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Deviated Gaming GMOD|TF2|CS:S

We're a newer community, looking to grow and providing the best experience possible for our players. We are open to any and all suggestions and will gladly put up new servers based on the demand of the community. We are not interested in making profit at...

15th March 2013
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[1.5] InvisionCraft - 24/7 Survival RPG [SMP] [PVE] [Towny] [McMMO] [Jobs] - Join us today!

InvisionCraft is a 24/7 Survival RPG server. We are proud of our amazing community and dedicated staff. We welcome any newcomers and will be happy to help you get started and settle down. Game Play Type/s: Survival Multiplayer, PvE Server...

14th March 2013
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www.ArcadiaGaming.net | Zombie Survival (RTV | FastDL)

Shut down the server, nobody was joining, max amount of players at peak hour of the day was like 5, and thats on the weekend.

14th March 2013
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Deviant Gamer's Half-Life Two Roleplay

Devaint Gamers (.:dG) is proud to advertise a new Half-Life 2 Roleplay server. When we founded 'Deviant Gamers', we wanted the community to be different from the rest. There are so many HL2RP servers which have very poor administration and ownership,...

13th March 2013
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DayZ Private Facepunch Server - Thoughts? ( 2 Last )

I had the idea of setting up a private DayZ server and soon opening it up to Facepunch. As it is now, its up and running but I'm still adding vehicles, more buildings, etc. As of now the server is running the following: Modified Taviana Mission -...

13th March 2013
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Work In Progress

Society Roleplay - Custom | NPC's | Minigames

What is Society? Society is being developed as a gamemode to test the span of roleplay while extending the actual bounds of a 'normal' roleplay. If you like the idea of managing a corporation, becoming a master of industry, or just feel like playing...

12th March 2013
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11th March 2013
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-delete this thread-

=snip please delete thread-

11th March 2013
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Empires & Revolutions V.1 Redux: Why'd the Thread Have to Close Edition

Empires & Revolutions – Forum Based Historical RP http://i.imgur.com/KHs6v.png TURN 1 - 1836: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/114...1#post33497376 TURN 2 - 1837: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/114...1#post33499422 TURN 3 - 1838:...

10th March 2013
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[MC] WaffelHouse [SMP] {Whitelist}{Anti-Grief}{Mature Staff} Open House Today!

Server Name: WaffleHouse Server Locale: United States West Coast Website: http://minecraft.turbowaffle.com Server Address/IP: mc.turbowaffle.com Game Play Type/s: Description: We're a stable, long-term community (3+ years) of mature players. We...

9th March 2013
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E&R: 18th Century Nazis RP ( 2 Last )

Hello, this is the new 1775 RP thread, PM me a nation you want, obviously, you should know the drill. Let's try to keep away from massive-unplausable-alliances, and keep your turns reasonably based in reality. My plan is to run until the year 1800...

1st March 2013
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Empires and revolutions - Historical Forum RP V2: Blame Brazil for all our problems. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 70 71 72 73 Last )

Empires and revolutions – Forum based Historical RP http://i.imgur.com/KHs6v.png TURN 1 - 1836: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1144032?p=33497376&posted=1#post33497376 TURN 2 - 1837:...

1st March 2013
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Half-Life Alpha- what about a Facepunch Tournament?

What do you guys think about it? Since the engine itself can host a deadmatch game for up to 32 players, it would be no problem to organize such thing for everyone willing.

28th February 2013
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Trouble In Terrorist Town [Radioactive Dolphin] Pointshop

I have a TTT server at It has a pointshop and mostly runs on the map 67thway. It also has the original items from TTT without custom weapons so you do not have to download anything except the maps. Have Fun! The maps are: ttt_67thway_v4...

26th February 2013
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Work In Progress

The Facepunch Dwarf Fortress Succession Game - V1: Spawn of Meinhammar ( 2 3 4 5 .. 12 13 14 15 Last )

READ THE OP Meinhamarr, a shining testament to the power of the Dwarves. However there comes a time in every Civilizations story when the eyes of the many turn from home and gaze out into the great unknown, when they hunger for exploration and...

26th February 2013
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Brainbread: Source

Hello everyone, how are you? I just wanted to post a thread to talk about the popular game mod called Brainbread, which was first made for Half - Life, and now has become made for the Valve Source engine. A mod is a game modification. The game...

