 2012
by Dankie Go to last post
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Cry of Fear Live Stream!!!!

Watch as he only plays the most terrifying of games! http://www.twitch.tv/sasuke1047xfire

20th July 2012
by jakeives Go to last post
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Let's play Infiniminer (sandbox)

Hello, my friend and I have a hamachi network up and we have a sandbox server up so if you wish to join here's the info to join Hamachi network name: HAIAa Password: 7? Ip to direct connect on Infiniminer:

20th July 2012
by slach2000 Go to last post
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Minecraft anarchy tekkit experiment.

-snip to the drop dead thread-

20th July 2012
by Te Great Skeeve Go to last post
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PC Games

XEPOX Servers

XEPOX Servers XEPOX Servers is a server company hosting servers of your favorite games such as Minecraft and Garry's Mod. Since 2010, we've been running quality servers for our fellow PC Players across the globe. Minecraft We offer free Minecraft...

19th July 2012
by jkpotter Go to last post
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Stock Fortress | Stock maps with no Bullshit.

Intro Hey everybody, im just posting here to tell you all about my new Team Fortress 2 community I am trying to start up, I came to facepunch as I heard that it has quite a large following with fans of valve games and I was hoping to maybe see if...

17th July 2012
by OxoCube Go to last post
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DarkDrive Roleplay - Uggghsdsa Brains (Severance)

Hey all! My name is {DD}MILTON! and im here to talk to you about our new Zombie Apocolypse roleplay server. We plan to have regular events and get some proper RP going... Check out these screenies... ...

17th July 2012
by Character Go to last post
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Anarchy Republic's GmStranded

I've been working the this Garrymod stranded code since it came out, modding in the new updates while keeping my way of how the gamemode works. Things that make my gamemode different then normal Stranded 2.2.2. I've been adding All kinds of cooking...

17th July 2012
by bounty Go to last post
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Knight Quest

Well I am coding a game called Knight Quest tell me what you think it should have in it so far It is a game that you craft items kill enemys or go on quests I will give you the link for the text adventure version I am still currently coding the video...

16th July 2012
by CorporalCupCake Go to last post
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Killing Floor

I think a game of Killing Floor would be fun as hell. I, unfortunately, don't own a server so if anyone knows one we could play on that would be great. It's on sale right now and it's the best $12 you can spnd, it has some really good replayability with...

15th July 2012
by radiomonster Go to last post
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PC Games

My friend made a game I did the sound/music - "The Woods"

Have a friend who made this small game that I did the sound for, it made it onto BoingBoing the other day! http://boingboing.net/2012/04/11/flash-game-the-woods.html Here's the link to play: http://www.kongregate.com/games/LinearGames/the-woods

14th July 2012
by Bletotum Go to last post
8 1,710

Business Simulation Game In Development

Due to my love for simulation games I have decided to work on one of my own its in the early stages of development but its a business simulator that allows the player to be their own television network president where you ultimately make the decision on...

13th July 2012
by cdr248 Go to last post
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Grandstack's survival server!


12th July 2012
by TamTamJam Go to last post
6 1,393

DarkDrive || CityLife (BETA)

Introduction Hello guys! My name is Daniel Butler (Steam name MILTON!) and I am one of the superadmins (along with my friend EpicBeardBoy) who is launching our CityRP server running on Applejack. Together me and my friend are run the community known as...

12th July 2012
by cccritical Go to last post
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11th July 2012
by icemaz Go to last post
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Can we get a minecraft server section

its kind of hard to weed out lets plays and stuff when like 90% of threads are new epic pvp rpg mods 24/7 roleplay elite whitelist only minecraft servers actually can we just get a game server section in general idk

11th July 2012
by Profanwolf Go to last post
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PC Games

TF2 Trade Server - Low Gravity, Crits

Want a fun Team Fortress 2 server to play on? Ours has low gravity and 100% crits. So you can either trade or just play! IP: tf2.fragunited.net Map: trade_minecraft_b38 Website: http:///fragunited.net/ (User was banned for this post ("• Do NOT...

