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    The dream is always the same.
    I am on my knees, sucking his cock, feeling the turgid wamrth slide in
    and out of my mouth, again and again, stretching my jaws until they ache with
    pleasant exertion. I can't see his face, but I know who he is; or rather, I
    know that I should know him...I just can't place his face. His thrusts are
    harder and harder until he is gripping the sides of my head, slamming his cock
    into me, into my mouth, his balls bouncing off my chin. The tremors start deep
    inside him, rumbling through his body until he grips my head hard and explodes.
    I pull his cock out of my mouth and feel his creamy warmth spraying across my
    face, bathing my features with his slime. I lap at it happily, thrilling to the
    feeling of his hot semen covering my face.
    But this morning, it was different. As I swam up through the hazy
    layers of sleep, in that last moment of the dream that was still fantasy and
    yet the beginning of reality, I finally looked up, locking my green eyes with
    his, and this final time...I can see his face.
    Smiling down at me, grinning at the wonderful blowjob his daughter has
    just given him. My eyes snapped open, and I could feel the moistness between my
    legs. I thrust a hand into my panties and frigged myself off, coming in quick,
    shuddering waves that left me breathless. At least twice a week, sometimes more,
    I had the dream. And every time I woke up moments from climax, a small touch of
    my clit was all I needed to send me over the edge into orgasmic ectasy.
    But this morning was different. This morning, I was going to finally
    make the fantasy into reality. Swinging my feet over the edge of the bed, I
    stared at myself in the full-length mirror that covered my closet. I could
    still see the slimy spot in the middle of my panties, and my erect nipples
    throbbed almost painfully. If only Daddy would walk in now, I thought. Then
    he would see what a sexy sight this is, and he would be powerless to stop
    himself from throwing his body on top of mine and thrusting that log between
    my willing thighs and ride me through the crests to orgasm.
    But, I thought, standing, if Mohammad won't go to the mountain...
    I threw on one of Daddy's old button down shirts and changed my
    panties. Staring at the mirror, I decided to add a little effect. I reached into
    the crotch and pulled a few of my blonde cunt hairs out so they would peek
    around the edges. Still not enough. I rubbed my nipples, exciting the hard
    little nubbins until they were poking through the material of the shirt.
    Daddy was in the kitchen, reading the Sunday paper. Since Mom had died,
    Dad hadn't found a use for church, so we spent most Sunday's together.
    "You came in early last night, Amanda."
    "Yeah," I said softly, trying not to be to obvious that something was
    bothering me.
    "What's a matter? Your date get too fresh?"
    Getting a bowl from the cupboard, I muttered, "I wish..." under my
    breath. In truth, I had spent most of the night riding up and down on my
    boyfriend's cock...but I didn't want Dad to know that. I wanted him to think
    that something was wrong.
    "Hmmmm?" Daddy said, turning the page.
    "Nothing." I poured ceral into the bowl and added milk, then joined
    Daddy at the kitchen table. I munched slowly, wishing that it was my Daddy's
    balls in my mouth instead of Captain Crunch. I put a pout on my face and
    kept eating. Sooner or later, he would notice, and then I would pounce.
    Finally, he put the paper down. "Something IS wrong, isn't it? You're
    so quiet this morning. Did Danny get fresh last night?"
    I stood up and walked over to Daddy, and then sat on his lap, throwing
    my arms around his neck. "No Daddy, quite the oppisite. He didn't even try to
    kiss me! What's wrong with me? Aren't I good looking?"
    I looked into my father's eyes. His eyes drifted down to the part in
    my shirt, seeing my braless, heavy breasts swaying under the material, their
    hard nipples pushing at the shirt. Quickly, a little ashamed, he returned his
    gaze to me.
    "No, Amanda, you're a beautiful girl."
    "Thanks, Daddy." I kissed him on the nose and made my move. Making as
    if to get up, I felt Daddy's hands around my waist to hoist me to my feet. At
    that moment, I faked slipping back into his lap. His hands slid up my body and
    rested squarely on my breasts. His hands opened automatically and cupped my
    heavy 36C breasts. His right thumb pressed over my left nipple.
    "Mmmmmm," I said, feeling the pleasure course through my body. "That
    feels good, Daddy." For a moment, Daddy kept his hand on my breast, and then he
    removed it, looking at me like a deer in the headlights of an onrushing car.
    "We shouldn't-" he started.
    I leaned down and kissed him, my hot little tongue sliding into his
    mouth and curling around his tongue. I took his hand and slipped it into my
