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Red City: ReDead -- "Play as if it was still Gmod 10!"

Since Re-Dead was fixed / re-released (and is one of my favorite gamemodes) I put up a server that can house 16 people. Some things are still broken, but it should be playable: You can download the gamemode and find links to the content pack (which...

17th December 2012
by glitchvid Go to last post
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Rootgaming Roleplay

https://rootgaming.net/forums/forum.php I am NOT the owner of the community. I am an ex-admin and current player there. What is this? Rootgaming is a community project on the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas based multiplayer modification,...

16th December 2012
by FamousCra Go to last post
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VnB Terror in Terrorist Town

We have now switched over to the popular Stalker gamemode! If you would like to come play with us the IP is below. The server is 24/7 so come have fun ;3

14th December 2012
by Vilusia Go to last post
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PC Games

People That Game - Killing Floor / TeamSpeak 3

About All servers are running the default map rotation with no major mods - aside from ones to improve the players experience - so you won't need to download any extra maps, materials or sounds. The servers have a friendly atmosphere and are kept, as...

13th December 2012
by JohnWallace Go to last post
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Killing Floor [Mod]

Chances are, if you play games on your PC, you've played a game called Killing Floor on steam. How many, if any of you have played a mod called Killing Floor? Precursor to retail, the mod version is slower-paced, darker, more intense, creepier, and just...

13th December 2012
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PC Games

No, seriously, Sniper Elite V2

So, I picked this game up really cheap during the fall sale, and none of my friends that have the game are able to play the co-op with me, and so, I must ask you, my best facepunch pals: Would you like to internally explore the Nazi mind together? ...

12th December 2012
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[VW] thevirtualworlds.net | Tiramisu 2 | Serious roleplay

Hello everyone, The Virtual Worlds is a fairly small community looking to expand, we're currently one of the only active Tiramisu 2 servers out there and we plan with your help of course keeping the script alive by making sure the server stays alive...

3rd December 2012
by Jocken300 Go to last post
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PC Games

Loriborns Friendly Funtime Funland [GMOD]

This server is sandbox You can kill other players Killing Players/NPCS earns you credits If you die, you lose credits You can buy guns and other equipment with these credits The equipment isn't permanent, it lasts until you die (however your credits...

30th November 2012
by 343N Go to last post
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[rolozone] games suck so were squeezing all the fun out of it

games are supposed to be a hobby, something that u do for a while and enjoy the time spent doing it - the shit that feeds your daydreams and remind us that there is a silver lining. so what happens when these games are really gay and the people that enjoy...

29th November 2012
by Cheryl Cole Go to last post
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Looking for regular TTT players to play with

As much as I love Trouble in Terroist Town, not a ton of my friends play it when I'm on or are willing to get on and play with me. So I figured I'd hit up this forum and post this. if anyone is on Gmod regularly and enjoys TTT then feel free to add me on...

27th November 2012
by flameducky Go to last post
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PC Games

[oldthings] System Shock 2 COOP

Most of you probably don't know what this game is. Well... It's just the Awesomeness. System Shock 2 is an abandonware 1999 game, by the Looking Glass studios and the Irrational Games, as a sequel of System Shock 1, released in 1994. It's ambiented in...

21st November 2012
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PC Games

Garry's Mod City Roleplay! ( 2 Last )

Hello, I am here to introduce the new City roleplay from the creators of Black Mesa Roleplay. This server runs DarkRP as a base but is different from the rest. The Jobs: - City Council - Police Officer - Gun Dealer (need license - only cops or...

20th November 2012
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You're all niggers. (User was banned for this post ("racism, duplicate thread" - postal)) (User was banned for this post ("racism, 2nd time" - postal))

20th November 2012
by Amy Pond Go to last post
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[TF2] Another Mann vs Machine Server | Custom Waves

Yes, the worst servers and possibly the easiest to start...a mvm server. >_> wow, it doesnt get any better, except the waves of the three maps are edited to be harder. Tanks will be either harder to kill but very slow, or tanks that are weak but move...

