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  1. Why485
    How did you know about my guilty pleasure? I got hella orgasms.
  2. Egon Spengler
    That's a nifty lookin flight badge you got there bud, very nice
    And yeah same here when it comes to the new tech in the Aerospace industry, the future looks pretty promising for Space exploration etc
  3. Egon Spengler
    I'm probably going to nab my copy of Star Citizen closer to it's release :o
    Also if you want I could contact her and see if she still has her old NASA work badges so you can get a cool look at them if you'd like (obviously I'd black out any sensitive information)

    If she worked at NASA still I could get have gotten you some cool stuff but now that I think of it I never remembered to ask her what Aerospace company she works at in Texas, for all I know due to the fact that she worked for NASA in the past she may very well be working at the Johnson Space Center now.

    In that case, I'll contact her sometime soon and she if does indeed work there now I'll try to get something for you, if not then atleast I tried :o
  4. Egon Spengler
    Seeing as to how you have a space shuttle as your avatar I can tell you something nifty!

    My grandmother worked at NASA for roughly 15+ years, she was able to experience both the Challenger and Columbia disasters firsthand
    She left sadly once the shuttle program finally ended but now works for another Aerospace company in Texas now (worked in DC for awhile but got an even better offer from another Aerospace company in Texas)

    She's given me a bunch of cool NASA related things over times like tshirts, posters, stickers, and even dvds.
    Plus hey! I got to attend the NASA Summer camp twice! For free!
  5. TheFilmSlacker
    what is
  6. pramadito
    nice avatar!
  7. ultra_bright
    Never change your avatar, or Ill have your head.
  8. ~Kiwi~v2
  9. elixwhitetail
    You expend a REC token on ALL REC items when you load into a ship in AC, regardless if that ship has a single REC item on it. If you get stuck on the loading screen and it dies before you get into a match, it shouldn't count as a new 24-hour token redemption.
  10. wingless
    You're really bad about looking at Steam :(
    We back.
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