24th February 2013
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TylerB's Factions Server

• Server Name: TylerB's Factions Server • Server IP: mc.pointblankrp.com:25586 or • Location of the Server: Dallas, Texas Pictures:

23rd February 2013
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1650 Alternative World RP

Welcome to the 1650 Alternative History RP. Essentially nothing is the same as it was in the world, Europe has been constantly ravaged by wars. Almost all countries have had no time to develop navies strong enough to reach the new world due to constant...

23rd February 2013
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22nd February 2013
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[AN] Trouble In Terrorist Town

Hey, come join us on TTT! Were a laid back fun server with good staff! We have a custom weapons and an awesome in game shop for all types of stuff! Were always being updated around the clock! The maps we have are: 67thway, lost temple, dolls, crummy...

20th February 2013
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Old School TTT

No tyrannic administration, no overpowered custom weapons, nothing. Just the default gamemode, and good times to be had. Trouble in Terrorist Town doles out it's own form of justice through karma, so there is no need for much moderation. That's about it. ...

20th February 2013
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PC Games

TCRZone - Deathrun TF2

We have a deathrun server? IP: Forums: www.thetcrzone.com Rules: dont be a dick dont hack micspam is allowed

19th February 2013
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Playstation 3

Looking for Battlefield 3 buddies

Hi guys, playing with people who I can talk to elsewhere is great. Knowing who you are playing always makes multiplayer more enjoyable. So I was wondering if any facepunchers here would be willing to add me and play together. I'm from Scotland and y...

18th February 2013
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Newtonic Roleplay

Newtonic is a DarkRP Roleplay server. DarkRP is a not very serious roleplay server only for good times and the "lols" we are always updating the server everyday to ensure that you have the most and best time on our server, We will be changing gamemodes...

17th February 2013
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PC Games

-1337- Gaming RP Custom Jobs/Models/Cars/Guns [Good Admins]

Platform: PC Game: Garry's Mod Gamemode: DarkRP Screens:

10th February 2013
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Just Case 2 Multiplayer: Join the Eternal Struggle!

So, I've been playing JC-MP leading the Facepunch faction for the past day or so. There was another leader, but we haven't seen much of him so I took leadership. Under my leadership, we founded a nice riverine empire in the southeast of Panau. We've...

10th February 2013
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COPS - Multiplayer LCPDFR

Heya fellas, I am about to do some LCPDFR Online, I'll be running The Ballad of Gay Tony on an unranked Free-Roam, the server name should be "COPS"

9th February 2013
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Empires & Revolutions VI: Because Original Names Are Overrated ( 2 Last )

Map: http://filesmelt.com/dl/19013.png 1. Send Personal messages with the nation you wish to choose. If possible read a bit about that country that you have picked and what it did in a few years preceding 1900. 2. After you have picked your...

8th February 2013
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Interactive Feed the Beast Let's Play with Mumble Server - 13.2.8 3:00pm

I'm doing a Feed the Beast let's play that anybody can participate in. This is Feed the Beast, if you don't know what it is. The FTB server has 128 slots. There is no grief protection, no rules, and no teleporting. Feel free to get in the mumble...

8th February 2013
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any good cheap gmod server hosts?

hi! i am looking for some gmod server hosts wich i can rent a server from, and it would be very helpful to get some tips and recommendations! i do know one host called gmod.eu but is it any thats cheaper or better? and i found out gmod.eu have some...

7th February 2013
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Work In Progress

Would anybody be interested in an Ultima Online server?

http://members.tripod.com/ultima_thule/uomapgif.gif So I have been going around asking some people what they thought of this game, and the general people said that they thought it would be a cool idea to start up a server for Ultima Online. Not a lot of...

5th February 2013
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Adult Gamers 24/7 TTT

Hello fellow Facepunch users. After playing on a number of TTT servers, I got tired of hearing screaming children over the microphone. I would go to mute one, and then another one would pop up. There are a group of other servers that claim to cater to...

5th February 2013
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Disunited States: A 1990 Forum RP ( 2 Last )

The year is 1990. The United States is shattered. Pick up the remnants of one of the famous 50 nifty United States, with bonus Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands . Your goal is up to you. Reunite the US? Maintain your state's sovereignty? It is all up to...