19th November 2012
by eligrand1 Go to last post
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Words that Follow

Dragging an oldie from the past here. http://www.wordsthatfollow.com/ Room name: Facepunch Password: FPMasterRace For those of you who don't know: You are given a picture, asked to caption it within a time limit. After the time is up, everyone...

19th November 2012
by tob Go to last post
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The Ancient World - Heavy RP Survival Minecraft Server ( 2 Last )

The Ancient World is a long running Minecraft world, having been created in the Infdev phase of development. For a while it was my single player map, but then became part of a private server with a dozen like-minded players, players who enjoy the hardcore...

18th November 2012
by kucklehead Go to last post
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I know this post may seem stupid and in all honesty I agree but I'm just looking for some people to help me run my server and populate it and basicly make sure it runs smoothly for me. I work fulltime, my girlfriend wont get off my ass so I'm...

18th November 2012
by smallpox Go to last post
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Anybody up to play some Pomme? Nobody else seems to be on, so we only have 2 people playing right now. http://pomme.us/tangerine It's basically a game where you're dealt a hand of images, someone is a judge and an image is displayed, then out of...

15th November 2012
by Nitrowing Go to last post
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TerrisZ - Terris's MineZ Server

Hey guys, I made a zombie survival server based on MineZ and I want to share this creation with you guys! Introduction Terrisians used to fight zombies every day to protect their homes and towns. The recent infection outbreak was just too much for...

10th November 2012
by krisdestructi Go to last post
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Work In Progress

Servility Gaming Servers

--------------------------------------------------- Server IP: Slots: 24 Steam Group: Currently Merging With another Group. Forums: http://servilitygaming.enjin.com/home Description: Hello, Welcome to Servility Servers we are a...

9th November 2012
by EvriknupRUS Go to last post
25 2,215
PC Games

KoGaMa: The Social Game Builder

What is KoGaMa? KoGaMa is a free browser based game and game maker. In KoGaMa you can build, share and rate game with your friends in real time! The way you build stuff is a little like MineCraft or Lego but with much more details. It is still pretty...

7th November 2012
by Doom Go to last post
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ShiftTab Gaming - No Bullshit, Much Fun

What is ShiftTab? ShiftTab Gaming is a group of servers dedicated to providing the best gaming experience. We don't believe in modifying the core game to extreme lengths, the only mods on our servers being ones used to quickly control an outspoken user....

4th November 2012
by Col.Rebel Go to last post
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[GMOD] Frag United - DarkRP

About Us Frag United is a community built around a group of gamers. We started with Minecraft and we have expanded the Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2 and hopefully, Counter Strike: Global Offense. The members of our community love to have fun while playing...

1st November 2012
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Metal Arms: Glitch In the System HD Remake

Hey. I'm sure some of you here on facepunch know the game "Metal Arms: Glitch In The System" and love it, and to you who have never heard of it before, here's a little music video made by a fan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03syJp6k83c I have loved...

1st November 2012
by KRaZiGLiTcH Go to last post
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PC Games

Freelancer Server

Thinking of setting up a Freelancer server, either with or without Discovery Mod, or something else if anyone has suggestions? Would anyone be interested at all? Should I make it a hamachi LAN network (If its only gonna be a few of us) or an actual...

30th October 2012
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
19 1,509

GTA IV: MP Server Development

Well, Basically I am starting development on a basic deathmatch-rp-junk server for IV:MP, which will include basic deathmatch elements, with the touch of roleplay inventories, IC chat, etc. What I need to know is if anyone even interested in playing on a...

28th October 2012
by FrankPetrov Go to last post
33 3,121
PC Games

Facepunch EU - TF2, TTT, TM2, MC etc ( 2 3 4 5 Last )

Vanilla TF2 micspam allowed - Customised TTT - Jaykin Bacon: Episode 3 Gold Beta - Trackmania 2: Canyon - (online stats) Battlefield 3 - Tekkit -...