    shirt, around my left breast. The contact between his hand and my breast was
    electric. His hand suddenely gripped my tit, hard, and he was kissing me back,
    using his tounge.
    Suddenely, he pushed me away. "No!" he said. "This is NOT right." I
    grabbed his head with both my hands and kissed him deeply. He fought for a
    moment, and then relaxed into my mouth. "Please, Daddy." I whispered. "Take
    me, please."
    He still looked uncertain. I took his hand and placed it between my
    legs so he could feel the liquid warmth trickling out of my overheated cunt.
    "Feel how wet I am for you, Daddy. Feel how much I want you." His hand
    rubbed lightly over my panty-covered cunt and I shivered. "That feels wonderful,
    Daddy. Play with me." Dad lifted me effortlessly onto the table and dove
    between my wantonly spread legs, burying his face in my crotch. I thrust up,
    slamming my hips into his face as Daddy slavered saliva over my crotch, soaking
    the silk material of my panties.
    For five minutes Daddy ministered to my overheating cunt through my
    panties, driving me wild. I was groaning and pulling on my nipples, feeling
    the orgasm approaching. I was seconds away from a massive cum when my father
    pulled his face away.
    "Noooo!" I screamed, reaching for his head. My father dodged my hands
    and grinned wickedly at me. "Hold your horses, girl. I'm just taking your
    panties off!" I relaxed and sat back as Daddy worked the wispy material down
    my thighs and over my ankles. I kicked my legs wide apart and my father
    stared into the gaping maw of my needy cunt.
    His kisses started at my knees and slowly worked their way up to my
    cunt, stopping every few inches to kiss more of my thighs. Finally his tongue
    was licking my outer lips.
    Daddy ate me expertly, knowing just when to apply pressure to my clit,
    just when to spear his meaty tongue into my hole, when to suck the slime seeping
    from my twat. I was slowly going into orbit. It wouldn't be long now!
    And then my father did something that I will never forget. His hands
    had been clutching my buttocks as he feasted on my cunt. One hand left my cheek
    and made its way in between, seperating the globes of my ass, searching out my
    little pink bunghole. I had never played with my own asshole, and no one else
    ever had, either. But my father wasn't shy. His middle finger rubbed back and
    forth across the little puckered grommett, making me hotter and hotter. Then
    he grabbed my clit with his lips and sucked, and at the same time, thrust a
    finger deep into my shitter.
    I screamed into my climax, gripping his hair with both my hands and
    rode his face through several peaks, shuddering with the intense pleasure
    rocking my body.
    After three minutes of intense pleasure, I slowly came back to Earth,
    still gripping my father's hair. I slowly let go, relaxing back against the
    table in wonderment at my father's skill as a lover. He was much better than
    I had ever imagined.
    He sat back and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth, an evil
    gleam in his eyes. Our glances locked, and I could feel myself getting
    aroused again. Suddenely, I wanted the dream to be real. I wanted to be on
    my knees, in front of my Daddy, with his hard, throbbing cock down my
    I slowly came off the table and kneeled in front of him. His chinos
    were strained to the limit by his erection. I kissed the lump in his pants
    and slavered my tongue over the material. I was comitted to showing my Daddy
    what a slut his daughter could be.
    "Daddy," I moaned. "I want to suck you. Do you want me to?" He gave a
    gurgled gasp and thrust his crotch at my face. I could feel his cock fighting
    to get out into the air, into my hot, wet mouth. And I wanted nothing more out
    of life at that moment then to bury my face in Daddy's crotch.
    I opened his zipper and freed his cock. Seven inches of steel-hard
    pink tubesteak, and it was all for me, his little sixteen-year-old daughter.
    I held it reverently, looking at it like it was the stave of life. I licked up
    one side and down the other, leaving as much hot, wet saliva as I could. My
    hands massaged his balls, rolling the egg-shaped testicles in my hands gently.
    "Mmmm," I moaned. "It's so big and hard and hot. Do you know what I
    want to do with this?" He gave a tortured gasp and thrust his hips at my
    face. "Yes, that's right. I wanna suck it. I want you to let me suck your
    "Yeah," he gasped.
    "Say it, Daddy."
    "Suck it. Suck my dick."
    I reached out and licked his peehole with the tip of my little pink
    tongue. "And when I'm done...will you come for me? Will you come on my face?"
    "Yes!" he groaned. Good enough. I opened my mouth and dropped my head
    over his erection, burying every single inch of his hot hardness in the warm
    sucking hole of my mouth. He gripped my hair this time and started face fucking
    me, slamming the length of his turgid manhood into my hot, sucking mouth again