5th February 2013
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[Arctic-Gaming.net]A-G #1 Surf [Fast DL|Nice Admins]

Hi, this is Arctic Gaming and we are one of the ONLY communities that hosts a surf server in Gmod This is something new that we are trying out so please be patient when the server goes down etc. What is surf? And why are we unique? Well surf is a...

4th February 2013
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Playstation 3

ITT: Little Big Planet 2 - Meet up and level shares.

Console: PS3/PSVITA ITT: We share our level names and play them. And/Or Post ID and meet up

4th February 2013
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Darksters Roleplay [Progress] ( 2 3 Last )

Darksters roleplay is a DarkRP edit, the main point of the game is of course just enjoy yourself as long as you follow the set rules. - We are situated in a map which isn't used in other servers, it's medium-sized and has a lot of places to roleplay. -...

2nd February 2013
by elowin Go to last post
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Galaxy at War MKII: Fear the Empire of space Britain.

Welcome to Galaxy at war V.2. I created this forum game last year, and i'd like to say it was a great success.I can mostly compare it to the forum games Sobotnik, Mr.Face and others have created. However, this takes place in space and will be very, very...

2nd February 2013
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DeadFace Gaming Custom TTT (Shameless Advertisement)

*Disclaimer* Some bugs will be found DeadFace Gaming is a Trouble in Terrorist Town edit. If you dislike Custom TTT, I suggest clicking away before your eyes melt. Server Information: 20 slots ( I hate bigger TTT servers) US Server IP:...

1st February 2013
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Sublight Custom DarkRP

Yes, another Dark RP server, but before you leave this thread in rage, we have more to offer than your average DarkRP. We have some customized jobs like Mechanic (to fix our vast amount of cars or fill 'em up), Taxi Driver (to drive those too poor to...

1st February 2013
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Empires and Revolutions V. The Empire boys are back in town. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 15 16 17 18 Last )

READ ME, SEND IN TURNS AS TURN 1. http://filesmelt.com/dl/18351.png Music for the turn - Frédéric Chopin - Grand Polonaise Brillante http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpTbo_y-mxM Prologue: The defeat of napoleon was followed by years of intolerable...

1st February 2013
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[MC] xP// Build [Towny] - We're back, we're bigger, and we're twice as fun.

Welcome to xP// Build! xP// is a gaming community that has been on-and-off for a few years already. Led by two people, Xenoyia and SUXpanD, xP//'s a community that focuses on just having fun rather than sheer player counts and e-penis value. We...

30th January 2013
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Just Cause 2 unlimited grapple mod?

Can someone link in a reply or tell me where to get the infinite grapple mod? Not the extended grapple mod.

29th January 2013
by lithiumslay Go to last post
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Anyone want to play magicka? (Other side of the coin dlc)

I was just looking for someone to play the other side of the coin dlc with. I have one friend who wants to play, but magicka is more fun with 3-4 people. Steam name: YZMatt

27th January 2013
by YZMatt Go to last post
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Another Fuckin' Sandbox server.

Yes, you heard me, another god damn sandbox server. For fuck sakes I have nothing to live for. FUCK. But then again, Hi my name is eligrand1. I have nothing mean to say, and im perfectly normal... This gay sandbox server was really...gay. So I, the...

26th January 2013
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Deviated Gaming| TTT (2 Servers)

Hey! We've got two TTT servers up currently, one with Jihad, one without. Just thought I'd throw out the IPs in case anyone wants to come play. <--One with Jihad. Both of them have Pointshop with some playermodels and stuff. Weapons are...

25th January 2013
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[Darksters] Trouble In Traitor Town

Simply a trouble in Traitor town with some additions nothing to change the game wildy, no point shop because it ruins some gameplay aspects. www.darksters.com

20th January 2013
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HL2RP, +Custom Factions, addons, Classes ETC.

(NOTE I AM NOT ADVERTISING) I decided to Make An Thread here, because i'm getting ass raped all over in steam about this, The Fact that they ask about my server when it is coming back etc, So READ THIS NOW! ;) My Multiservers, are coming back...

Cooler 1 people are reading this thread x 1
19th January 2013
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Anyone interested in playing PS1 games multiplayer onilne?

Basically we use ePSXe with CyberPad plugin to connect to each other. Pretty much everyone and their grandmother can play. Of course we need to have the same game, but that can be arranged via Steam. I can give you all files needed as well.

