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  1. JoeSkylynx
  2. JoeSkylynx
    Hey Postal, who would I have to contact to change my username? I was hoping to get it updated to [B]Joey Skylynx[/B], but not sure if that's possible
  3. FiveEyes
    We're having our match today. Issues with conflicting time zones have been getting in the way.
  4. Wootman
    oh yeah we are fighting today at 10 30
  5. MeltingData
    We'll be doing it today, yeah. I would have done it yesterday, but by the time he had replied to my message, I was too busy to play.
  6. Dermock
    i have and i have him on steam. he's not online atm however
  7. Pvt Anderson
    thank you for the reminder
  8. Zannabluke
    nps, actually i thought i played p bad and made some dumb decisions
  9. Zannabluke
  10. Captun Nick
    gotta get skype cause new computer, i think my name is CaptunNick on there
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