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  1. VenomousBeetle
    Heh, sounds like the same story I'd give you
  2. mopman999
    Im sure it made much more sense when I was a child, I can remember watching it over and over again, it was really my brothers tape, but I loved it just as much
  3. VenomousBeetle
    I remember the toaster and friends stuff but honestly have no clue what was going on now
  4. mopman999
    Its about a toaster and his friends trying to find their childhood friend, at least that's what I remember it being about. Odd story but it was definitely entertaining
  5. VenomousBeetle
    I don't even fully remember what it was about I just remember smooth neato animation
  6. mopman999
    Hahaha No problem man, my favorite childhood cartoon period.
  7. VenomousBeetle
    Oh god brave little toaster

    thanks for nostalgia man

    where are my VHS's