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  1. Prollgurke
    v Me too, that's cool
  2. Roll_Program
    Just noticed the animation. Subtle.
  3. S31-Syntax
    A natural disaster caused a series of dams in that area to fail, with the named one being the most significant of them. A typhoon hit a cold front upstream and sat there for two days, bringing a years worth of rain down in 24 hours time, the dam failed, and about 100,000 people were killed by that dam's failure alone.
  4. Fusnax
    Oh nice, that looks really cool, that was just a random thought I had with the missing airplane
  5. Fusnax
    Hey, I always wondered something, how would the oceans look if light would actually reach the bottom, would we able to see the deep sea creatures and all that stuff?
  6. Mr.95
    what kind of scientist are you?
  7. Big Dumb American
    That's definitely one of the schools I'll be looking at for my post-associate's education, ye! Right now I'm leaning more towards ocean geology than biology, but that's why the Cape Fear school sounds cool; it's a bit of everything. A couple years there should give me a lot more ammo to work with when deciding what to specialize in. What college do you/did you attend?
  8. Big Dumb American
    They're all ocean-related. Broward is mostly mechanical studies, Redwoods is mostly scientific studies, and Cape Fear is a a very nice balance between the two.
  9. Big Dumb American
    I'm looking at three schools for my top picks right now:

    Broward College in Ft Lauderdale

    Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina

    College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, California.

    The Cape Fear school offers the most exciting sounding program, and the tuition and cost of living are both very affordable for that area, but I'm having a hard time resisting the pull of South Florida's absolutely gorgeous beaches and weather. I suppose we'll see where we stand once my applications have been submitted and returned! It may not be Florida that I go to, but a big part of me has my fingers crossed that it is.
  10. LordCrypto
    holy shit your avatar is animated

    this changes everything
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