27th October 2012
by kimr120 Go to last post
176 12,508

TF2: The Unfair Stats Server

SERVER IS BACK UP SERVER IS BACK UP SERVER IS BACK UP SERVER IS BACK UP SERVER IS BACK UP SERVER IS BACK UP SERVER IS BACK UP Eligrand1 presents, a unique server where you take control of your classes' customized weapons. This server allows you to...

24th October 2012
by Mike Tyson Go to last post
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PC Games

FlamingCraft (MC Server) [PVP] [Heroes]

Posted in wrong place. Unable to delete this thread.

23rd October 2012
by FlamingCraft Go to last post
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Sub Rosa

Let's Play Sub Rosa in 30 Minutes http://crypticsea.com/subrosa/

23rd October 2012
by themoses Go to last post
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Let's Play Modular Combat!

Howdy folks! I say we download modular combat and give it a go on one of those empty multiplayer servers. What do you guys say? " Modular Combat is a role-playing shooter based in the Half-Life universe.The Resistance, Combine, and Aperture Science...

23rd October 2012
by home_wolf Go to last post
7 1,049

System Shock 2 coop playthrough

Anybody wants to play through this amazing FPS/RPG hybrid? I use Evolve (evolvehq.com) to simulate LAN games over the internet, SS2Tool to update System Shock 2 to the latest version, and ADOAB (http://www.systemshock.org/index.php?topic=25.0) mod which...

23rd October 2012
by SupahVee Go to last post
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TF2: Mann vs. Notch

i made pop files for mannworks and Mann Co hq that make all the robots into notch if anyone wants to play. Join here

22nd October 2012
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PC Games

MMO Recruiting 3D modeler and artist!

Hello there facepunch, Crikit here the co founder / graphics team coordinator, of a soon to be finished MMO ( name not decided yet ). I am currently trying to assemble our graphics team we are looking for experienced graphics designers, will you be...

21st October 2012
by LordCrypto Go to last post
17 1,060
PC Games

MMO Recruiting Graphics Team

Hello there facepunch, Crikit here the co founder / graphics team coordinator, of a soon to be finished MMO ( name not decided yet ). I am currently trying to assemble our graphics team we are looking for experienced graphics designers, will you...

21st October 2012
by Crikit Go to last post
10 867

Omtasia (Work in Progress) Survival Game "Opinions Needed"

Hello there Gaming/FacePunch Community I wanted to share with you my new project Omtasia (yes i know we may change the name), I currently have 2 of my closest friends helping me code this project. I am the Owner/main coder, One friend is the Sprite...

20th October 2012
by MaikkiBoi Go to last post
6 794

Rabbi Roleplay: Wild West RP ( 2 Last )

Rabbi Roleplay Attempted Advertisement Hey everyone. This is my second post regarding my community, so if you were reading the other thread this is about or new gamemode. So basically, Rabbi Roleplay! Obviously a Garry's Mod server that uses...

18th October 2012
by zachofragnaro Go to last post
55 3,656

[MG] MABYGaming Official Server Giveaway and "Epicacraft 2808" Server!

Epicacraft 2808 Trailer: Epicacraft 2808 is set in the year 2808, after a devastating energy crisis struck the entire world. Humanity tried to unite under one flag and discover an alternate source of energy, which worked for a while... until the...

15th October 2012
by Awesomedude2142 Go to last post
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Solidservers mostly vanilla TTT (might not give you cancer)

IP: we have that silly 1-hit knife and suicide bomb (aka the non-op as fuck one that actually takes time to charge), though I'll probably throw in the AK for traitors. totally didn't kill off inacio's feeble server or anything we...

14th October 2012
by AltFanatic Go to last post
17 1,212
PC Games

Progressive Roleplay [DarkRP][Stargate]

Progressive Stargate RP is a server by Progressive Roleplay, which uses the mod Stargate. You can find us at http://www.progressiveroleplay.net/smf/index.php YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS CONTENT PACK! ...