    and again. My hands worked his balls like a gambler with a pair of crap dice,
    feeling them tense and relax in my hands as he built to a climax. I knew this
    first one was going to be fast and hard. As far as I knew he hadn't had sex
    since my mother had died six months ago.
    "Gonna blow!" my father said, jerking his cock out of my mouth. I
    glanced at him, my green eyes locking with his blue ones as hot cock spit his
    load on me, covering my face with his hot, sticky load. I giggled and clapped
    my hands, grabbing his dick and milking it, smearing his goo all over my face,
    feeling his slimy gift cover my cheeks and chin.
    Gasping, Daddy stared at me as I licked the last few drops off of his
    cockhead, smiling at him through a faceful of spoot.
    "You know what I want you to do to me, Daddy?"
    "What?" he gasped.
    "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, like I'm your whore."
    Daddy growled and grabbed my shoulders, bringing me to my feet. He
    stood and drove me against the kitchen wall, pinning me there. My legs went up
    and around his waist. His cock was still hard; the natural lubrication from his
    come coupled with the dripping slime coming from my own cunt made his entrance
    into my sluthole a little easier than it might have been, but I still felt like
    I had been split in two when he stuffed his incredibly fat member into my hot,
    clutching little teenaged cunt. My back hit the wall with the force of his
    penetration. I screeched and pulled him deeper inside me, grabbing at his ass
    as he slam fucked me into the wall again and again. His hands tore at my shirt,
    tossing it aside as he buried his face between my breasts, sucking on my
    erect nipples, causing waves of pleasure to ripple up and down my body,
    from my tits to my cunt and back again.
    He tired of this quickly and dropped me to my feet. He came up behind
    me and pushed on my shoulders. How wicked! Daddy wanted to fuck me doggy style!
    I loved it. I dropped to my kees, and then rested my weight on my shoulders,
    reaching behind my to spread the cheeks of my tender young ass. I looked at
    him over my shoulder; he was standing there, slowly stroking his dick as he
    looked down to see his daughter on the floor, lewdly holding her asscheeks
    apart so her Daddy could my spread open cunt.
    "Fuck me Daddy! Treat me like the slut I am!" Daddy dropped to his
    knees behind me and grabbed my hips, seating his cock at my entrance. A moment
    later I felt his hips shift, and then he was sliding that magnificant member
    up my tightly clutching cunt. I clenched my internal muscles, and Daddy
    groaned. I love fucking dog style, because no matter how many cocks I take,
    I always feel extra-tight and hot in this position.
    Daddy started pumping his cock in and out of my overheated cunt. His
    hands gripped my hips and pulled me back every time he thrust. I was getting
    the fucking of my life from my own father, and I loved it! His hands moved up
    my stomach to my wildly swinging tits, and he latched on to my big milkers,
    pulling and twisting on my itchy nipples.
    I started seeing stars as I climbed closer and closer to another
    explosive climax, and I could tell Daddy wasn't far behind. "Don't come inside
    me!" I screamed. "I want to drink it! I want to wear it!" Daddy's fucking
    pace increased, and I knew he was seconds away from blasting another delicious
    load of his man goo, and I didn't want to miss a drop.
    I spun away from him, dislodging his cock from my cunt. He reared up
    on his knees, and I scooted foward until my face was even with his throbbing
    cock. I started jerking on it, leaning down to lick his balls.
    "Come for me, dammit!" I said. "Give me your slime!" Daddy grabbed my
    head and forced his cock into my mouth. I slid my mouth wetly up and down his
    cock a few times, and when I felt the tremors start in his balls I pulled his
    dick out and let him paint my face again with his slimy, creamy warmth. His
    seed flowed over my face again, covering me with his love and his warmth.
    "That feels so, good, Daddy!"

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    is this a book?
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    Ok then.
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    it's a banme, i shouldn't post here

    but lol
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    This story deserves every award known to man for it's gripping storyline. garry pls don ban mi :saddowns:
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    wat is this-
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    Man I didn't know what to expect when opening this thread.
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    Oh shi- wait dont please


    Fuck you, Automerge.
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    Is this a ban-me or just a really strange copy-pasta?

    Who's this Amanda girl?

    I'm filled with questions tonight.
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