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  1. Furnost
    ugh nothing hurry your fat butt up and get a new isp
  2. Frankerest
  3. Furnost
    no because then we would be ahead of you???
  4. Frankerest
    can't you just play with jojdicks until I've got this bullshit done god DAMN
  5. Frankerest
    why do I have to be so specific jesugsgod
    I got shit to do and I don't know when I'm able to get it it switched
    so just keep those cocks in your mouth and I'll continue working up the money to ditch these horrible terrible people or just kill myself I guess
    I dunno kind of undecided on that matter
  6. Furnost
    you said shit got "too real"
    that somehow didnt exactly tell me what the problem was
    and when is this isp switch happening?? im taking off for a week in a week or 2 and that would be prime time for bordergay
  7. Frankerest
    now stop being so not anime
  8. Frankerest
    I told you my internet's taking shits all over the fuckin place
    once I get isps switched again I'll get bordergaylands reinstalled
  9. Furnost
    did the nerdyness get too strong for you??????
  10. Furnost
    you never truly said to me y u r fukin ded