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  1. McSkinny
    dirty time waster
  2. Desert Rat
    [i]I[/i] wasted [i]your[/i] time? [i]You're[/i] the one coming to me asking me a shit ton of personal questions and I dont even know you. If you [i]really[/i] had me on steam, you would know my facebook is attached to my profile. Dont waste [i]my[/i] time then blame [i]me[/i] for it.
  3. McSkinny
    Your kidding me. My friend's Steam name is Desert Rat, lives in Arizona, is 16, and real name is Thomas...and your not him. thank you for the wasted time.
  4. Desert Rat
    Scotthorn isnt my last name...
  5. McSkinny
    Your name is Thomas Scotthorn.
  6. Desert Rat
    Why, boy? explain yourself!
  7. McSkinny
    Bah! Are you caucasian?
    Answer noa.
  8. Desert Rat
    Then who are you? How do you know me? WHERES SARAH CONNER?!
  9. McSkinny
    Damnit because I know who you are. :O
  10. Desert Rat
    Why are you so interested?