19th January 2013
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PC Games

[HL2RP] CUG Server ( 2 Last )

Hello. I think that everyone of you agrees with that: "HL2RP is boring". Well, this isn't the average HL2RP you may have seen. That's basically what happens on every server. 1. Citizen gets an apartment, leaves it empty. 2. Citizen makes some friend...

19th January 2013
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Tribal Hero

Tribal hero is a city building game with NO referral bonuses and NO pay to win features. http://tribalhero.com/ You build and manage your starting city, you can raid other cities, defend your cities, and even settle more cities. The way you "win"...

18th January 2013
by Nystical Go to last post
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Near Future RP - Quick Turn Cycle

Summary From 2013 on, the global economy started to look a bit better. People got employment again, and advances in technology enabled countries to buy surpluses of oil and other commodities from exporters. Strengthened economic ties caused peace between...

15th January 2013
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15th January 2013
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Modern World RP V.4: Claim your only trying to survive, Commit Human Rights Violations To The Max ( 2 Last )

READ ME, SEND IN TURNS AS TURN 1. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/109107273/map_update.png (Any adjustments to make borders more accurate are very much welcomed.) EVENTS OF 2012 Jan - Jul – MISC (Also includes the 2010s to add a little context) -The...

15th January 2013
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| KIG | KillerInstinct Gaming - Recruiting - Custom DarkRP - NEW!

Hey there! Lolipop1113 and I have created a Brand New DarkRP! If you would like to join and help test the IP is If you would like to Apply for Mod or Admin, here is the Template! IGN: Age: Skype: Steam ID:

15th January 2013
by /dev/sda1 Go to last post
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SCars, 24/7, Low Ping Owners Balazin Super Admin Philip Admins lolipop113 Chase Dev Remie We are fun community and growing by the minute! We are currently setting up a donation system with 6 Different Donator jobs and you can also buy admin...

14th January 2013
by Chase300 Go to last post
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[RGers] Half Life 2 Roleplay

Your free ticket to not-shit Half Life 2 RP *Trained staff to enforce rules. *Experienced community.

14th January 2013
by lolo Go to last post
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Hl2rp IntenseGaming, What would you think players would like to see?

Hello, My name is Skodar. I know I've been dumb before and tried to advertise a server. But since that day I've made my own community with some other friends, I'm not trying to get any users. I'm just asking what players would like to see. If you'd...

10th January 2013
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Vortex Servers - MTA

Hello! I have recently set up a Multi Theft Auto server and was planning to make it open to anyone who wanted to play from FacePunch, my problem is i can't seem to find any kind of Console to set admins and passwords. has anyone had any experience...

10th January 2013
by vladnag Go to last post
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Modern World RP V.3: Kill One Another For A Gallon of Oil Edition ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Last )

Welcome, ladies and gentleman (Just kidding, you're all men, it's the internet) to the latest attempt at a Modern "Run your own country" RP. http://filesmelt.com/dl/1M.png Prologue: The year is 2012. The world is rapidly running out of resources,...

10th January 2013
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PC Games

Far Cry 3 Co Op: Lookng for friends!

If you are from the previous thread i made, this ones for real. I wanna get some friends who have Far Cry 3, and are interested in trying out the Co Op. Maybe in time, we can make a lets play, or livestream. Please contact me at...

9th January 2013
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[FP] Facepunch RP - Super Cereal Edition ( 2 3 4 5 .. 19 20 21 22 Last )

Spacebuild coming soon, look for the new thread tomorrow.

8th January 2013
by Noss Go to last post
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Foxy Roleplay 2.0

Foxy Roleplay is a small server. IP is (User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the rules" - Orkel))

7th January 2013
by a-cookie Go to last post
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Voxel MMO in progress (need voxel model editor)

Legends of Remora: Voxel MMO in development, Hello LOR "Legends of Remora" is a new MMO project recently started by me and my friend "Hardcore". LOR is a voxel game (3d world made into an image with pixels ) but this game is different. While the world...

5th January 2013
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Fun Sociable Game

Hey guys, are there any games out there that you would suggest? Multiplayer ones of course. Just something that's extremely fun to play, sociable in a way and will not steal my life (or my bandwidth) 2nd January 2013 2nd January 2013

5th January 2013
by Wickerman123 Go to last post
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Anyone Up for Some Dungeon Defenders

I am about to do a Run Of Insane Turkey Hunt. Anyone want to join?

