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  1. aussiedropbear
    Nah it's fine, thanks for the offer tho
  2. GoldenDargon
  3. Linkuya
  4. JohnnyOnFlame
    It was mostly a joke, but I do have quite a few stories of being bitten on the heel by these little shits.
  5. T-Sonar.0
    Yeah he does. And thank you.
  6. NiandraLades
    I am their leader
  7. zerothefallen
    They cant take the fucked up unicode
  8. Kegan
    while that would be cool, I have quite a large amount of stuff already planned for GMOTA: Two future characters, usable items that work as subweapons for all the characters, etc.

    What I could do with in the future is once I'm all wrapped up with this, a zandronum version. Though I have a feeling that that'd be really really hard because of the retarded way I've been building up GMOTA.
  9. Lijitsu
    No worries dude, I know where you're coming from and I do agree with you. I was actually kinda worried I came off as too much of an ass, glad to see you knew what I meant.
  10. DiscoInferno
    Well, having a gadget emulate a perk or such would illegitimise a build to an extent. Stealth Boys can substitute putting any points into sneak for the amount of occasions where stealth is the optimal route. Any more gadgets like that would make the player even more of a Jack of All Trades than they are vanilla. As for tranq guns, the main motivation for suggesting it was to have a non-lethal weapon that doesn't suck. At the start of the game you get boxing tape. Useless. Boxing gloves aren't much better. Beanbag rounds will kill before knocking anyone out. The cattle prod is ok, but the golden gloves and the stun gun are the only ones worth a damn. However the stun gun isn't silenced while the others have only melee range. A tranq gun fulfils a niche in that regard. Though perhaps to enforce the non-lethal purpose of the weapon if you so choose the target when knocked out could become resistant to damage. That way it's far less exploitable and thus able to have ammo be more plentiful.
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