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New server up Captainz|Wire|Pointshop|24/7

We have opened a new server called Captainz|Wire|Pointshop|24/7, We have custom job's, printer's and much more. Hope You Join

7th July 2013
by Sally Go to last post
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Noir RP - The Ghetto Astronauts

Noir RP is a small, mafia-themed DarkRP server that is based around combat between 3 families, the Russians, the Italians, and the Irish. I'm guessing you all know what DarkRP's about, so I won't bother explaining it. Uh, let's see here... The admins...

4th July 2013
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4th July 2013
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Company of heroes: Blitzkrieg mod/ modern combat mod players

Hey folks! Was wondering if any of you play the old company of heroes. I play it and it gets kinda lonely, since I play the mods and seems no one knows about them. If ya play, post here, or send me a PM and I can add ya on steam so we can play a few. ...

4th July 2013
by Daddy-of-war Go to last post
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PC Games

New Custom DarkRP Server!

Corporation Gaming: Just thought I would post a thread about my server. We arent getting many players, but we do have a pretty fun server. We still tweak things often, and im always making more classes and things in my spare time. The server has a...

4th July 2013
by Sally Go to last post
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Gaussrun Server

This server lives 2 months, but I can't find regular players. You're welcome! About gamemode: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1278600

3rd July 2013
by 2008walle Go to last post
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LemonPunch ( 2 3 4 5 .. 7 8 9 10 Last )

LemonPunch is a Garry's Mod community founded in January 2013 with a HL2 RP server. Since then we've rapidly developed an unprecedented community infrastructure, although our flagship is still our popular 80 slots - highly modified - HL2 RP server. ...

2nd July 2013
by LemonPunch Go to last post
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=DoW= Ultimate Build Server WAC, ACF TDM CARS AND MORE!

Here at =DoW= we like to push things over the edge. We decided to pack the most popular mods in one place for the ultimate building experiance Features: Great Admins: We take care of the minges to insure that your builds are safe. Addons and more...

30th June 2013
by nickster50 Go to last post
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YackJack's Awesome Build Server

I noticed there are not many build servers in this section but still some people are probably looking for a nice one with many nice addons, where they can build cool things and mess around with other players. Well, if you are one of these people then this...

30th June 2013
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~=~ [IncognitoServers.com] HL2RP λ ( 2 3 Last )

Welcome to Incognito Servers. A serious roleplaying server running the HL2RP gamemode. Check out our Website: http://incognitoservers.com Loading Screen: http://incognitoservers.com/loadingscreen/ Mumble: IP (Port 22870) Server:...

29th June 2013
by IncogMouse Go to last post
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Forums:http://www.bxr-gaming.com BxR-Gaming is a brand new 24/7 DarkRP server created by a small group of friends in order to provide players with a better gmod experience... :words: Map- rp_downtown_v4e_fix

28th June 2013
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27th June 2013
by Christmasham Go to last post
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C74: The future is here -- HL2:RP Reborn ( 2 Last )

For the first time, the intense, diverse and sophisticated world of Half-Life 2 you know, will throw you right in the dark pits and rat-crawling alleys of City 74, Iceland. Now haunted by the Combine Civil Authority, the metropolis that was once known as...

Botman Thread has images Dumb x 23
27th June 2013
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Chessnut's Corner - Friendly Community

Chessnut's Corner is a community founded in February 2013 by Chessnut, who wanted to run a Jailbreak server. The community began to expand and was featured on UberHaxorNova, ImmortalHD, and other Youtubers. With the new gained popularity, the expansion of...

26th June 2013
by Netheous Go to last post
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Work In Progress

~|Multi Gamemodes Server|~ Incognitoservers.com

Multi Gamemodes Server *NOTE: There may still be problems. We have fixed most things though. - The status of the gamemodes may change in the future. After a long while of testing and fiddling, we've managed to pull together a new server with 8...

25th June 2013
by Chessnut Go to last post
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24th June 2013
by Netheous Go to last post
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22nd June 2013
by DeathByKittens Go to last post
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Super Mario 64 Star Road Live Stream

Hey. I'm playing Super Mario star road and i am lonely :( Come join me and for laughs and a rom hack for Mario that most people don't know about Cheers! http://www.twitch.tv/loaf_of_bread

21st June 2013
by iJeax Go to last post
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21st June 2013
by Glue Factory Go to last post
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Hi there everyone! My name is Peter, but most call me either Pete or Myrr. I am the owner and founder of Gerbil Mountain, which is a gaming community that has been active since late 2007. Since a while back, we have hosted DayZ servers as a new project....