6th July 2012
by vinylrain Go to last post
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O3Servers MC, CSS, & TF2 Hosting - $4.95/Mo - 24Hour Support - Instant Setup - Unlimited FTP - 99.9% Uptime - Easy Mod Installer - TCAdmin CP

Looking for cheap, reliable, and well-maintained server hosting? Then you've found just the place! O3servers currently offers hosting for Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source, and Minecraft! Especially for you guys, we have a limited time deal!...

4th July 2012
by MOOcow102 Go to last post
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PC Games

Criminalis - Monopoly, Monopoly! ( 2 3 4 5 .. 12 13 14 15 Last )

SHUT DOWN I am deeply sorry to everyone who liked the server, and I want you to read my post regarding why it is being shut down.

4th July 2012
by Insane516 Go to last post
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zDark and Half Life 2 Roleplay (HL2RP)

zDark is an Australian community that has it's servers run by GameServers NZ and the guy who runs that also runs zDark. I'll keep it short since you're not here to read up about zDark or GameServers NZ... The forum is pretty inactive because the main...

2nd July 2012
by Jarate Lover Go to last post
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PC Games

Frag United Garry's Mod Server - Custom Guns, Addons, Jobs, and Others

Frag United - Garry's Mod Server About Server Hardware Server Info

26th June 2012
by Sylerr Go to last post
12 1,499

FOnline2238: Brahmin Wranglers

Come play Fallout Online, join my group of Brahmin wranglers, we'll travel far North near Modoc, and together we will wrangle and slaughter all the Brahmin we need. A group tent will be made with our party. Catch me in-game on radio station 1057 (lost)...

26th June 2012
by Caviano Go to last post
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The Pacistan Sandbox [Garry's Mod]

Everyone's welcome to join, but we will filter out people who just intend to fuck around. There's going to be an increased admin presence over the next few days, in case we get a lot of new players from this advertisement. We run the following (major)...

25th June 2012
by EvacX Go to last post
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Saturday Night Science (and Industry) - 23/06/2012 - 21:00 British Time | Weekly Half-Life Mod Revivals

Hi, guys. I'm from a relatively new community called goldsrc.net, and I'm here to let you know about these nifty weekly events we have where we play awesome Half-Life mods. We've got a huge list of mods to play, so, if you want to see something hosted,...

24th June 2012
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Rageguy's anarchy - Revived Enjoy.

22nd June 2012
by Sgt Doom Go to last post
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Voltage Gaming Info Anno 2012.

Hey all! Yes, Voltage Gaming is back! Who is Voltage Gaming? Voltage Gaming is the original PERP3 Community. Why Voltage Gaming? We are a friendly community with friendly admins. We are trying to create the best SeriousRP environment out there.

20th June 2012
by DjFoxx Go to last post
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PC Games

[GMOD] Frag United - DarkRP Server - Custom Jobs, SWEPS, Addons (PCMod)

The Frag United DarkRP server is a new Garry's Mod server built for the most serious DarkRP action ever! We have a ton of custom jobs, weapons and other things Check us out at this IP: gm.fragunited.net

20th June 2012
by vinylrain Go to last post
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16th June 2012
by Rodancoci Go to last post
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DudesCast Tekkit Server - [32 Slot][Whitelist][Industrial Craft / BuildCraft + More][24/7]

www.dudescast.com Hello and welcome, to DudesCast! DudesCast is a Whitelisted No-PvP 24/7 Minecraft Server that runs the Tekkit mod pack, aswell Lockette. How to connect?

9th June 2012
by MILKE Go to last post
15 3,974

Facepunch Freelancer: "Ah fuck not THAT game again"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7-LdmeBw-0 Every once in a while, someone wants to play Freelancer. This ends in me hosting a server, and this time will be no different! Oldies: Welcome back! New Freelancers: Prepare for the greatest days of your...