8th October 2012
by Soleeedus Go to last post
7 989

Inacio's TTT Server

That's pretty much it. Only thing right now is the 1-hit kill knife. I'll be adding more maps and possibly custom weapons if I find things worth the while (haven't seen much of that) IP is for easy copypasting.

7th October 2012
by Eeshton Go to last post
37 2,265
Work In Progress

Bitl's Servers (Garry's Mod 13, Team Fortress 2, and more!)

So, I run Garry's Mod 13 and Team Fortress 2 Servers, and sometimes even Garry's Mod 12! Stats below: Garry's Mod 12/Garry's Mod 13/Team Fortress 2: http://bitlservers.comuv.com/index.php?topic=3.0 This IP is used on ALL 3 servers, so if you...

7th October 2012
by Bitl Go to last post
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PC Games

New Hl2rp Server is this server please join Its really fun . And i do need cps for the server

7th October 2012
by gingee703 Go to last post
1 543

TIRP Serious Roleplay (NOT PERP)

Let me start off by saying upfront that this is a DarkRP mod. Now I know what you're thinking, "DarkRP, isn't that the gamemode where you get guns and shoot people?" Yes. Yes it is. However, TIRP can be justifiably called a total conversion of DarkRP....

7th October 2012
by Talatandi Go to last post
17 3,387

New HL2RP Server! Immersion Gaming

I've just started this Open aura HL2RP server around two days ago, I'm looking for some CCA characters, CWU, rebels, etc! There is no time requirement, and you may apply on the forums. Immersion-Gaming is a fun server, and I hope you can come join us....

7th October 2012
by GameAdict Go to last post
17 1,203

Teamfortress sourcemod server

i have a tf2 server up with randomizer, freak fortress 2, and super zombie fortress installed, and could use some more people. Edit: I'm mainly using it for custom mann vs machine maps ritght now.

6th October 2012
by NKMs Go to last post
3 644

XoXRP - DarkRP done right

Are you tired of playing on servers, getting proppushed, being killed again and again by some RDM'er or falling victim to abusive admins? Do you keep joining DarkRP servers to find the right one, but they all just simply suck? Your search is over. ...

5th October 2012
by Michael haxz Go to last post
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Rabbi Roleplay: An honest attempt at an honest server. ( 2 3 Last )

New thread: http://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1216381&p=37927897#post37927897

4th October 2012
by zachofragnaro Go to last post
90 4,148

XoXBuild - Build Server for Experienced Players [ACF] [Wire] [AdvDupe(2)]

Are you tired of playing on servers, getting proppushed, being killed again and again by some RDM'er or falling victim to abusive admins? Do you keep joining DarkRP servers to find the right one, but they all just simply suck? Your search is over. ...

4th October 2012
by XoX Go to last post
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Work In Progress

[CS GO] Jailbreak

Got a 15 slot the other day, thought I would set it is jailbreak for a bit and see how it goes. Usual rules apply (I advise not typing !rules as you can't seem to close them again, don't ask..I am working on it) Feel free to...

2nd October 2012
by zerothefallen Go to last post
4 1,153

Frozen Synapse Tourney, AGAIN

Remember last time how the FS tournament shit the bed? http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1094101 Let's try again, but this time it will probably be easier for 3 reason: 1) Frozen Synapse now has a built in tournament mode! 2) Less people....

30th September 2012
by Jetamo Go to last post
1 325

Terris Survival Games

Terris Survival Games Description Hey guys, I just created a survival games server based on the recent hunger games. I run it off a Minecraft Community called Terris but it's open to anyone and everyone to try out! Check it out! Happy Survival...

27th September 2012
by krisdestructi Go to last post
1 593
24th September 2012
by Rares Go to last post
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Borderland Buddies

I'm looking for some coop partners for the original borderlands, I've never gotten past Skagzilla (Just faded out of playing it) and was hoping to complete it with some hombrés and have a laugh too before B2 comes out. No cunts, mic optional (although...