20th June 2013
by nathman Go to last post
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Work In Progress

=VICRP= Vannila Ice Cream Roleplay a classic DarkRP Experiance

Hello, if you are reading this then your thinking OMG ANOTHER FUCKING STUPID DARKRP SERVER, well this one is different in it unique way. Our server is a classic roleplay server that means, NO BULLSHIT, default darkrp content and a classic map to go with...

20th June 2013
by t h e Go to last post
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[Garry's Mod] LtB community Half Life 2 Roleplay

Forum http://ltbservers.com/forum54.html?sid=fb58e2b724daf05895c71e8bdcb77cd6 IP : Features : Good admins : Our admins aren't assholes like most the Half Life 2 Roleplay servers seems to have. I make sure personally that...

18th June 2013
by suis123 Go to last post
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CutScene - Semi Vanilla Minecraft Survival

After shutting down my old server a few months ago, it's now returned in the EU. Hostname: server.cutscenegaming.com We only run mods that do not ruin gameplay but enhance it, such as anti-grief mods. We are a friendly little community of people who...

16th June 2013
by loony383 Go to last post
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[CS:S] No bullshit ZombieMod - 24/7 Panic maps

After joining multiple shit zombiemod servers, I've decided to start my own. 100% no bullshit, guaranteed. No stupid VIP ranks, dumb point stores, or unbalanced retarded classes. (Our lovely MOTD) The server has around 9 (I think) lila_panic maps....

15th June 2013
by nige111 Go to last post
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[AFA] Trouble in Terrorist Town

Information about the server! IP: Our site is: Here. We also use the default HUD, which is very nice. Lua Scripts/Addons on this server: Kuro Deaths, PointShop, MapVote, and more!

14th June 2013
by mon_ons Go to last post
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TTT - Beta Testing

i am opening a Brand New TTT server with 32GB of Ram 100MBPS Bandwidth and i am adding custom items, server ip : http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

13th June 2013
by Extronic Go to last post
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When Worlds Collide: Middle East RP ( 2 3 4 Last )

History of the Middle East 1990-2000 It is January, 1990. Tension is high in the entire Middle East. Iraq has been posturing towards Kuwait and does not seem to be letting up. Iran licks its wounds and begins reforming the Pasdaran, hoping that it will...

11th June 2013
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Atomic Asylum Gaming - HL2RP ( 2 Last )

Delete this please, going to make a new, better one.

11th June 2013
by Death_God Go to last post
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Work In Progress

LtB ZombieRP l FastDL l Realism ( 2 Last )

Forums: http://ltb.prophpbb.com/ What happens when you combine DarkRP and Zombies? Well, you get ZombieRP! I have currently been working on this, and so far it's been going along fine. Features Challenging zombies (e.g, when a zombie swing a hit...

7th June 2013
by Greatie Go to last post
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Anyone Play DayZ Origins? If so.. Here is my server's info

Server Name: Server IP: Our TeamSpeak IP: KnightHawk.TypeFrag.com:4955 KnightHawk Gaming Site:

6th June 2013
by KnightHawk92 Go to last post
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Goodness-Gaming | Trouble in Terrorist Town.

I'm opening a TTT server since a lot of people asked me to. It has some nice features like Pointshop and Custom Weapons. (More is Comming.) - Pointshop Pointshop is a addon made by _undefined, It gives the players points over time which they can...

6th June 2013
by Ze Sloth Go to last post
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ForceGaming | Custom DarkRP

Mod: DarkRP Status: ONLINE Why ForceGaming? We make everything to keep our server up and running! The server is fully secured and fully custom! What do we got in ForceGaming?

2nd June 2013
by Greatie Go to last post
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Trouble in Terrorist Town! The servers incorporates the following features: -Global POG Coin Shop (Integrated with upcoming JailBreak) -Spend coins on weapons, models, trails, accessories, or to switch to a traitor/detective! -Obtain coins by...

2nd June 2013
by WoodzyX88 Go to last post
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New Forum For My Gmod Server

Delete this thread please

1st June 2013
by YourFriendJoe Go to last post
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[TF2] The Bitter Taste Of Tea ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Server name: The Bitter Taste Of tea Max Players: 24 Server IP: Mumble IP: Mumble Password: Teabreak Administrators: Oceansbloo, Crit Chris, Jonesy.exe, Emil and Bror Micspam enabled. Enjoy your stay! Be...