9th June 2012
by Fables Go to last post
9 2,534

[Hardcore] [Factions] [mcMMO] [Deathban] This Planet is Dead - Fallout themed Minecraft PvP server! Griefing allowed!

IP: play.derp.biz:25608 Website: mine.derp.biz Rules * No use of any hacks of any kind. * No use of xray or transparent texture packs. * No combat logging. * Donít ask for any kind of staff position. You wonít get it, I promise. If we want...

8th June 2012
by AWarGuy Go to last post
3 2,275

Fresh new anarchy server. [50 slots.] [Minecraft] Here you go, 50 slots, no rules, nada. (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the rules" - Orkel))

8th June 2012
by ElementalCreeds Go to last post
6 1,010
PC Games

[MineCraft] www.Double-1.com - Four worlds of pure awesome!

Welcome Welcome to Eleven! My name's Derek (dwatring), and I'll be your tour guide today. Community interaction is really important to us. If you're not commited to playing with a select community, then we discourage your choice to join Don't worry about...

6th June 2012
by Dwatring Go to last post
7 719

AtheistCraft Minecraft Server - Church demolition and other events

Tired of joining a Minecraft servers with a stupid, reactionary and scientifically illiterate playerbases? Stupid Christfags keep ruining your gameplay? Then give AtheistCraft a try! Our server's IP is Don't forget to add it to your...

5th June 2012
by Sgt Doom Go to last post
2 1,196
3rd June 2012
by 12voltsdc Go to last post
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PC Games

Live streaming Amnesia: The Dark descent!

Come watch me shit my pants! http://www.twitch.tv/minionjake

3rd June 2012
by Minion Jake Go to last post
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12w21a Server! Looking for 2 people!

Hey! I was just looking for 2 people that have steam or skype (Steam preferably) that could join me and my friend for 12w21a. I can host the server really well! I'd prefer if the 2 people were actually friends, so grab someone and add me on steam! My...

25th May 2012
by a-k-t-w Go to last post
1 623

Minecraft MMO SERVER--EVOCRAFT-- Factions and more!

Evocraft Server Information The Evocraft server has recently been upgraded to provide you with a better gaming experience on your visits. The new dedicated server allows more players to play at the same time with less lagg...How great is that!? This is...

17th May 2012
by AntiSaint Go to last post
0 3,216

[Minecraft] xP// Build [Towny] [BOSEconomy] [Multiverse] [BookWorm] 24/7 50 slot server

Our forum community: http://ugstunt.com/ Hey guys! after a month in development, our server has recently just launched - bringing back the same community that was quite large a few years back. We run the following plugins: What can I expect...

17th May 2012
by Zethereal Go to last post
2 952

Pirate Generation Minecraft Faction Server - Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free ( 2 3 Last )

Pirate Generation: Factions as they should be Why join us? ~ No Whitelist - Hop right into the action! ~ Limited Plugins - We know nobody likes lag, and nobody likes unnecessary spleef plugins that nobody uses. We have the bare minimum + a few lore...

16th May 2012
by Dankie Go to last post
95 7,167

Earthcraft: Build and compete with other factions on the planet Earth!

I felt the need to re-post this server into the correct section, simply because it's absolutely brilliant and should be full, 24/7. First off, open up this dynamic map of the server: Yes, that's real. Now realize the...

15th May 2012
by _Kent_ Go to last post
3 882

Coronia's Metastrike. Dedicated, fast-paced fun! Beta.

Meta-Strike is a Fretta gamemode that's like Counter-Strike, but with a twist: Each round is different from the last, in one way or another! Each round, your loadout is selected for you, and three "Strike Mods" are chosen. These "Strike Mods" apply to all...