24th September 2012
by Mapm Go to last post
4 689
PC Games

Wanna play borderlands 2?

I just bought borderlands 2, I have no friends that are PC gamers.. haha, Would anyone like to play borderlands 2 that hasent played very far into the game, for a new experience?! Add HorseHair to steam!

22nd September 2012
by Archonos 2 Go to last post
2 1,125
PC Games

Looking for People for a game of Civ5

Hey there, was just wondering if there was anyone out there intrested in playing a little bit of Civ5 online?

15th September 2012
by metalhand Go to last post
1 345

24/7 DarkRP | Customized | SemiSerious | VoltGaming

Hello this is my brand new DarkRP server we are 100% 24/7, Customized , We have friendly staff, and epic roleplay and jobs We are also currently hiring staff IP: We are also giving out donator privileges for free for our first...

12th September 2012
by dodoflyer Go to last post
0 357

The Association of Gamers (CS:GO, TF2, MC)

Team Fortress 2 We have several Team Fortress 2 servers that are up 24/7 7 days a week. We take reccomendations for maps at all times, so post on the forum or shoot us an email! Here is a list of our servers that is sorted by most popular to least. ...

11th September 2012
by goblineat4 Go to last post
0 530

Aerolite Gaming Servers (TF2, L4D2, CSGO)

Hey guys, Posting the Aerolite Gaming servers as we are looking for some more members to come and join us and also good players. We will be hosting community events shortly too. Team Fortress 2: We currently have the following servers online...

11th September 2012
by First 12er Go to last post
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Goose's Faction Server - Building With Purpose: Part 2 ( 2 3 4 5 .. 27 28 29 30 Last )

THREAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION BECAUSE OF LOCKED OLD THREAD OLD THREAD FOR RULES AND OTHER SHIT: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1076572?p=29029776&viewfull=1#post29029776 Dedicated IP!

10th September 2012
by Drizzt Go to last post
1,174 62,653

BlueTeamGaming DarkRp [Custom classes, wiremod, pcmod and more]

Hello if you want a fun dark rp server with custom classes than go no further than here. join my server and invite your friends (and roleplay) Ip: and before you join type this in console vgui_allowhtml 0;host_writeconfig this is a...

10th September 2012
by Deathwolf07 Go to last post
0 335
PC Games

[New!] Game Making In Progress. Need Help!

Hello guys, I'm pretty new here and I am making a game called Inferno Demon. lol :P. Anyways, the engine used to run the game is Xtremeworlds. It's pretty new but I have some great screen shots that I've posted in the game. I need help because I only...

9th September 2012
by cdr248 Go to last post
9 814

Streaming Penumbra! :D

setting up my penumbra stream, if you wanna watch me scream.. http://www.livestream.com/watchlilyscream

9th September 2012
by LilyMartinez Go to last post
0 354

DD Poker Texas Hold'em No Limit

Hey guys, We're gonna be having a game of online poker tonight at 9PM BST (No limit Texas Hold'em) We're doing it on DD Poker 3 which can be downloaded from the link below: http://www.ddpoker.com/download The Game Link for tonight is:...

8th September 2012
by First 12er Go to last post
0 582

Worlds Online - Who's up for some JPEG quality goodness?

http://worldsonline.com/ Last night through to earlier today, I did a let's play of Worlds Online which I posted on tumblr. This game is highly unnerving if you know where to look. But, nevermind all of that! Who's up for just chilling in Club and...

5th September 2012
by ElementalCreeds Go to last post
13 1,410
PC Games

[ES] Gaming Semi-Serious RP Server

Our server has many custom jobs, FastDL, is 24/7, has many extras added, and still adding more. Join this ip: Visit www.esgamingrp.com for server info and more.

4th September 2012
by battlerat Go to last post
4 546

Need help of 1 person to beat Half-Life: Decay

alright found a person disregard all of this

3rd September 2012
by ficolas Go to last post
1 675

Hl2 Mod Resistance and Liberation.