27th May 2013
by CAT17 Go to last post
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Medieval Lives - RP of the Middle Ages. ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

Medieval lives Historical RP of the Middle Ages Hello gentlemen. I intend to host and run a game to the best of my abilities. After some success with previous forum RPs, I intend to run this to the best of my ability. ...

26th May 2013
by IPK Go to last post
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Worms 2 Armageddon for Android

If you don't have a copy, pick it up here for $4.99. Server is private, the name is "FACEPUNCH". Let's get this show rolling! Feel free to post other servers here as well since Worms games are small.

25th May 2013
by Dr. Evilcop Go to last post
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Post Your
24th May 2013
by Sev0767 Go to last post
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PuzzlePork - A Monochromatic Precision Platformer

PuzzlePork - A Monochromatic Precision Platformer PuzzlePork is an eerie atmospheric monochromatic style precision platformer where the goal is to collect pigs. Traverse dark and solitary dream like scenes which emanates loneliness and accompanied...

22nd May 2013
by assa46 Go to last post
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PC Games

Team Fortress 2 - Classical Fun! I just set it up and FP member "HappyMartin" wanted someone to play with. I'm currently downloading the game. Also, I'm open for good maps, addons or whatever. But the idea was to keep it fresh, sounds good?

21st May 2013
by Tall Russian Go to last post
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1 Day Game

Improbable is an AS3 game I made in a few hours that I thought I'd share with you. It's like most avoiding games with a twist; the stuff you're avoiding you also have to catch. I plan on adding more items to the game later. Link:...

19th May 2013
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
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17th May 2013
by superdodo12 Go to last post
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[TF2] The Secret Stash (Unofficial FP Server)

*I'm copy and pasting this from the TF2 subforum* Well, you guys keep asking for a facepunch server (or at least a place to play together), and it happens that I have one just sitting around collecting cobwebs. You're all welcome to play. If you want...

14th May 2013
by Dat Lobo Go to last post
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Facepunch SubRosa Server

I've put up a Facepunch server, it should be up for the next 24 hrs at least. Feel free to stop by and play, this game is awesome, and the newest updates really make it balanced. This server is based on the West Coast Here's the IP if needed, but...

12th May 2013
by Mango's Go to last post
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PC Games

[Deviant Gamers] [Half-Life II: Roleplay]

Hello there! My name is Bloodprime and I represent the gaming community, 'Deviant Gamers'. We are a new community, built by players with experience in running great gaming groups. Myself and Danny are the owners of Deviant Gamers, and we would like to...

12th May 2013
by Mango's Go to last post
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4th May 2013
by TortillaGamer Go to last post
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FNox's Buildland Funland (wire and all that dumb shit)

So I have a sandbox server now. It has only a few basic mods, explicitly, Wiremod, and Adv Dupe, plus some extra tools to, you know, help the building. It's pretty much a no frills sandbox server where you can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want....

2nd May 2013
by Johnny Guitar Go to last post
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|QIG| Trouble in Terrorist Town | Looking for experienced coders to assist me.

I was recently appointed to run the |QIG| Trouble in Terrorist Town server and was looking for some help as I work two jobs and can't do it all on my own. Running evolve mod, looking to add some custom player models to point shop, motd plugin maybe a...

1st May 2013
by Poxonjr Go to last post
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PC Games

Freemangaming - US 1827 | Chernarus | More Vehicles | Extra Crashes | Care packages | v1.7.6.1/Beta 103419 | Come play!

DELETE POST. BAN MY ACCOUNT. (User was permabanned for this post ("requested" - postal))

29th April 2013
by Talatandi Go to last post
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Total Immersion Roleplay 2 (another DarkRP edit by FByte)

I promise this is the last DarkRP edit I will make. You may remember a while back I posted here regarding Total Immersion Roleplay (TIRP). Well, over the last few months we've been working on a sequel and now we are proud to finally present Total...

28th April 2013
by Ledivad Go to last post
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[In Progress] Dead Man Zand

Hello everyone! I would like to present our game: Dead Man Zand. It is still in progress, but it is moving very very fast and well. Here is a snip-it of the game and what it is all about. Our website: www.mountainwheel.com Follow us on...