14th May 2012
by MeltingData Go to last post
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Heavy Racing (Aus) [Alternative Gameplay / Heavy Parkour]

Requested by a Facepunch Member. It originally started out on FPUK Unsrs in 2009/2010, we enjoyed it so much that we made a whole server based on it. At the moment we only have 2 different styles of "Heavy Racing". 1. UK Style - Maze...

13th May 2012
by 343N Go to last post
1 809

{[End of Paradise]} [PvP] [HARDCORE] [GRIEFING] [McMMO] [NO WHITELIST]

--------If you want some REAL PvP, then you'd best try out...------- -------------------The Grand Tree as seen from the Spawn Sanctum (Texture Pack: Summerfields)------------------ Owner: ---Rectification Admin(s): ---MrRetextureGuy

12th May 2012
by trent_roolz Go to last post
6 889
PC Games

LucidGaming [24/7] [Dedicated Host] [8-Cores] [8GB of Ram] [1Gb/s]

Download Link: http://lucidgaming.no-ip.org/Lucid-PvP.rar This is currently in development, although it may look like a download and host at the current state, i would like to ensure to you that many thigns will change based on what the players want....

11th May 2012
by LucidGamer Go to last post
0 487

'The Drunk Tank' - DrunkenMiners Reborn | Now with better uptime! ( 2 3 Last )

Contact Information Need to contact TheHANGOVER? Personal E-mail: HANGOVERservers@gmail.com Steam: TheHANGOVER FacePunch: TheHANGOVER Skype: TheHANGOVERisTony Contact Rasta hes cooler.

8th May 2012
by krail9 Go to last post
93 8,324

(TNT) Half life 2 rp | dynamic events | serious rp [24/7]

Introduction We believed that what the gmod community really lacked was a great half life 2 role play sever. We are a 32 slot server that uses the map city 8. One of our best features are the dynamic events that the admin team creates. Our admins are on...

8th May 2012
by Limed00d Go to last post
33 1,755

[Absolut HL2RP] Old Fashioned HL2RP in City 18! New server.

Absolut Roleplay HL2RP Server Information: Gamemode: HL2RP V1.14

8th May 2012
by [Green] Go to last post
6 1,311
Work In Progress

Killstate Roleplay - God Dammit Obliv

Welcome to Killstate! We're a community centered on games and gaming of all sorts. Currently, we have a Gmod roleplay server running LiquidRP, as well as an HL2DM server. Info We're currently being hosted by Chicago VPS, which means guaranteed...

7th May 2012
by Eeshton Go to last post
10 837

Facepunch UK Servers V6 - Hosting Team Fortress 2, CSS, Goldsource, Minecraft and Other Stuff ( 2 3 4 5 .. 55 56 57 58 Last )

It's 2012 and what better way to spent an entire year than playing your favourite games from last year AGAIN this year! Me and Reag are still with the French bird, she's holding up nicely and she puts out quite a lot too ;) IP - ...

5th May 2012
by AlfieGroove Go to last post
2,318 100,779
Work In Progress

[WIP][No Whitelist][Anti-Grief] Lucid Gaming [PvP]

LucidGaming Minecraft Server IP: LucidGaming.no-ip.org Lucid-Gaming is here to ensure that you have an enjoyable Minecraft experience the way it was meant to be played. We are just starting our Minecraft server off, but running it off of a...

2nd May 2012
by Katsu Go to last post
2 597

||TPS|| Serious RolePlay |FastDL|VeryFun| tpsgaming.net [GARRYS MOD]

Umm, I gotta go to sleep, so I just thought I should take 30 seconds of my life and put little effort into this advertisement. Its a 40slot DarkRP Server, with a shitload of customizations. I KNOW you guys will like it. Custom printers, donation ranks,...

2nd May 2012
by darklord213 Go to last post
0 655

Blacklight Retribution

Anyone play's this? It's mmofps open beta right now. Graphics look cool(unreal 3 engine), the theme is cyberpunk.

1st May 2012
by Chjaren Go to last post
1 630

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