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  1. Plaster
    I still don't understand how you, apparently, got so defensive only because of your choice of Avatar. Unexpected imo
  2. Plaster
    Yeh, rules are there to be broken eventually
    I'll learn when it's too late for me anyway, can't wait
  3. Reagy
    Nope, was actually hoping you'd learn.
  4. Plaster
    I never implied that, instead I was actually hoping you'd have the honor of breaking my last leg
    Was that something you were looking forward to?
  5. Reagy
    If you're thinking that lets you off on the last chance ban I gave you.
    It doesn't.
  6. Plaster
    Congrats on screwing up so badly
    That's impressive
  7. Plaster
    Should've made you mod earlier, top tier avatars
  8. Plaster
    Congrats on mod

    Let's see how you can push the borders of lewd mod avatars
  9. Plaster
    I thought keyholes stopped being a thing
  10. Plaster