27th April 2013
by lifemonkey Go to last post
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26th April 2013
by /dev/sda1 Go to last post
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[MC] Rageguy's Server - 24/7 Survival/Anarchy/iConomy/Factions


24th April 2013
by Rageguy Go to last post
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1775 century RP V. 18th century Nazis ( 2 Last )

Hello, this is the new 1775 RP thread, PM me a nation you want, obviously, you should know the drill. Let's try to keep away from massive-unplausable-alliances, and keep your turns reasonably based in reality. My plan is to run until the year 1800...

24th April 2013
by Sobotnik Go to last post
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Empires and Revolutions Modern World RP Eli Edition ( 2 3 4 Last )

Alright faggots prepare for a new modern world RP because the last one was fucked. Map for January 1st 2000 http://filesmelt.com/dl/20004.png Send in your turns to me as E&R Modern (country) Turn (number) Send in your flags already re-sized to 250x150...

24th April 2013
by Satansick Go to last post
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Rising Powers: Modern-ish North Atlantic RP ( 2 3 4 5 .. 10 11 12 13 Last )

Introduction: It's the late 20th century, and you find yourself the leader of one of the world's few true nations, surrounded by city states and agricultural communities. In this world, there is no such thing as a nuclear bomb, and no nation has reached...

22nd April 2013
by Satansick Go to last post
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Enigma MC - Jobs/Classes/Dungeons/Economy

IP: Enigma MC is a PvE server with PvP in arenas, events, and the wild. This server has a balanced economy and is waiting for you to jump in and join in on the action! You can rule a kingdom, become a treasure hunter, or walk...

22nd April 2013
by Fabiolous Go to last post
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Work In Progress

TNTuniverse | Rad-Storm RP | Alpha Testing

TNTuniverse presents Rad-Storm RP. This is a gamemode using clockwork. We have worked on many aspects to give it the feel of the experience that we are all aiming for. Its a post apocalyptic wastland contaning all of the best elements of Fallout, Stalker...

20th April 2013
by TNTuniverse Go to last post
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PC Games

Gmod TTT Server Advert ( 2 Last )

-SNIP- Server is being maintined and websites upgraded ETC ETC. - Online/Offline for a while. -

19th April 2013
by LewisUK Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Frank's Free-Market Server

Hello facepunch! I've been quite slowly been working on an edit of the Pistachio gamemode for the last few weeks. I wasn't sure what I wanted to become of it but after seeing a few things around on here, I decided to make a free-market edit. First off, i...

16th April 2013
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
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Free Final Fantasy XI Private SERVER!

Come play with us! http://ffxifree.com/ Welcome to FFXIFree The worlds best Free to play final fantasy Game server. You can come play here without any issues. We have a great community already and look forward to playing with you as well! ...

16th April 2013
by Jah Mason Go to last post
13 9,240

Half-Life 1 Deathmatch in North America.

I enjoy Source games and all, don't get me wrong, but Half-Life 1 is the shit! My uncle showed me the game when I was only about 5 or 6, and I fell in love. However, when one in North America tries to play HL1 online, there's a problem: Looking at the...

13th April 2013
by KD007 Go to last post
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-Gmod- [RG-TTT]|Custom|Shop|Haste|Admins|Forums|FastDL|MapVote

Today, I'm going to be telling you about a server called RG Gaming ( Relaxed Gaming .) It's a great TTT server with a bunch of different Traitor weapons and Detective weapons. It has a lot of addons some custom made, some classic such as the Jihad bomb....

8th April 2013
by Benjikelly Go to last post
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PC Games

SimCity 4 Succession Game

I thought it would be a great idea to start a SimCity 4 Deluxe succession game firstly because SimCity 4 is great fun and secondly for all those who can't afford or are too scared to buy the latest release of SimCity. SimCity 4 Deluxe is a combination...

4th April 2013
by ReligiousNutjob Go to last post
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PC Games

DemonoidPVP Minecraft server

DemonoidPvP is a server where you can relax, build, mine and KILL. In our server we allow the fun stuff like griefing and PvP unlike most servers who put the chains on you if you break that rule. Our server likes to encourage the players to fight and earn...