Looking for more people to join the ww2 infantry sim. Is the server. (The only one with players.) Theres a thread in general games to check it out.

2nd September 2012
by Liem Go to last post
2 668

Age of Mines -Minecraft Server ( 2 3 4 5 .. 8 9 10 11 Last ) Rules: General rules: -No any kind of griefing or sabotage -No pointless and fugly structes -Lava and water towers or will get you instantly banned

2nd September 2012
by Spacewolf Go to last post
432 18,379

Starter Game Idea: Combatting "being grown up"

I've only just got this idea, but I really like it and want to do something about it. Long story short, reminiscing about the innocent bliss of childhood and the world that currently exists that comprises of eight year olds wearing COD shirts and...

1st September 2012
by Liem Go to last post
7 788

Deviated Gaming Server Launch!

Deviated Gaming is a DarkRP server (I know how much FP hates DarkRP, but hear me out here.) Deviated Gaming is a 35 slot DarkRP server recently created(again) due to popular demand. We have a great staff and review our admins actions daily to ensure...

1st September 2012
by Dankie Go to last post
3 564
Work In Progress

New Australian Garrys Mod minge server

Hi everybody Ever since the shutdown of mingebox deathminge garrysmod has suffered from an absence of servers that let you grief, minge and destroy things to your hearts content. I have started a new 16 slot server that follows the same pattern as...

29th August 2012
by Uberpro Go to last post
2 866

[CS:GO] xP// CS:GO Servers - Home of FP Plays CS:GO

Server was originally made for facepunchers to play CS:GO together, ended up making it part of my community - but facepunchers are of course still welcome :v: Map Cycle "de_dust2" "de_train" "de_inferno" "de_dust" "de_aztec" "de_nuke"

28th August 2012
by nige111 Go to last post
13 1,376

MinePocalypse Anarchy MC server

Server ip is That's all you need to know. No rules. No whitelist. No ops. No plugins. Just Minecraft. Pure and simple.

25th August 2012
by InUndenial Go to last post
8 1,430

The Specialists Facepunch Server! [HL1 Mod] ( 2 Last )

You can connect to the server using this link (must be logged into steam) :siren:This is goen:siren: Ventrillo server: Game monitor: Brought to you by...

25th August 2012
by GameAdict Go to last post
43 5,027
Work In Progress

Hl2rp Server, Come and Populate us please!

We are currently a new Community called: No Limits Gaming. I am an Admin there. We recently set-up a Hl2rp server, We are very serious in roleplaying and would like some people to join. This thread isn't forcing you to join, Its more of an Invitation...

20th August 2012
by TylerB Go to last post
19 1,831

Survey for possible future game. ( 2 Last )

The survey is here! Makesurvey.com can get quirky at times, if the survey won't load. Please try again later. This survey covers the basic framework of the game. There are quite a lot of questions, but note that a large chunk of them are optional....

19th August 2012
by xZippy Go to last post
63 4,088

super smash bros 64

looking to play a few games with anyone if you want to play, simply download mupen64k version 0.8 and join the galaxy server my Nick is SkinnyBox, so look for my room and join

18th August 2012
by tarnation Go to last post
0 566

Tribalcraft - Minecraft factional PvP

Server name and IP: tribalcraft.tk Website: www.tribalcraft.tk (coming soon!) Dynmap: http://tribalcraft.tk:8123/ Teamspeak: tribalcraft.tk So yeah, pretty much tribacraft.tk for erryting. Just opening my tribal factional pvp server. It’s gonna...

17th August 2012
by TurkeysRave Go to last post
5 1,404

[Help] Starting a server

Hello, I am starting up server (HL2RP to be exact) and I have most of the things I need with me. All I need are some people who would be willing to become admins for my community, or even better, some people who could donate to the community now and help...

17th August 2012
by UnitedRP Go to last post
0 514

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