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  1. Scratch.
    Stay Rusty
  2. Centurio
    Wait...didn't your avatar have a 'stache?
  3. baldursgate3
    Can you delete my accidentally posted post?

    The post itself isn't even done.


    Greatly appreciated
  4. postal
    i didn't delete any posts of yours, and the post you did make didn't even contain a fix lmao
  5. TheJ3wpacabra
    thanks for deleting my post which contained a fix for a massive issue in your game aswell as banning my account.
    you sir are an asshole
    yours truly the loveable Jewpacabra
  6. PostalUmad
    Lol you fucking twink... If your gonna ban ban everyone... o wait your some sort of fucking half brain admin my bad =) cya scrub
  7. jalsooj
    could you please unban me please from van coneecter ban rust my steam id alsoojj and my nicename is Blo0oD_ChAiN
  8. Falkok15
    Could you possibly unban my friend?
  9. JunXxX
    I just posted our server in the wrong forum.... had multiple tabs active and used the wrong one. Could you please move my post to the sub forum? Much appreciated!
  10. Killer900
    cool thanks man :p
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