4th January 2013
by Raccoon99 Go to last post
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PurifiedRP ClockWork RP |In game applications|Fast DL

Over on purifiedRP we have friendly players and staff we also have plenty of events so boredom is non existent. Our server is 24/7 with in game applications or you can apply for CA, CCA or CWU at the site. Events happen at random and can last a bit to...

3rd January 2013
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PC Games

Anyone Wanna Join Our "Company" on trainz simulator 2012 (TTRR)

Welcome to my thread First off me and my friend have a "company" thing that we are doing in trainz simulator 2012. We are looking to put together a few teams that will help us with this and basically work with us. (Feel Free to sign up for 2...

3rd January 2013
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PC Games

The Facepunch Dawn of War League (It's a Steam group)

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you a Facepunch user? That's a silly question, of course you are. Do you like Dawn of War? Fuck yeah you do if you read this thread. Do you often get roflstomped when trying to play the DoW games on online multiplayer? I guess a...

1st January 2013
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Idea: An RP gamemode connected to a master server?

I'm thinking of getting back into Lua and specifically Gmod Lua because Lua is such a nice, easy to use language. Anyway, I had this idea earlier and I was curious if anybody thinks it'd work. The idea would basically be that a gamemode would be...

30th December 2012
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Black Ops 2, anyone want to play? ( 2 Last )

Im Jimmy, and I am part of WBA, But thats not really important. I wish to ask the community if anyone wishes to play Black Ops 2? Maybe make a league team?

30th December 2012
by Deadwrath Go to last post
44 2,390

Anyone seen this game?

http://lnc.hr/oS9r Check that out! Looks amazing, if you could sign up at the bottom of the page, that would be great. Post your thoughts on the game. kthxbai (random question, how do I add a title to my profile? I'm new)

30th December 2012
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PC Games

#TvP Community - 150(and rising) Secret Saxton Event!

Hello lads, I own a small small, but very well knit community called Team Vegan Police, we aren't really vegans, I just loved them in Scott Pilgrim. Some of us have chipped in money to buy bulk secret saxtons, currently, we are at 150, and it would be...

30th December 2012
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European Modern RP thread - Conquer the whole continent! ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Welcome all to the war for europe RP. I intend to get turns out at a much more consistent pace with this one. This isn't a remotely plausible game, however, keep your turns to where they make sense. For this, there is no world outside of europe My plan...

28th December 2012
by Sega Saturn Go to last post
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Facepunch Men of War: "Aim is in the Reach Zone!"

Welcome, Komrades! You like Men of War: Assault Squad? Well play with us! Men of War: Assault Squad is a complex, infantry-based RTS involving the second world war. This game is addicting when played in groups! When We Play: Whenever, but it will...

27th December 2012
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[TF2]The Pond!

IP: The Pond is a US server running stock map on a rotation, soon we will have events running. Our admins are: Our rules are:

25th December 2012
by iWhatIsLove Go to last post
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PC Games

An Epic Garrys Mod Roleplay Server :D (HGRP)

Hey guys, Panda Here. I am here to tell you guys all about an EPIC Garrys Mod server which I have been playing on for a while. Harbringer Gaming Role Play Server, or HGRP for short. This server is really good. Admins are freindly and 99% responsive and...

24th December 2012
by /dev/sda1 Go to last post
13 2,543

Dead Zone: Rebirth | GMOD Roleplaying Server

This may not be the best place to advertise the server, but I decided to give it a shot for people who are still interested in Garry's Mod roleplaying. This server uses an edited version of Tiramisu as it's gamemode. Currently, there is no a good...

23rd December 2012
by Liem Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Another GTA: IV Server ( 2 Last )

Many of you may have already seen the other server thread. I have been very slowly working on a server of my own for about the last 3 months. The reason I say very slowly is because I have a real job and can't work on it all too much. Anyway, let me...

22nd December 2012
by darklom Go to last post
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PC Games

CSS Classic Elimination Tournament (Prize for winner)

Elimination Elimination is an event I decided to plan out that is simple and easy for everyone to play(as long as you have CSS). It involves eliminating players to the point of having a one on one round which ends when one kills the other. The...

21st December 2012
by Gatekeeper828 Go to last post
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Replaying Clear Sky

Well not much to say beyond, playing Clear Sky again, no mods no nothing. Just Russian music and a catchy mask. http://www.livestream.com/xoom3r

21st December 2012
by wallyroberto_2 Go to last post
2 581