3rd April 2013
by nick_9_8 Go to last post
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Starforge Server [HAMACHI]

Sorry that it has to be hamachi but I can't find my port. There are 2 hamachi servers: Facepunch Starforge 1 Password is FP Facepunch Starforge 2 Password is FP It will be base defence mode. IP:

1st April 2013
by darth-veger Go to last post
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[Minecraft] Random generated walls | TheProtopla.net

IP: play.theprotopla.net Server location: Scandinavia Hello Guys, we have just set up a server of random generated walls heavily inspired by the original Walls map. The server should be up and running 24/7 so feel free to play when you like. ...

30th March 2013
by Holy Altnir Go to last post
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29th March 2013
by firstblood Go to last post
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[Start] Sim City

Anyone intressted in teaming up for some Sim City? A fresh new start! Let's see how many people want to join (Max slots = 16 players) *3/16* Syff GavinMon98 zurf3r

28th March 2013
by nexusowner Go to last post
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DayZ Private Facepunch Server - Up and Running!

The server is ready! Current Admins: Wesnc(Raven-Rave/Broken Condom), FrankP Over 200 vehicles. Increased View Distance by a little. Running the Taviana map. Server IP: The one and only rule, Don't hack or your balls will...

26th March 2013
by Fribbler Go to last post
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PC Games

FragUnited.net DarkRP Server [Custom Guns, Custom Jobs, Fast DL]

Frag United - Garry's Mod Server About Server Hardware Server Info

24th March 2013
by metalhand Go to last post
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Cling to Supremacy, Struggle for Existence: Near-Future RP

Welcome! I really wanted to make this game as a fun experiment, and perhaps see how far I can go as gamemaster to bring far greater interactivity into games like these on fast threads. Let's begin, shall we? The year is 2263. The great wall...

23rd March 2013
by Milkdairy Go to last post
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PC Games

The Brohouse TTT server (Fast-DL Maps, CS maps, more to be added, suggestions needed)

Hey there facepunch, thanks to a user here named darksoul69 i was able to get a free gameserver, i can't thank him enough. We are currently adding things, you can suggest addons you want added, and we might need a management team, You can join through...

23rd March 2013
by Purple Robot Go to last post
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Half-Life 1 DM facepunch server

Since that other server is discontinued (and wasn't even passworded) I'm making my own thread for our PRIVATE fp server. type this in your console connect;password hotcakes No custom content because that sucks, we might add...

23rd March 2013
by KD007 Go to last post
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Disunited States: A 1990 Forum RP v2: 50% more delay by Head Injury ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

The year is 1990. The United States is shattered. Pick up the remnants of one of the famous 50 nifty United States, with bonus Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands . Your goal is up to you. Reunite the US? Maintain your state's sovereignty? It is all up to...

23rd March 2013
by TheFishyG Go to last post
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PC Games

Dougs Awesome Awesome Strike [FastDL]

play.douglashuck.com:27017 Well I done this type of post before so lets just prefire some of the "criticism" that come up often. "The name suck." Yes it does, happy? "You use multiple accounts" only 9001 "You should get rid of points shop" It's...

22nd March 2013
by faceguydb Go to last post
19 1,027

[In Progress] Crime City

Crime City, sounds like a shocking title, but lets stick with it! Its going to be a Game Mode where there are lots of Gangs striving for control over the city ( Liberty ) and they are pretty desperate for the control. Players will start off as "Neutral",...

20th March 2013
by FreddiRox! Go to last post
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Pistachio Roleplay (It isn't DarkRP) ( 2 3 Last )

GET THE CONTENT PACK BY CLICKING HERE! Pistachio is a new role-play game mode that is currently being developed upon. The goal of this game mode isn't to be another overstuffed DarkRP edit, but to allow players the freedom to be creative in their...

19th March 2013
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
86 10,139

Empires & Revolutions: Millennial Edition - Running away from Why-Too-Kay ( 2 3 4 5 6 Last )

Welcome to the year 2000. The twin towers are still here, the internet started to become popular, Chechnya is about to get Chech'd and OP is playing with Lego in kindergarten. This is just like every other RP, except there will be an intro turn before...

19th March 2013
by KriegsMar1ne Go to last post
235 4,068

=HkG= Heartkoregaming.com TTT |Custom|Point Shop|FastDL|Chicago Yup, after a long hiatus the =HkG= TTT server is back and better than ever! I've put in a lot of effort to get the server running and editing things, but I'm sure there are some issues still with it. If you happen to find anything...

17th March 2013
by Da Big Man Go to last post
6 817